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archival descriptions
Mary Tucker fonds
Fonds · [190-?]

Fonds consists of an album given to Mary Tucker by her grandfather who had received it in the early 1900s as a gift from the Japanese Diet. The album consists of a series of hand-tinted silk screen reproductions depicting a variety of Japanese scenes and landmarks. Each individual silk screen is labeled with the subject of the image. The covers of the album are black lacquer with a floral image in gold on the back cover and a scene in relief of a woman and a boy sweeping on the front cover.

Tucker, Mary
Henry Delmonese collection
Collection · ca. 1920

Collection consists of textual records that tell of a Kispiox legend and its manifestation on a traditional pole; an accompanying photograph of the pole complements the narrative.

CA FTST MS 54 · Fonds · 1914, 1918, 1920-1921

Fonds consists of the textual records of Matilda C. de Lotbiniere-Harwood from 1914, 1918, and 1920-1921. Includes biography, correspondence, clippings, and sheet music of the following: From the Empire’s Dead, Triumphal March of the Allies, Imperial Anthem, Strathcona March, and Johnny Canuck.

de Lotbiniere Harwood, Matilda C.
Basil G. Hamilton fonds
CA FTST MS 7 · Fonds · 1913, 1922-1924

Fonds consists of the textual records of Basil G. Hamilton. Includes correspondence and research material.

Hamilton, Basil G.
Jim and Mary Prime fonds
Fonds · [ca. 1928]

Fonds consists of photographic negatives from the early twentieth century showing people in the South Pacific, probably Hawaii or Samoa, in their traditional dress.

Prime family
Victoria Yip fonds
Fonds · 1923 - 1936

Fonds consists of theatre programs from Victoria, opera clippings, photographs of the Chinese Carnival in 1936, a copy of the Chinese Times, and Yip’s reminiscences of the establishment of The Chinese Canadian Times in Vancouver and the Chinese Opera in Victoria.

MAN 1997-007-001 : Chinese Times, 1936, article on Chinese Times, Willie Le[-]o n.d.

MAN 1997-007-002 : Cantonese Opera clippings, n.d.

MAN 1997-007-003 : Six photographs of Chinese Carnival, Vancouver, 1936

MAN 1997-007-004 : Theatre program from Victoria, B.C., 1923

MAN 1997-007-005 : Theatre program from Victoria, B.C., with poetry on back written by Yip’s father, 1930

Yip, Victoria
Beryl Gray collection
CA WVAN 086 · Collection · 1938-1943

The collection consists of issues of women's magazines containing stories by Beryl Gray.

Gray, Beryl
Harry Black collection
Collection · 1951

The series consists of photographs of the interior of the Totem and Capitol Theatres. It includes Jeanette McDonald (Mitchell) in the lobby of the Totem Theatre, concession stand and hallway of the Capitol Theatre, projectionist and proprietor of the Totem Theatre Johnny Garofani, interior seating area and projection rooms, and the totems that hung on the walls in the theatre.

Black, Harry
NWMA MSS 114 · Fonds · 1930-1953

Fonds consists of concert programmes and a copy of the Club's By-Laws for 1930.

New Westminster Men's Vocal Club
Players' Club fonds
Fonds · 1916-1961

The fonds consists of minute books, membership lists (1916-1937), photographs, plays, financial records, programs and play announcements (1916-1961), scrapbooks (1916-1944), and ephemera.

University of British Columbia. Players' Club
CA OSOY MS 5 · Fonds · 1940-1947, 1961

Fonds consists of the textual records of the Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts from 1940-1947, 1961. Includes the constitution, minutes, correspondence, financial records, reports/presentations, lists, programs, publications, play script, press releases, clippings, and ephemera.

Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts
Katie Lacey fonds
CA OSOY MS 2 · Fonds · 1860-1964

Fonds consists of the personal records of Katie Lacey. Includes correspondence, personal writings, research materials, notes, and graphic material.

Lacey, Katie
CA VAG GLN22 · Item · 1964-1965
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This newsletter is comprised of various poems created by Canadian poets. The poetry newsletter is created as a feature in Vancouver Monthly. On the back of the newsletter, Gary Lee-Nova has drawn a small sketch with the heading “…..Sunday……Nova”.

CA VAG GLN18 · Item · 1964-1966
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

Centre to Centre All Ways is a notebook that is comprised of the sketches, notes and journal entries of Gary Lee-Nova. This notebook is primarily sketches that fill half of the notebook. Very few notes or entries are contained within this notebook as it was primarily used for rough sketches.

CA VAG GLN17 · Item · 1966
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised solely of Gary Lee-Nova’s journal entries, ink sketches and notes. This notebook in particular reads much more like a traditional journal. Entries to the journal are dated and frequently refer to Gary Lee-Nova’s macrobiotic diet as well as his sleep patterns. Furthermore, the journal entries often focus on the weather and the artwork Lee-Nova was working on at the time.

CA VAG GLN12 · Item · 1967
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised of Gary Lee-Nova’s journal entries, notes, and sketches in pencil and ink. Various notes within the notebook include a brief history of lacquer and its benefits in art production. The notebook also contains pastel images of a pyramid made from boxes. Although the hand writing and sketching is characteristic of Lee-Nova, it is important to mention that the books states that it was owned by a Gordon and Marylyn Payne of London, England, UK.

CA VAG GLN10 · Item · 1968
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The Intermedia 1968 Bound Acetate Booklet is comprised of acetate photographs taken by Gary Lee-Nova and reflects artistic landscape, architectural and figural imagery. The Vancouver Art Gallery is also one of the architectural buildings included within this booklet. The booklet itself is contained within an envelope with the title written on it.

CA VAG GLN19 · Item · 1968
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised entirely of newspaper and article clippings from the Canada 101 at the 22nd Edinburgh Festival, Scotland: An Exhibition of Contemporary Art. The clippings consist of publicity for the exhibition, and there are also notes within that comment on and record where all the newspaper articles relating to this exhibition have been posted.

Fonds · 1939

The fonds consists of photographs, negatives and correspondence. The fonds is arranged in three series.

Meeres Photographic and Art Studio
Mabel E. Jordon fonds
CA FTST MS 48 · Fonds · 1929, 1947-1969

Fonds consists of the textual records of Mabel Jordon from 1929, 1947-1969. Includes correspondence, publications, research materials, certificate, notes, filmstrip, clippings, ephemera, maps, and photographs (H.T. Nation, Mabel Jordon, and other Kootenay photographers).

Jordon, Mabel E., 1908-1993
CA VAG GLN1 · Item · 1969
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised of journal entries, sketches and plans for artwork by Gary Lee-Nova. Moreover, this notebook reflects the progression of Lee-Nova’s art projects. Many of the sketches within this notebook consist of plans for sculptural work; there are detailed diagrams outlining the construction of a hinged pyramid, rainbow sculpture, and a mirror and plywood sculpture. These sketches along with many others within this item are accompanied by notes and dimensions of the diagrams.

CA VAG GLN6 · Item · 1968-1969
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook outlines numerous sketches by Gary Lee-Nova that have been completed for the purpose of outlining new art projects. The notebook provides a view of the progression and thought processes of Lee-Nova in that the art projects are created and developed over multiple pages within the notebook. Lee-Nova also provides notes and commentary on the various themes that relate to the works Rainbow Falls; Psychology and Alchemy; and Earth, Air, Fire and Water are predominantly discussed in this notebook. The majority of images within this notebook were drawn in ink.

CA VAG GLN24 · Item · 1965-1969
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The item is comprised of a notebook containing Gary Lee-Nova’s notes and techniques on the topic of art creation. Within, there are uses of mixed media in the form of using label makers to add to previously made drawings. This notebook also includes short stories addressed to various people. Gary Lee-Nova’s preliminary sketches for his painting the Dreadnaught in 1966 are also evident in this item.