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Counselling and Disability Services fonds

  • VCCL F-28
  • Fonds
  • 1994 - 2003

The fonds consists of student files, tutor and service requests, and reports.

Vancouver Community College. Counselling and Disability Services

Vancouver City College fonds

  • VCCL F-29
  • Fonds
  • 1965 - 2001

The fonds consists of meeting minutes, reports, finances, directories, course descriptions, and registration directions and time schedules.

Vancouver City College

Management Committee fonds

  • VCCL F-31
  • Fonds
  • 1940 - 1990

The fonds consists of meeting minutes and annual reports.

Vancouver Community College. Management Committee

Frank Orban collection

  • CA VHEC RA027
  • Collection
  • [after 1919]–2005

Collection consists of postcards, photographs, identity, work and personal documents produced or received by Frank Orban relating to his family, work and life in Hungary, Israel, Greece and Canada. Records were collected by George Szasz following ...

Orban, Frank

18000 - Lil and June - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 706B

Lil Godfrey and June Olson talk about the importance of the Auxiliary to each of them; the value of learning how to run a meeting; social activities like bazaars, dances, sports days, and quilting bees; some casual conversation that includes disc...

17000 - Lil and June - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 705B

Lil Godfrey and June Olson talk about family life at Lake Cowichan; their husbands’ extended stays in logging camps; bunk house living conditions; camp safety; reasons for forming the Ladies’ Auxiliary; and the role of families in the 1946 strike...

16000 - Lil and June - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 704B

Lil Godfrey and June Olson continue discussing activities and issues taken up by the Women’s Auxiliary, including the types topics covered at educational meetings. They also talk about organizing between communities, how they became involved in th...

15000 - Lil and June - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 703B

Lil Godfrey and June Olson discuss methods for organizing on the logging camps, the importance of active participation in unions, and the ways union participation has changed. They also discuss the types of work done by the Women’s Auxiliary, and ...

13000 - Lil and June - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 701B

Lil Godfrey & June Olson describe their childhood living conditions, including food and power shortages, and the work their mothers did to feed them, clothe them, and advocate for the community’s needs (for example, roads and healthcare). They...

14000 - Lil and June - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 702B

Lil Godfrey and June Olson discuss the various issues advocated for by the IWA Women’s Auxiliary, disaffiliation with the American union, and factionalization within the union. They also discuss pensions, red baiting, and their experiences with fo...

Godfrey, Lil and June Olson

File consists of video interviews with Lil Godfrey and June Olson. Subjects include: How their mothers supported them as children; seasonal employment; IWA Women’s Auxiliary and the 1946 strike; red baiting; forming a community co-op grocery and c...

12000 - Lil and June - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 700B

Lil Godfrey discusses the Greenwall family history, including her family’s life in Extension and Wellington, mining communities near Nanaimo, BC. She talks about the effects of the 1912-1914 miner’s strike, the arrival of the militia, and the hard...

WLHP Stock - FTBT - Mrs. Tagashira - #2

Masue Tagashira discusses her husband’s illness, learning English, working in a barbership, her religious life, housework, childbirth, and raising children.

FTBT - Mrs. Tagashira - #3

Masue Tagashira discusses her separation from her son, her marriage and leaving her husband, working in retail, being reunited with her son, and the importance of education for her children.

WLHP Stock - FTBT - Mrs. Tagashira - #1

Masue Tagashira discusses her immigration from Japan to Canada in 1927, her life in Japan prior to moving, and the differences between rural life in Japan and Canada. She also discusses life, work and wages on logging camps.

Tagashira, Masue

File consists of video interviews with Masue Tagashira. Subjects include: Village life in 1920s Japan; immigration experience; logging camp at Stave Lake; domestic work; language challenges for immigrant women; exploitation of women’s labour; Vanc...

Tape Three - Eileen Sufrin - May '89 - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 715B

Eileen Sufrin continues her discussion of factionalization within the labour movement, and the union’s involvement in women’s issues. She discusses the types of women in the workforce, and the differing needs of these groups (married women as oppo...

Tape Two - Eileen Sufrin - May '89 - 1st Gen. - NON TC - 714B

Eileen Sufrin discusses reasons for organizing, and attitudes towards unions during the war. She also discusses her personal reasons for becoming involved in the labour movement, her activity with the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, moving f...

Sufrin, Eileen

File consists of video interviews with Eileen Sufrin. Subjects include: WWII attitudes towards unions; Cooperative Commonwealth Federation; moving from Ontario to BC; labour movement factionalization; unions and women’s issues; white collar unioni...

Marj Storm - Tape 4

Marjorie Storm explains the importance of passing her resolution through the I.W.A. “Ladies” Auxiliary before taking it to conference; women’s support of the union and job actions; feminism and the women’s movement in the 1970’s; becoming politica...

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