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archival descriptions
Video Program Fonds
VCCL F-37 · Fonds · 1960 - 2010

This fonds consists of ESL Video Masters

Vancouver Community College.Video Program
VCCL F-36 · Fonds · 1989 - ?

This fonds consists of material published by VCC for the Continuing Care and Allied Health Department

Vancouver Community College.Continuing Care and Allied Health Department
VCCL F-35 · Fonds · 1965

This fonds contains reports, meeting minutes, memorabilia, departmental renewal reports (formerly known as benchmark reports), and documentation of College celebrations and other events.

Vancouver Community College
VCCL F-34 · Fonds · 1989-2012

This fonds consists of video recordings of student fashion shows

Vancouver Community College. Fashion Arts Department
VCCL F-33 · Fonds · 1994-2000

This fonds consists of project documents, handbooks, manuals, and reports produced by the Practical Nursing Department

Vancouver Community College. Practical Nursing Department
VCCL F-32 · Fonds · 1978-2010

This fonds consists of photographs, slides, and negatives produced by Instructional Media Services

Vancouver Community College. Instructional Media Services
Management Committee fonds
VCCL F-31 · Fonds · 1940 - 1990

The fonds consists of meeting minutes and annual reports.

Vancouver Community College. Management Committee
VP Academic Office fonds
VCCL F-30 · Fonds · 2003 - 2015

This fonds consists of planning documents, program proposals, program evaluations, committee meeting minutes, performance appraisals, and reports

Vancouver Community College. VP Academic Office
Vancouver City College fonds
VCCL F-29 · Fonds · 1949 - 2001

The fonds consists of meeting minutes, reports, finances, directories, course descriptions, and registration directions and time schedules.

Vancouver City College
VCCL F-28 · Fonds · 1994 - 2003

The fonds consists of student files, tutor and service requests, and reports.

Vancouver Community College. Counselling and Disability Services
Facilities Management fonds
VCCL F-27 · Fonds · 1983 - 2010

This fonds consists of general correspondence, insurance claims, contracts, plans, permits and licenses, reports, budgets, and project documents.

Vancouver Community College. Facilities Management
President's Office fonds
VCCL F-26 · Fonds · 1989 - 2012

This fonds consists of budgets, correspondence, reports, invoices, receipts, project files, strategic plans, policies, indexes and annual reports

Vancouver Community College. President's Office
VCCL F-25 · Fonds · 1984 - 1994

The fonds consists of the meeting minutes of the Computer Needs Committee.

Vancouver Community College. Computer Needs Committee
Administrative Council fonds
VCCL F-24 · Fonds · 1987 - 1993

The fonds consists of the meeting minutes of the Vancouver Community College Administrative Council

Vancouver Community College. Administrative Council
VCCL F-23 · Fonds · 1985 - 1992

The fonds consists of the meeting minutes of the Finance and Administration Committee

Vancouver Community College. Finance and Administration Committee
Academic Council fonds
VCCL F-22 · Fonds · 1990 - 1994

This fonds consists of meeting minutes of the Academic Council

Vancouver Community College. Academic Council
Continuing Studies fonds
VCCL F-21 · Fonds · 1987-2014

The fonds consists of Continuing Studies education course catalogues, and project documents, recordings, candidate tests, project laptop, and data storage devices.

Vancouver Community College. Continuing Studies
VCCL F-20 · Fonds · 1992 - 1994

The fonds consists of correspondence, memoranda, job applications, organizational charts, reports, studies, and action plans.

Vancouver Community College. Administrative Services
Financial Services fonds
VCCL F-19 · Fonds · 1974 - 2003

The fonds consists of operating budgets, financial statements, and accounts.

Vancouver Community College. Financial Services
Board of Governors fonds
VCCL F-18 · Fonds · 1977 - 2016

The fonds consists of meeting minutes, enrolment audits, board members lists, and the rules and regulations of the Board of Governors.

Vancouver Community College. Board of Governors
CUPE Local 15 fonds
VCCL F-17 · Fonds · 2001 - 2004

The fonds consists of the collective agreements of CUPE Local 15.

Vancouver Community College. CUPE Local 15
VCCL F-16 · Fonds · 1987 - 2004

The fonds consists of the finances, meeting minutes, board member lists and nominations, and correspondence of the Alumni Association.

Vancouver Community College. Alumni Association
VCCL F-14 · Fonds · 1979 - 2007

The fonds consists of reports, environmental scans, surveys, plans and proposals, student data, and data element dictionaries from the Office of Institutional Research.

Vancouver Community College. Office of Institutional Research
Marketing Department fonds
VCCL F-13 · Fonds · 1980 - 2011

The fonds consists of reports, newsletters, handbooks, promotional materials, photos, and pamphlets from the Marketing Department.

Vancouver Community College. Marketing Department