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Printing purchases journal

Series consists of a journal describing details of printing services and supplies purchased by the City. Each entry describes the supplier, details of the service or product, and the cost.
Arranged by department and, within each departmental section, by date

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Public Works, Lighting, Water and Harbour Committee minutes

Series consists of the minutes of this City Council committee. Also includes some agendas originally filed with the City Clerk for information.
For an alphabetical index to the minutes of the Finance Committee, see CRS 137.
See also CRS 28, Public Works Committee records (1926-1962)

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Quotation record book

Series consists of a record of quotations received for materials considered for purchase by the City. Does not include actual prices and suppliers, but rather consists of an index to such documents (see CRS 183, Tenders and quotations and CRS 246, Specifications). Describes the quotation number, date, department, and description of material. Includes an alphabetical list of suppliers ca. 1951-1956.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material, and numerically within each alphabetical group (the numerical order reflects the chronology of receipt, since the quotations were numbered in the chronological order received)

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Recreation and Community Services Committee records

This committee was one of the three standing committees reporting directly to City Council (the others being the Group 'A' and Group 'B' Committees). The committee oversaw the management of the Memorial Arena, Crystal Gardens, McPherson Playhouse, and Royal Athletic Park as well as general recreation planning and program development. Earlier, this committee was known as the Parks, Boulevards and Recreation Facilities Committee

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Register of agreements and leases

Series consists of a register of agreements and leases between the City and various parties. Includes registration number, date, name, and nature of agreement.
Part of single volume including CRS 256, 258, and 259; located at pp. 82-99 (agreements 1-380, 1892-1927) and pp. 122-154 (agreements 380-471, 1927-1956)

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Register of tax sale deeds

Series consists of a register of deeds owned by various parties as a result of purchasing tax sale properties from the City. Includes number, date, legal description, certificate number, and remarks.
Part of single volume including CRS 256, 257, and 259; located at pp. 62-81 (numbers 1-346) and pp. 100-112 (numbers 347-667)

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Relief Committee minutes

Series consists of the minutes of this City Council committee. The volume, which includes the minutes of several other committees, is not indexed.
Arranged chronologically

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Reports to Council and Committees

Series consists of letters sent from the Engineering Department to City Council and its Committees. Earlier reports to Council form part of the letterbook series (CRS 100).
Each volume includes an alphabetical index to subjects and correspondents

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Retail liquor licences and billiard tables journal

Series consists of a journal recording payment of licence fees for wholesale liquor distributors. Includes name of licensee, name of premises, street, payment details, and remarks.

Bylaw 503 indicates City Treasurer provenance from July 1907.
In same bound volumes with CRS 253, Wholesale Liquor Licences (volumes printed tete-beche).
Arranged chronologically

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Ross Bay Cemetery burial permits

Series consists of the City's copy of burial permits. Each permit originally consisted of three parts: the City copy, the family copy, and a receipt. Each permit is numbered and captures the following information: name, age, where born, where died, date of death, day and hour of burial, officiating clergy, block, plot and road, undertaker, reserve plots, and fees.

The earliest permits are contained in bound volumes and date from December 1886 to October 1915. In October 1915 the system was changed to a three-part carbon-copy form. And the data collected changed slightly to include cause of death, re-opening, interment, exhumation, and total cost.
Other forms related to the burial may be attached to the burial permit, such as Order for Interment of Body, Medical Certificate of Death, Warrant to Bury After a View, Certificate of Cremation, and other forms and correspondence related to the transportation of remains.
Arranged by permit number.
Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, only permits older than 20 years may be viewed.

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Ross Bay Cemetery grass plot books

The series consists of receipts for a contract for the maintenance of grass plots in Ross Bay Cemetery. Each license consists of two parts, a duplicate that remained in the volume, and an original that was retained by the applicant. Each record contains the following data elements: license number, name, address, amount paid, location of plot(s) purchased, date and was signed by both the Secretary of Ross Bay Cemetery and the undertaker or purchaser.

The maintenance of grass plots was established by bylaw 2452 "Ross Bay Cemetery Grass Plots, Maintenance Fund bylaw, 1928" and adopted by a resolution of Council 29 April 1929.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, only permits older than 20 years may be viewed

Victoria (B.C.). Parks

Ross Bay Cemetery License A books

Series consists of receipts for licenses for plots in Ross Bay Cemetery. Each license consists of two parts, a duplicate that remained in the volume, and an original that was retained by the applicant. Each record contains the following data elements: license number, name, address, amount paid, location of plot(s) purchased, date and was signed by both the Secretary of Ross Bay Cemetery and the undertaker or purchaser.
Starting in volume 5, copies of "Application for a deed of cemetery plot" and correspondence are often attached to the license

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Special correspondence inward

Series consists of letters received by the City Clerk from different City departments, community organizations, the federal and provincial governments, professional organizations, and municipalities throughout the world.
Although there are letters dating back to 1908, most of the material dates from the mid 1930's. There are two sequences of records within this series; the first ranging from the earliest material to the 1950s, and the second covering the 1950s through to 1973. This correspondence is arranged by subject and is filed either by received stamp number or chronologically. If the letter received originated within the City administration there will be no received stamp number, it will not be listed in the communications received index (CRS 14), and the file will be arranged chronologically. If the material received originated outside the City administration it will be arranged according to received stamp number and will be listed in the index

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Street, Sewers, and Bridges Committee minutes

Series consists of the minutes of this committee of Council.
During 1907 known as the Streets, Bridges, and Sewers Committee and, during 1908, as the Streets, Bridges, Sewers, and Water Committee

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Superintendent's date books

Series consists the date books and a few note books of the Park Superintendent, W.H. Warren

Victoria (B.C.). Parks and Recreation Department

Survey field books

Series consists of notebooks used by surveyors in the field for making notes when determining elevations of land and locations of natural and manmade features of the landscape. Includes notes pertaining to land benchmarks (elevations), land surveys, and monument locations. Series also referred to as "Benchmarks" and "Transit Books".
The Description column of the location list may refer to more than one numerical reference per book. In such cases, the first number in the description refers to a stamp on the cover of the volume apparently added by the Engineering Department sometime after the volumes were initially created. The description may also contain the name of the surveyor and the number he assigned the volume, separated by a dash. For example, "46; D.A. Rose - No. 5" refers to volume 46 in the overall departmental arrangement, which is D.A. Rose's personal book number 5.
Arranged in general chronological order, within any departmental numbering sequence that may exist, except for undated monument books and other volumes forming their own grouping, which are described at the end of the overall listing

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering Department

Tenders and quotations

Series consists of tenders and quotations from vendors for equipment, supplies, and services considered for purchase by the City. A full list of tenders can be found in CRS 236 (Quotation record book). For detailed specifications related to tenders, see CRS 246 (Specifications).
Arranged by month from 1927 to 1957. From 1958 onwards the tenders are filed individually by tender number

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Trade license assessment roll

Series consists of a list of trade license holders. It was used to record the amount of taxes that anyone operating a business (e.g. real estate agents, laundry operators, doctors, hack drivers) was required to pay to the City semi-annually. The roll records the names of trade license holders, their occupation or business, amount of tax paid, number of receipt, date paid, and notes.

Although by-laws 620 and 624, passed on 14 July 1909 and 2 August 1909 respectively, deal specifically with trade licenses, revenue bylaws beginning in 1866 dealt with raising money by taxation of businesses; schedules attached to these bylaws give the amounts that different types of businesses were required to pay. For the general bylaw closest in time to these records, see bylaw 321 (The Revenue Bylaw, 1900).

Trade licenses were the responsibility of the City Collector.
Arranged alphabetically by trade license holder

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Victoria Civic Arena Commission records

Series consists of miscellaneous files produced by the Arena Commission, which oversaw the management and daily operation of Memorial Arena. Records include financial statements, reports on the Arena's structural integrity, and minutes of meetings

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Victoria Eaton Centre inventory of heritage buildings

Series consists of an inventory of heritage buildings on the site of the Victoria Eaton Centre prepared by Cadillac Fairview Shopping Centres for the City of Victoria. Includes photogrammetric recording of all exterior facades, selected interior photography keyed to a schematic drawing of the interior, and general exterior photographs of each building including close-up exterior details of the following buildings on Douglas, Fort, Broad, and Government Streets: Driard Hotel, Spencer's Block, Spencer's Arcade, Times, Montague Bridgman, Kresge (Marks & Spencer), Winch, Kent Hotel, Wilson, Brown, Melrose, and Eaton's interior details

Victoria (B.C.). Planning Department

Victoria parks photograph contest files

Series consists of photographs pertaining to Victoria parks submitted in a City of Victoria-sponsored contest that was operated by the Victoria Camera Club.
An item list is available in the accession files (98206-10)

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

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