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Christian Valley Women's Institute fonds

  • CA BCA MS-0188
  • Fonds
  • 1959-1962

The fonds consists of constitution and bylaws, minutes and a report on activities for 1962 of the Christian Valley Women's Institute.

Christian Valley Women's Institute

Church Army for the Diocese of Caledonia fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1895

The fonds consists of the constitution and bylaws of the Church Army for the Diocese of Caledonia.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Caledonia. Church Army

Church family fonds : 1890-1969

  • CA BCA MS-1471;97811-13;98701-2;98709-2
  • Fonds
  • [Microfilmed 1976]

The fonds consists of the diaries of H.E. Church, an account book and personal papers of R.H. Church, business papers of the Church Ranch, and records of the Big Creek Stock Breeders Association.

Church (family)

Church of the Good Shepherd Mission (Latimer Heights, Surrey, B.C.) fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1941-1963

Fonds consists of parish register, service register, vestry and parish council records (1955-1963), correspondence, reports, financial records, membership lists, statistics, women's organizations records. Parish register includes: baptisms (1943-1963), confirmations (1956-1958).

Church of the Good Shepherd Mission (Latimer Heights, Surrey, B.C.)

Church Property Committee fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1859-1956

The fonds consists of deeds and other legal documents, 1861-1937; surveys of and applications to dispose of church properties, 1892-1933; registers of legal documents, descriptions of property and property rents, 1930-1956; correspondence and other files of the Committee chair, 1930-1935; correspondence and cash records of the Committee, 1883-1898; and other correspondence and documents to do with Methodist Church property, 1859-1916. Fonds includes a property records inventory done for administrative purposes in 1932.

United Church of Canada. British Columbia Conference. Church Property Committee

City Corporate Services fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1886-2002

The fonds contains archival records created by financial units of the City from 1886, and records of non-financial units which were linked to the City Comptroller's Department or the Finance Department. Included are records of the offices of the Assessment Commissioner, the City Accountant, the City Comptroller, the City Treasurer, the Economic Development Office, the False Creek Development Group, and the many additional divisions of the Finance Department. Fonds is arranged into the following record series, which are listed by the latest creating office represented in the date range. Vancouver (B.C.). Accounting Division - Cemetery perpetual care journal, 1934-1973, series 144; Investment ledgers, 1944-1974, series 506; Statistics cards, 1913-1970, series 140. Vancouver (B.C.). Budgets and Research Division - Annual operating budget files, 1966-1970, 1975-1986, series 295. Vancouver (B.C.). Computer Services Division - Departmental correspondence, 1962-1981, series 298. Vancouver (B.C.). Director of Finance - Departmental files, 1909-1966, series 300; Subject files, 1906-1986, series 299; Vancouver (B.C.). Economic Development Office - Administrative files, 1977-1985, series 149; Company files, 1972-1987, series 516; General files, 1967-1995, series 148; Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission general files, 1978-1988, series 145; Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission minutes, 1978-1986, series 146. Vancouver (B.C.). False Creek Development Group - False Creek south City-owned land - development files, 1969-1987, series 501. Vancouver (B.C.). Financial Services - Publications in City Publications Collection, 1922-1996, series 572. Vancouver (B.C.). Housing and Properties Department - City owned buildings case files, 1965-1990, series 165; City owned property appraisals and valuation reports, 1953-1990, series 304; Housekeeping and project files, 1942-1992, series 167; Non-marketing Housing lodge and residence files, 1973-1991, series 166. Vancouver (B.C.). Internal Audit Division - Internal correspondence, 1941-1983, series 286. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Assessment Commissioner - Building valuation cards for business and industry, ca. 1926-ca. 1955, series 436; Local improvements ledger, 1907-1956, series 297; Property tax appeal letters, 1949-1961, series 284; Property tax appraisal field notes, 1950-1969, series 283; Property tax assessment rolls, 1887-1889, 1929-1977, series 435; Property tax files, business tax files, 1924-1971, series 282; Real property appraisal cards, 1955, series 296; Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant - Appropriation and expenditure registers, 1888-1900, series 431; Cancelled cheques, 1891-1894, series 340; Cash books, 1886-1898, series 429; Debenture interest statements, 1946-1956, series 143; Sinking fund records, 1938-1955, series 142. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Comptroller - Bond correspondence, 1925-1937, series 291; Letter registers, 1941-1955, series 301; Relief redemption account ledgers, 1932-1941, series 440; Tax 1914-33 : expenditures, finance, tax, etc., series 141. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer - Sinking fund account books, 1886-1923, series 430. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Industrial Commissioner - Subject files, 1947-1959, series 302. Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division - City owned land sold, 1911-1975, series 168; Development project files, 1944-1966, series 310; Fields and Chatham Steel buildings heritage record, 1986, series 426; Insurance data files, 1953-1977, series 427; Leases and rentals files, 1912-1978, series 306; Properties reserved for highways, streets and lane case files, 1965-1977, series 308; Redevelopment files, 1960-1978, series 305; Registers, journals and cash books, 1897-1985, series 303; Subdivision development files, 1934-1984, series 307; Tax sale lands records, 1894-1898, 1921-1961, series 309; Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division - Bond register, 1886-1972, series 292; City Treasurer's correspondence, 1903-1972, series 428; Collections files, 1972-1979, series 433; Grants-in-lieu-of-taxes applications, 1968-1988, series 288; Property address to coordinate/account cross reference, 1975-2002, series 139; Property tax accounts, 1974-1989, series 289; Property tax non-financial reports, 1983-1986, series 425; Property tax records, 1913-1973, series 634; Real property tax roll, 1971, series 434; Scavenging accounts receivable register, 1982-1983, series 290; Water service applications, 1888-1993, series 293; Water service record cards, 1888-1965, series 294; Workmen's Compensation Board registers, 1956-1968, series 432. Vancouver (B.C.). Risk and Emergency Management Division - Emergency Management files, 1951-1998, series 491; Risk Management files, 1987-1989, series 638.

Vancouver (B.C.). Corporate Services

City Council and Office of the City Clerk fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1892-1999, predominant 1911-1933, 1980-1999

Fonds consists of records generated in the course of municipal business by City Council and the Office of the City Clerk. The fonds is organized into the following series: Council minutes and agendas (1894-1993); Council Committee records (1910-1994); Bylaws (1892-1993); Contracts and Agreements (1898-1996); Election records (1906-1996); Zoning and Rezoning records (1960-1996); Clerks Department files (1892-1999).

Burnaby (B.C.). City Council

City Meat Market fonds

  • CA CUB 984.101.1
  • Fonds
  • 1906

The fonds consists of a ledger of accounts (1906) for the City Meat Market in Cumberland.

City Meat Market (Cumberland, B.C.)

City of Armstrong fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1906-1947

The fonds consists of expenditure books, assessment rolls, property tax rolls, social welfare records, records of the Motor Vehicle Office, improvement rolls, land ownership section and water records, debentures, and bank records.

Armstrong (B.C.)

City of Chilliwack fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1908-1979

The fonds consists of letters patent, minutes, ledgers, cashbooks, voters lists, financial statements, assessment rolls, correspondence, reports, memoranda, legal documents and certificates, plans, building and planning files, employee and payroll records, police court record books, Relief Trust books, and social assistance files. Fonds includes records of the Elk Creek Waterworks Company.

Chilliwack (B.C. : City)

City of Duncan Police Department fonds

  • CA CVM 983.7.1
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1925

The fonds consists of daybooks (1920-1921, 1924-1925), which are shift records of activities of the local police constables. One book includes the assessment roll for the City of Duncan for 1927.

Duncan (B.C.). Police Dept.

City of Kelowna photographic collection

  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1905]-1975

The collection consists of the photographs collected by the various City of Kelowna councils from ca. 1905-1975. Includes photos of community events such as parades, car shows, flower shows, and ice follies; the construction of Memorial Arena; portraits of local sports teams and city officials; local cannery activities; and the improvement of city infrastructure through the building of sidewalks, sewers, and road pavement.

City of Nanaimo Corporate Administration fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1875-2001

Fonds consists of records generated in the course of municipal business by the office of the City Clerk. The fonds is arranged in 25 series: 1) Better Housing Scheme; 2) Bylaws; 3) Council Agendas; 4) Correspondence; 5) Reports; 6) Minutes; 7) Disclosures; 8) Election Records; 9) Agreements; 10) Letters Patent; 11) Orders-in-Council; 12) Special Project Files; 13) Undermining Affidavits; 14) Contracts; 15) Secretary's Folders; 16) Leases; 17) Deeds; 18) Property Records; 19) Easements; 20) Restrictive Covenants; 21) Grants Committees; 22) Local Improvement Projects; 23) Petitions; 24) Photographs; and 25) Miscellaneous.

Nanaimo (B.C.). Corporate Administration

City of North Vancouver Centennial '71 Committee fonds

  • CA NVAN Fonds 61
  • Fonds
  • 1969-1972

Fonds consists of records of the City of North Vancouver Centennial '71 Committee for the 100th anniversary of B.C.'s entry into confederation, chaired by Roland Dean. Includes correspondence, financial records, and information on projects sponsored by the committee.

North Vancouver (B.C. : City). Centennial '71 Committee

City of North Vancouver Public Library fonds

  • CA NVAN Fonds 129
  • Fonds
  • 1924-1997, predominant 1960-1985

The fonds consists of records of most aspects of the librarys operations. Financial records, annual reports, minutes of meetings, correspondence, book orders, membership information and publicity materials are included, as well as records related to various projects and initiatives.

North Vancouver Public Library (North Vancouver : City)

City of Phoenix fonds

  • CA BCA C/D/P70
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1920

The fonds consists of letters patent; correspondence, bylaws and minutes of the Phoenix City Council; vouchers, cashbooks, daybooks and other financial records; assessment rolls and related correspondence; police board minutes, police court proceedings and register; and, minutes of the licence commission and the court of revision.

Phoenix (B.C.)

City Permits and Licenses Department fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1886-1998, predominant 1886-1980

Fonds contains archival records of the Permits and Licenses Department (predominantly to 1980) and its predecessors, the Building Department (1915-1966) and the License and Business Tax Office (1886-1967). Fonds is arranged into the following record series, which are listed by the latest creating office represented in the date range: Vancouver (B.C.). Building Department - Annual reports, 1947-1966, series 600; Building specifications, 1915-1931, series 387; Zoning Secretary's public hearings files, 1946-1952, series 602. Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office - Annual reports, 1951-1959, series 601; Building permit registers, 1901-1947, series 385; Business license records, 1923-1941, series 381; Business license registers, 1886-1939, series 383; Business tax field sheets, 1954-1961, series 391; Interdepartmental correspondence, 1919-1967, series 378; License Inspector's subject files, 1931-1964, series 377; Liquor license register, 1897-1917, series 382; News clippings, 1910-1919, series 384; Petitions, 1939-1956, series 380. Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department - Architectural plans and drawings, 1887-ca. 1998, series 393; Building Inspector's subject files, 1948-1972, series 388; Building Inspector's Technical Planning Board minutes, 1959-1972, series 598; Building plans index, ca. 1975, series 389; Building reports, 1929-1979, series 386; Business tax assessment cards, 1975-1980, series 392; Business tax assessment roll, 1971-1984, series 394; City owned buildings case files, 1946-1986, series 165; City owned buildings maintenance files, 1947-1978, series 163; City owned buildings management files, 1947-1978, series 164; Miscellaneous records, 1910-1972, series 390; Publications in City Publications Collection, 1963-1998, series 599.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Dept.

City Social Service Department fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1895-1974, predominant 1914-1971

Fonds consists of records created by the Social Service Department (and a predecessor, Associated Charities of Vancouver) in the course of carrying out its functions and activities. The series comprising this fonds are listed below by the latest creating office represented in the date range. Records dating from the final period was transferred to the provincial government with the transfer of the department's functions in 1974. Associated Charities of Vancouver - Records, 1895-1915, 22 cm, series 447. Social Service Staff Fund Association (Vancouver, B.C.) - Records, 1962-1974, 2 cm, series 460. Vancouver (B.C.). Employment and Relief Department - Case files, ca. 1914 - ca. 1928, 26 cm, series 525. Vancouver (B.C.). Pacific Hostel - Pacific Hostel records, 1965-1973, 76 cm, series 455. Vancouver (B.C.). Social Service Department - Child welfare records, 1924-1970, 1.5 m, series 453; Control Division records, 1933-1971, 65 cm, series 457; Director's statistical reports, 1910-1971, 1 m, series 451; Director's subject files, ca. 1931-1947, 47 cm, series 449; Director's subject files, ca. 1955-1971, 1928-1971, 2.63 m, series 450; East Unit records, 1940-1970, 1.13 m, series 458; Management meetings, 1946-1966, 25 cm; Old People's Home records, 1907-1971, 38 cm, series 452; Publications in City Publications Collection, 1955-1970, 15 cm, series 621; Reference files : the profession and the issues, 1956-1970, 60 cm, series 459; Skid Road reports, 1965-1971, 13 cm, series 454; Staff Committee reports, 1968-1971, 75 cm, series 456.

Vancouver (B.C.). Social Service Dept.

Civil Service Association fonds

  • CA BCA MS-0934
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1932

The fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, and financial records of the Civil Service Association in B.C.

Civil Service Association (B.C.)

CKCQ oral history collection

  • CA BCA T1444-T1455;T1457-T1460;T3750-T3754
  • Collection
  • 1975-1980

The collection consists of oral history interviews with Cariboo district residents done by John Roberts.

CKOV Radio fonds : 1941-1960

  • CA BCA SD 125;SD 236
  • Fonds
  • [Copied 1988]

The fonds consists of recordings of programs from CKOV Radio.

CKOV (Radio station : Kelowna, B.C.)

Clarence Boettger fonds

  • CA RRM A1993-03
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1952

The fonds consists of Boettger's CPR examination certificates.

Boettger, Clarence

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