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Neal M. Carter fonds
CA NVAN fonds 222 · Fonds · 1918-1925

The fonds consists of three meticulously labelled and decorated photo albums. Identification, and dating of the trips and photographs is thorough, but the date at which the albums were compiled is not known. A few images have been removed from the albums, and their whereabouts is unknown.

Album A (330 images on 72 pages) contains the earliest material, with most photographs being views of North Shore mountains - Crown, Camel, the Lions, Seymour, Grouse, Cypress, Lynn Canyon, Mosquito Creek, and so on. The earliest images in the book date from 1918, but the majority date from 1920 to 1922.

Album B (170 images on 35 pages) consists of two sections: images from two attempts to ascend Mt. Tantalus in 1925 (66 photos); images from a two-week camp in the Selkirk Range in 1921 (104 photos).

Album C (351 images on 86 pages) consists of three sections: images from 2 trips to the Tantalus Range at Easter in 1923 and 1924; images used to make the map on page 21, "Map showing Mountains Explored during our Private Trip (1923) and BCMC Summer Camp (1924) as shown in the following views"; images titled "This Being a Pictorial History of a Joyous Fortnight in the Canadian Rockies" (1925). All three maps are in Album C: p. 21 as above; p. 70 - Five Passes; p. 73 - Yoho Park.

Carter, Neal M.
CA NVAN fonds 219 · Fonds · 1923-2014

The fonds consists of administrative records and photographic material from the North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club. The textual records consist of meeting minutes, correspondence and supporting material from 1923 to 2000, generated by the executive committee of the club and at annual general meetings. The fonds also contains a club history in essay form as well as three scrapbooks compiled by members of the executive committee, which contain photographs of all club presidents and the events that took place during their terms. Published materials include a club handbook from 2002-1014 and issues of 'The Toucher' newsletter from 1987 to 2012 and a club history. The fonds is divided into three series. Series one consists of records generated by the executive committee of the club. Materials include meeting minutes, correspondence and financial records. Series two consists of published materials. Series three is a club history scrapbook containing photographic material, newspaper clippings and textual records.

CA NVAN fonds 217 · Fonds · 1978-2013

The fonds consists of the records of the Save St. Paul's Indian Church Society (1979-1989), the St. Paul's Indian Church Preservation Trust (1986-present) The records relate to the administrative activities of the Trust, a body that oversees the preservation of St. Paul's and the various restoration projects that took place in the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's. The photographic material primarily depict the restorations of the church, church exteriors and interiors, special events, and the people who were involved with the church. The fonds is arranged in two series. Series one is textual records. The textual material is arranged chronologically, from 1978 to 2013 inclusive. Materials include newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, annual reports, correspondence, drawings and plans. Series two is photographic material. It is arranged chronologically and covers the 1980's, 90's and early 2000's. Materials include photographic prints, postcards and slides.

St. Paul's Indian Church Preservation Trust
CA BCA accession 2011.118 · Fonds · 1942-1983, predominant 1962-1971

The fonds consists of the following series: Briefs relating to Indian arts and welfare, 1942-1958; Correspondence relating to general subjects, arts and crafts, B.C. and Canadian government departments, and native organizations, 1961-1972; Financial records, 1948-83; Governance records, including constitution, general, executive and committee minutes and reports, 1951-1981; Publications, 1947-1981; Visitors' Book, 1950-1983; Newspaper clipping scrapbooks, 1946-1971; and the Ravenhill Copper plaque, donated by Ravenhill in 1952, and awarded three times between 1956-1959.

British Columbia Indian Arts Society
Wells Ski Club fonds
CA WHS WRG 9 · Fonds · 1937-1970

The fonds consists of Wells Ski Club financial records, business correspondence, club rules, reports, record books, minutes (1939-1967), and skiers time books, as well as Canadian Amateur Ski Association annual reports, circulars, reports, membership lists and yearbook.

Wells Ski Club
Lee Chong Company fonds
CA WHS WRG 7 · Fonds · 1948-1952

The fonds consists of invoices and balance sheets of the company.

Lee Chong Company
Fred Tregillus fonds
CA WHS WRG 6 · Fonds · 1902-1926

The fonds consists of correspondence, invoices, clippings, and hand-drawn maps of Fred Tregillus. Correspondence relates to activities of the Provincial Mining Association of British Columbia Barkerville Branch; mining operations at Big Valley Creek and Williams Creek; construction of an easterly wagon route from Barkerville to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway; and activities of Frank Gibbee (guide and trapper). Fonds includes minutes, bylaws, and correspondence of the Barkerville Branch of the Mining Association, time books of road work (1918), and receipts and correspondence of the Barkerville School Board.

Tregillus, Fred
Millie Smith-Campbell fonds
CA WHS WRG 5 · Fonds · 1940-1967, predominant 1940-1941

The fonds consists primarily of letters of Millie Smith. The majority of the letters are from Agnes Macdonald in Scotland. She describes rationing and other wartime conditions. The other main correspondent is Donald Morrison, who writes from the army camps at which he is stationed. Fonds also includes a newspaper clipping, an unmarked postcard, and a book.

Smith-Campbell, Millie
Einer Bergan fonds
CA WHS WRG 4 · Fonds · 1936-1938

The fonds consists of receipts, invoices, correspondence relating to life insurance, personal correspondence (Joseph Wendle), income tax forms, material related to mining claims and sawmill (Bergan and John Sikora), and miscellaneous printed matter.

Bergan, Einer
Wells Board of Trade fonds
CA WHS WRG 33 · Fonds · 1942-1962

The fonds consists of minutes (1942-1962) of the Wells Board of Trade.

Wells Board of Trade
Fred Jensen fonds
CA WHS WRG 31 · Fonds · [194-]

The fonds consists of photographs depicting scenes around Wells, B.C., in the 1940s.

Jensen, Fred
Wells Snowmobile Club fonds
CA WHS WRG 25 · Fonds · 1972-1988

The fonds consists of records and information on the Wells Snowmobile Club, including catalogues, rule books, newsletters, and various other records (including those relating to Snowarama).

Wells Snowmobile Club
CA WHS WRG 21 · Fonds · 1937-1939

The fonds consists of letters, invoices, record books (including inventory book), and balance sheets of the pharmacy.

Buckley's Pharmacy
Wells Club fonds
CA WHS WRG 19 · Fonds · 1949-1962

The fonds consists of the ledger book for the Wells Club, 1949-1955 and 1960-1962.

Wells Club
CA WHS WRG 1 · Fonds · 1928-1967, predominant 1930-1949

The fonds consists of blueprints for mill equipment, invoices, vouchers, receipts, requisitions, production and payroll data, timebooks, Workmen's Compensation reports, accounting statements, equipment inventories, machinery record books, business correspondence, annual reports, and scrapbooks. Of this material, the scrapbooks, which detail the history of the mine and the associated town of Wells, may individually be the most informative documents.

Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company
Harrison family fonds
CA BCA WA/H24H;E/B/H24.9;E/C/H24.9 · Fonds · 1872-1931

The fonds consists of scrapbook containing commissions, correspondence, photographs, invitations and reports pertaining to the judicial and Masonic careers of Eli Harrison, Sr., and his son, Eli Harrison, Jr. Includes pamphlet by Eunice Harrison, wife of Eli, Jr., about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Harrison (family)
Meldram family fonds
CA BCA W/A/M48 · Fonds · 1847-1854, 1876, 1891

The fonds consists of indentures, correspondence, birth and baptism certificates of the Meldram family.

Meldram (family)
Barkley family fonds
CA BCA W/A/B242 · Fonds · 1894, 1908-1919, 1947

The fonds consists of birth, baptism, and marriage certificates of the Barkley family. Includes map of property in the Chemainus area.

Barkley (family)
Annandale family fonds
CA BCA W/A/An7 · Fonds · 1823, 1862, 1879

The fonds consists of death notice of Peter Annandale as well as letters patent and will of Alexander Annandale.

Annandale (family)
CA VMM VMM65 · Collection · 1920-1996, predominant 1930-1976

This collection consists primarily of interdepartmental correspondence and other organizational records created by the Pacific Coast branch of the Canadian National Steamships Company (CNSS). Records were created primarily between the 1920s and the 1970s, during the CNSS' years of operation. Some records (see series 23-26) are not CNSS organizational records, and were added to the collection by other interested donors. The series' records pertain to the company's operations in Vancouver, Victoria, and the West Coast of Canada.

Series 1-21 of the collection consist of the CNSS' organizational records; they were donated by the CNSS, and arranged according to the original order indicated by the markings on the company's original file folders. Series 22 consists of miscellaneous organizational records arranged by the archivist. Series 23-26 consist of a collection of ephemera, promotional materials, photographs, and articles that were arranged on the basis of content.

CA EMA V992.8 · Fonds · [Copied 1992]

The fonds consists of photographs of Hugh Peters depicting the Peters family and home and photographs of military vessels, buildings and activities in the Esquimalt area. Fonds includes Peters' reference and research files relating to Esquimalt history, the Royal Canadian Navy in Esquimalt, and other aspects of family and community life.

Peters, Hugh
Cooper family fonds
CA EMA V992.31;V992.32 · Fonds · 1940-1962

The fonds consists of photographs depicting the Cooper family, scenes of Esquimalt, and various naval and military groups.

Cooper (family)
Hazel Foster fonds
CA EMA V992.3 · Fonds · 1918-1976

The fonds consists of school records (including diplomas and report cards) and school photographs of Hazel Foster at Esquimalt Public School.

Foster, Hazel
CA EMA V992.25;992.24 · Fonds · 1903-1942

The fonds consists of George Lofts and Nellie Lunan photographs of Lampson Street School in Esquimalt and of classes and school activities.

Lofts, George
Frances Hodgson Argyle fonds
CA EMA V992.20 · Fonds · 1920-1928

The fonds consists of class photographs at Lampson Street School in Esquimalt, with teacher and some students identified.

Argyle, Frances Hodgson, 1914-