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Biographical materials series

Series documents John Edwin Loucks' activities and accomplishments in his personal life from his student years in the 1940s until shortly after his retirement in 1999. Records in this series consist of school essays and laboratory reports, university diploma and transcripts, class reunion programmes, travel writings, cards, inspirational sayings and jokes as well as letters of congratulations on Loucks' retirement.

Travels to Japan series

Series documents John Edwin Loucks' trips to Chiba, Japan, the twin city of the City of North Vancouver. From the 1970s until the 1970s, Loucks and city councillors visited Chiba and the two cities organized various activities such as the Youth Exchange Programs. Records in this series consist of correspondence, pamphlets and photographs depicting civic ceremonies, such as dinners, the exchange of gifts and award ceremonies. Records are arranged by visit.

Community events series

Series documents sports, high school, cultural and church events held in the City of North Vancouver from the 1960s until 2000. Records in this series consist of flyers, calendars, directories and events programmes. Records are arranged according to category of event.

Newspaper clippings series

Series documents City of North Vancouver news from the 1970s until the early twenty-first century that held interest or importance for John Edwin Loucks. Records in this series consist of newspaper clippings from the North Shore News, the Citizen and the Vancouver Sun arranged in reverse chronological order.

Artifacts series

Series contains artifactual materials collected and retained by John Edwin Loucks that are evidence of his civic pride and which held symbolic meaning for him. The items contained in this series mostly relate to the City of North Vancouver. Artifacts in this series consist of small hand-held flags, buttons, coins and City and District seals.

Personal Agendas series

Series documents John Edwin Loucks' daily activities and the events in which he participated. Records consist of eight daily planners from the 1980s and 1990s arranged in reverse chronological order.

Personal correspondence series

Series documents John Edwin Loucks' personal relationships and business through correspondence from the 1980s to 2001. Records in this series consist of cards, postcards and letters from family, friends, business and members of the community who had benefitted from Loucks or participated with him in events.

School photographs series

Series documents almost thirty years of John Edwin Loucks' career as a teacher and principles depicting him with his colleagues and students. Loucks taught at various North Vancouver elementary and high schools including North Star, Capilano and Eastview Schools. Series is arranged chronologically.

Teaching career series

Series documents John Edwin Loucks' activities as a teacher and principal and his involvement in the North Vancouver Teachers' Association, the North Vancouver School Board and the North Vancouver School District from the 1940s to the 1990s. Records in this series consist of correspondence, meeting agendas, teachers' contact details, school curricula, log books, teacher evaluations, bulletins and budgets and salaries.

Election Campaigns series

Series relates to the John Edwin Loucks' election campaigns for Mayor of North Vancouver and the City Council. The series consists of correspondence, flyers, note books, and poliing information for the years 1977-1999.

Mayoral files series

Series documents John Edwin Loucks' official involvement in civic affairs as an alderman and mayor of the City of North Vancouver from the 1970s until 2000. Records in this series consist of mayoral log books, monthly planners, meeting minutes, reports and memoranda, speeches, by-laws and correspondence. Series is arranged according to function and document form.

Civic ceremonies series

Series documents one of John Edwin Loucks' mayoral responsibilities: appearing at civic ceremonies. Photographs and slides in this series depict Loucks bestowing and accepting awards and delivering speeches. There is very little available information from the records about the events themselves. Records contained in this series also include some handwritten notes and a plaque.

Community activities series

Series documents John Edwin Loucks' involvement in numerous associations, societies and community activities from the 1940s until the early twenty-first century. Loucks was especially active in the North Shore Community Concerts' Association. Records in this series consist of meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, events programmes, invitations and honour certificates. Records in the series are arranged according to organization and form of documents.

Harbottle Family

This series contains documents related to the Harbottle family and includes official public documents, family photographs, and family mementos.

[File] Harbottle Family Documents
[File] Cardboard Backed Photographs
[File] Baptismal Certificate for Jeffery Harbottle
[File] Masonic Pamphlets
[File] Military Records
[File] Family Photographs
[File] Jane Harbottle Identification
[File] Jeffery Harbottle Passports and Travel Documents
[File] Photographs and Biographical Material
[File] Property Records
[File] Family Album
[File] North Vancouver: Our Home and Its Surroundings
[File] Family Album
[File] Postcards and Cards
[File] Identification Cards of Jeffery Harbottle
[File] Family Album (Addendums)
[File] Jeffery Harbottle Education Certifications and Letters
[File] Pilot Log Book
[File] Jeff Harbottle Photographs
[File] Jeffery P. Harbottle Custom Stationery
[File] Jeffery Harbottle Ephemera
[File] Carter GM Dealership Calendar
[File] Workers’ Compensation Board

General Files

Series contains general records which include some biographical information about Mary and David Macaree, information about their publications '103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia' and '109 Walks in B.C.'s Lower Mainland', information on trails, as well as material created by the FMCBC.

[File] Miscellaneous
[File] BC Government Trail Inventory
[File] FMCBC Recreation Areas
[File] FMCBC Trail Report
[Item] Award

Constitution and By-Laws

Series consists of the Constitution and By-Laws of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club. It includes the original Certificate of Incorporation (25 Nov 1912) as well as later revisions. It also includes annual returns to the Registrar of Societies, minutes of the Executive Committee and minutes of the Annual General meetings.

[File] Constitution and By-Laws
[File] Registrar of Societies
[File] BCMC Record Book
[File] Information re Non-Profit Organisations


Series consists of course instruction notes and rules for leaders regarding mountaineering and safety. Also includes a poster and photographs from the first BCMC first aid course.

[File] Instruction Course Notes and Rules for Leaders
[File] Photographs of First Aid course


This series represents Jeff Harbottle’s fascination with mechanised transport and ocean going vessels, both union steamships, of similar type to the M.V. Reliant, and other ships.

[File] Union Steamships
[File] Ship Photographs

Harbottle, Jeffery Percival

Camps, Trips and Expeditions

Series consists of files regarding annual summer camps, including the George Wallis summer camps at Garibaldi, other camps, trips and expeditions, including Mt. Waddington (1936) and Mt. Fairweather (1958), as well as minutes and papers of the Climbing Committee of the BCMC. Series also contains moving images of various summer camps (1950-1958) and films and DVDs of various trips - mainly ski mountaineering (1950s-1997).

[Subseries] Summer Camps
[Subseries] George Wallis Garibaldi Camps
[Subseries] Camps and Trips - General
[Subseries] Climbing Committee Minutes and Papers
[Subseries] Expeditions

Railway and Streetcars

This series represents Jeff Harbottle’s interest in transportation history and his involvement with the West Coast Railway Association (WCRA).

[File] Railway and Streetcar

Harbottle, Jeffery Percival

Conservation and Parks

Series consists of files regarding the BCMC's efforts in conservation, including briefs on outdoor management, information on early conservation efforts, information and reports regarding various wilderness sites both by members of the BCMC and as representatives of the FMCBC, proposals for parks and protected areas in the Garibaldi area and Mt. Seymour, the Tricouni and Chilliwack Valley areas as well as the Stoltmann Wilderness, Pinecone Lake-Burke Mountain, and Bischoff Lakes areas. Also includes materials related to participation in various outdoor recreation themed conferences.

[File] Early Conservation

[File] Tricouni Proposal
[File] Briefs on Outdoor Management
[File] Outdoor Recreation Conference
[File] Proposal for Park Development Chilliwack
[File] Proposed Protected Areas
[File] Pinecone Lake-Burke Mtn.
[File] Stoltmann Wilderness
[File] Wilderness Sites
[File] Wilderness Sites
[File] Sea-to-Sky Winter Backcountry Recreation Forum
[File] Bischoff Lakes Area
[File] Garibaldi Park Timeline
[File] Garibaldi Park
[File] Mt. Seymour Park
[File] Graph re Land Use
[File] Proposed Smoke Bluffs Park

Sound and Video Recordings

The series contains 14 audio recordings created by Jeffrey Harbottle between 1992 and 1999. The recordings are interviews, conversations and reminiscences of people who worked with the Harbottle family and encompass a number of topics. The videocassette is a home recording of the first time the F6 Union engine was started up following it's restoration by Jeffery Harbottle.

Harbottle, Jeffery Percival

Natural History Section

Series consists of files regarding the Natural History Section of the BCMC and records related to its successor body the Vancouver Natural History Society. Most of the material consists of photocopies of material held elsewhere - the fonds of the Vancouver Natural History Society is held by the City of Vancouver Archives. There is also a small amount of other material related to general natural history activities and interests of club members.

[File] Garibaldi Maps

[File] Botanical Office Reports
[File] Sketch of Black Mountain
[File] Minutes of the Natural History Section
[File] Natural History Section
[File] Vancouver Natural History Society Constitution and By-Laws
[File] List of Plants in Marble Canyon

Vancouver Natural History Society


Series consists of files regarding the hut and trail building activities of the BCMC, including the construction of the Centennial Trail, as well as the following trails: Marmot Creek, Lions, Stawamus Chief, Mt. Outram and Mt. Redoubt. Files consist mainly of maps and trail directions.

[File] Hut and Trail Construction

[File] Marmot Creek Trail
[File] New Lions Trail
[File] Mt. Redoubt Trail
[File] Stawamus Chief Trail
[File] Mt. Outram Trail

Policies and Procedures

Series consists of files regarding official policies and procedures adopted by the BCMC. Includes copies of the official BCMC Policy Manual, the Executive Committee Member's Handbook, and rules for trip leaders.

[File] Policy Manuals
[File] Executive Committee Handbook
[File] Rules for Leaders
[File] Guidelines for Leaders

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