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File consists of materials relating to Harrison's attendance at the 1986 World Congress on Children’s Books, 23 – 25 August 1986, sponsored by the International Board of Books for Young People, in Tokyo.

File consists of the following items:
• 22 July 1985 – reply to Masami Hanashiro regarding art exhibiting in Whitehorse
• 1 May 1987 – from the Mayor of Kobe, Tatuo Miyazaki announcing an exhibition of works by Kuni Masada and Ted Harrison October 15 – 20, 1987
• 15 September 1987 – list of people to invite to Kobe show
• 12 November 1987 – letter to Ron Marr regarding publicity for O Canada book in Japan
• 23 – 25 August 1987 – 1986 World Congress on Children’s Books, 20th IBBY Congress in Tokyo – itinerary Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, etc.
• 15 October 1987 – press notices in Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun
• Catalogue of Kobe art events including one page on Ted Harrison
• List of Speakers of IBBY 86 Tokyo, with Harrison’s notes on speeches by Miyoko Matsutani and Michael Ende, ana Maria Machado. Also three pieces of original brush-drawn calligraphy
• List of Participants of IBBY 86
• 10 November 1987 – letters from Masako Endo and Masao Ono (mayor of Ushiku) regarding donation of bronze statue to Whitehorse
• Polaroid photo marked “IBBY poster 1989”, one of Harrison’s paintings
• 9 October 1989 – letter to Yoji Umetani, Commercial Officer of Canadian Consulate in Osaka, regarding presenting a painting to Children’s Centre in Kobe
• 9 October 1989 – letter to Tokugo Okawara, Kobe regarding gift of painting to Children’s Centre, Kobe.
• 31 October 1989 – further details regarding donation of painting to Kobe
• 26 April 1996 – booklet in Japanese from Tadashi Takahashi, Ushiku, Japan
• Approximately 20 pages of photocopies of Japanese motifs [preparatory material for Harrison prints?]


File consists of material relating to Harrison's school visits. A teacher himself for many years, throughout his career as an artist Harrison maintained a busy schedule visiting schools. This file includes invitation, plans and responses to these activities.

File consists of the following:
• ‘Betty the Dog’ by Willie Widgeon
• Letter of thanks from principal of Grandview Colony School, Grande Prairie, AB
• 12 August 1982 – schedule visit confirmation and contract for TH as Artist-Teacher from Emily Carr College of Art Outreach
• 12 March 1987 – confirmation of school visits for National Book Festival Week from VP of the Educational Media Council of Central and Coastal Labrador
• 29 April 1989 – letter from Ted to principal of Graham Bruce Elementary School in Vancouver confirming school visit
• 8 September 1992 – letter from Teacher-Librarian at Willow Park Elementary School in Calgary requesting a visit
• 15 January 1993 – Letter from librarian at Giant’s Had Elementary School in Summerland requesting a visit
• 1 December 1994 – thank you from a student
• July 1995 – Original artwork and ballad ‘The Ballad of Ted Harrison” by Peter Jorgensen created at Artists for Kids Camp
• 23 November 1995 – Newsletter, Artists for Kids Trust
• 27 December 1995 - East York Schools letters from students
• 29 November 1995 – E. T. Carmichael School in North Bay Ontario, request from student
• 8 December 1995 – Holly Elementary School in Delta BC, invitation for keynote speaker
• 21 March 1996 – Central Park Public School in Markham Ontario, thank you from class and enclosed photo
• 20 January 1997 – Macaulay School in Victoria, request for visit
• 17 February 1997 – E. T. Carmichael School, request for visit with original art
• 30 April 1997 – Steelesview Elementary School in North York Ontario, request for visit and Ted’s reply
• 20 March 1997 – Steelesview Elementary School, TH sends poster and answers questions
• 20 August 1997 – TH to Chisholm Public School, letter and signed copy of O Canada, attached letter with request
• 1997 – Cowichan Valley School District, six computer generated artworks inspired by TH on cards
• Note from Tundra Books introducing letter from a school
• Letter from Friends of the Hillcrest Library in Oakland California indicating a student purchased a copy of Cremation
• 11 October 1990 – from Ellsworth Elementary School, Vancouver Washington: request interview for student
• 14 May 1999 – letters and photos from students of St. George’s School, Vancouver after visit by TH.
• 11 January 2005 – from Estelle Hamoline, Richmond School Concerts: regarding arrangements for Ted, Lister Sinclair and Gloria Saarinen, and Vicki Gaboreau at the Marriott Hotel, CTV studios and schools

Arts Umbrella (and Alaskan cruise)

File consists of material relating to Arts Umbrella, a charitable organization dedicated to “general funding for visual and performing arts courses for children," 1286 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC.

File consists of the following:
• 21 October 1985 – Splash ’85 party and banner sales
• 21 February 1986 – return of colour separations
• 31 August 1987 – donation of a painting, receipt for $4,900.
• 6 March 1994 – booking arrangements for Alaska cruise
• 5 May 1994 – reservation for Alaska cruise, TH is honoured guest
• 14 June – fly to Vancouver
• 16 June – opening at Horizon Gallery, 665 Howe Street
• 18 June – board ship
• 26 June – return to Vancouver
• 30 June 1994 – post-cruise: “a resoundingly positive series of comments”
• 7 photos from the trip aboard Star Princess “The Love Boat”
• portfolio of cruise ship information
• 19 September 1995 – thanks for donation of artwork
• 2 October 1995 – two tickets for Splashissimo XIII, La Serenissima Venezia
• 2 October 1995 – request of rooms for Ted, Nicky and Irene Davies
• 28 October 1995 – ticket and program for Splashissimo – art auction
• 28 November 1995 – donation of acrylic painting - $5830
• 5 December 1995 – receipt for painting $2000
• 9 December 1997 – receipt for $3,500 and photo of work donated
• 18 July 1997 – letter of friendship from James Tindle of CruiseShip Center, Vancouver, BC

West Vancouver Libraries

File consists of material relating to Harrison's appearance at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.

File consists of the following items:
• 23 May 2001 – Julia Hedley, Youth Services Summer Reading Club – visit three libraries on the North Shore
• 8 June 2001 – August 20 – 21 selected
• 20 June 2001 – more details
• 17 August, 2001 – Vancouver Public Library
• 20 August 2001 – Parkgate Library, Lynn Valley Library
• 21 August 2001 – West Vancouver Memorial Library, North Vancouver City Library
• 6 September, 2001 – honorarium of $100 – when does he get the rest?
• 11 October 2001 – complex explanation from Julia Hedley
• 30 November 2001 – two replacement cheques from Julia Hedley
• 21 January 2002 – cheques found with Ted – subsequently destroyed


File consists of correspondence with MacMillan of Canada, part of the Canadian Publishing Corporation.

File consists of the following items:
• 8 June 1987: Blue Raven offered to Macmillan. Harrison had offered it to Tundra but by this time had broken with them.
• 14 March 1989: copy sent to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair
• 10 October 1990: hardcover reprint ordered.
• 1990: note regarding payment of Harrison’s 10% agent’s fee to George Maddison, last item in file.

Merritt Publishing

File consists of correspondence with Merritt Publishing, 443 University Avenue, Toronto.

File consists of the following items :
• 27 November 1978: plan to publish an autobiographical book by Ted Harrison titled The Last Horizon. Merritt planned to commission (and own) the paintings, create a suite of limited edition prints, a limited edition book and a trade edition of the book.
• 12 February 1980: TH delivered the materials for the screen prints.
• 30 January 1981: the book was being considered by the jury of the Governor General’s Awards.
• 2 September 1981: Merritt states that it was their “biggest hit so far.”
• 27 July 1982: TH’s lawyer notes that Merritt was in receivership.

Arnold Gumowitz, AAG Galleries, New York City

File consists of correspondence with AAG Fine Arts, owned by Arnold Gumowitz, managed by Penny Cohen, 421 7th Avenue, New York City. Arnold Gumowitz discovered Harrison at Gold Design in Calgary in 1986. He subsequently bought 5 of Harrison’s paintings and arranged a show in his Madison Avenue gallery. All 42 paintings seem to have been sold, though many of them may have been sold to Gumowitz’s gallery. A further exhibition was planned but did not take place. Correspondence continued until 19 January 1998 but no further shows were noted.

File contains items related to the following:
• 13 November 1986: Harrison sends 5 paintings on consignment
• 29 March 1989: Harrison sends 37 paintings on consignment
• 23 April 1989: shipped 400 prints and 100 Kobe exhibit posters with 3 paintings to NYC
• 05-25 May, 1989: first US showing of Ted Harrison paintings, sold out, “total value of the paintings was $88,188”
• 24 April 1989: AAG returned 200 prints and 300 posters to Harrison.

Hollander-York Gallery, Toronto

File consists of two folders containing correspondence with, Hollander York Gallery, owned by Sue Crerar and Diane Rosenthal, 120 Scollard Street, Toronto. Of all his gallery associations, this was the most satisfying for Harrison. In the extensive files of letters and faxes, business is mixed with pleasure. File includes many sketches by Harrison of his dog Brunhilde (Broony), as well as jokes and memoirs of many visits to the gallery owners’ homes. Though many periods seem to be missing, they worked closely together from at least 29 January 1979 until the last letter 7 May 1997. The file ends with a letter of condolence after Sue Crerar’s death dated 22 March 2003.

File contains items related to the following:
• 29 January 1979: 2 paintings consigned
• May 1982: solo show, 28 paintings sold
• 3-23 June 1984: sold out show, 39 paintings sold
• 1986: sold out show, 32 paintings sold
• 23 October 1986: presentation to Hospital for Sick Children in London, England
• 5-20 June 1988: solo show, 25 paintings sold
• 20 October 1989: 32 paintings sent since January 1988
• 3-24 December, 1994: sold out exhibition
• 7-16 May 1997: 15 paintings sold
• 22 March 2003: condolences from Harrison on the death of Sue Crerar

Sketches and Reference

File consists of a variety of original sketches by Ted Harrison as well as some material saved as reference for artworks. Most of the work is undated.

File consists of the following items:
• full-colour mock-up for a four-fold brochure titled Harrison [It is not clear whether the original artwork executed in coloured markers was done by Harrison]
• a page of blank letterhead from 30 – 12th Avenue (East) WHITEHORSE
• 24 September 1990 – from TH do Doug Franklin (of Heritage Canada): three sketches “as suggested” for 1991 Heritage Day painting and poster – The Caribou Hotel, The Bank of Commerce in Dawson City, The Duchess at Carcross – annotated sketches in black felt pen
• 25 September 1990 – from Doug Franklin to TH: thanks for sketches
• 5 October 1990 – from TH to Doug Franklin: sketch for Christmas card design – original pen sketch which was faxed
• sketch on paper from Westin Hotels and Resorts: mother and child (?) going down the road, Broony looking back – pen original
• two photocopies of Harrison originals noted as “back cover” and “front cover” – possibly from Caravan Cards
• 1989 - photocopy of sketch “Latest Works by Ted Harrison” with Ted at his easel, and Broony, executed for the inviation to a show at Territorial Art Gallery, October 19, 1989
• handwritten text for back of a card: “Artists are influenced by…” – a photocopy
• photocopies of seven paintings, probably executed for The Blue Raven
• five copies of a cartoon from the Yukon News 1983: “This place seems strangely familiar” – By Dru, not by Harrison
• 2 pages (of 6) from of Ted Harrison – Yukon Artist showing four paintings – in colour, dated 21 May 2002
• photocopies of 6 photographs of Yukon scenes, 2 pages of seals, for reference
• one photocopy of a photo of Harrison at work in his Whitehorse studio

Items in Print

File consists of materials produced with Harrison imagery not included in other files.

File contains the following items:
• 1990 – book Klondike Newsman “Stroller” White, compiled and edited by R. N. DeArmond, published by Lynn Canal Publishing, Skagway, Yukon Territories. Cover is a commissioned painting by Ted Harrison
• January 1975 – Playboard magazine of Vancouver for Alwin Nikolais Dance Company, cover by Ted Harrison “The New Kite” 1974
• 29 July 1996 – Pan Pacific Hazards ’96 Conference and Trade Show, Vancouver – cover of program by Ted Harrison, centering on a volcano
• advertisement for Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council presents Ted Harrison a private collection of 70 prints, May 31 to June 6
• 29 December 1996 – Arctic Council, Ottawa: menu for the official dinner with Harrison painting on cover
• September 1996 – West Coast Reflections magazine: The World of Ted Harrison article
• 19 March 1990 – Calgary Herald-Tribune: Blue Moose and Pink Dogs, by Don Eamon, an article (2 copies)
• a bookmark from the Children’s Book Centre, Toronto, listing books about the Canadian North (including Children of the North by Ted Harrison) with an image by Ted Harrison on one side
• Jun 1986 – Up Here magazine, Yellowknife NWT: Harrison by an uncredited writer – lengthy magazine article


File consists of approximately 100 original ink drawings created by Ted Harrison for publication in the Whitehorse Star.

Habonim-Zionist Society

File contains submissions applying for funding support from the Vancouver Jewish Community Fund & Council by the Habonim-Zionist Society. These submissions contain information about and from the applicant (Habonim-Zionist Society) including financial statements, program descriptions and reports.

Jewish Family Services Agency

File contains submissions applying for funding support from the Vancouver Jewish Community Fund & Council by the Jewish Family Service Agency. These submissions contain information about and from the applicant (Jewish Family Service Agency) including financial statements, program descriptions and reports.

Talmud Torah

File contains submissions applying for funding support from the Vancouver Jewish Community Fund & Council by the Talmud Torah school. These submissions contain information about and from the applicant (Talmud Torah) including financial statements, program descriptions and reports.

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