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Tappen Women's Institute fonds

  • CA BCA MS-0386;HP86121
  • Fonds
  • 1916-1972

The fonds consists of financial records, minute books, miscellaneous papers and a photograph of the Tappen Women's Institute.

Women's Institute, Tappen, B.C.

Muir family fonds

  • CA BCA MS-1335;98102-61;CM/B631
  • Fonds
  • 1865-1925

The fonds consists of leases, certificates, licences, remembrance cards, an autograph album, 2 maps and photographs created and received by John Muir and other family members.

Muir (family)

J.J. Wood fonds

  • CA BCA 98803-2
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1943

The fonds consists of photographs of Nelson Forks and the Wood family and friends.

Wood, J.J.

Nellie McClung fonds

  • CA BCA MS-0010;98307-1
  • Fonds
  • 1894-1950

The fonds consists of correspondence, handwritten and typescript copies of published and unpublished works, notes for speeches, scrapbooks and a photograph album.

McClung, Nellie L., 1873-1951

British Columbia Cooperative Union fonds

  • CA BCA MS-2460;SMID F1987-30;198712-007
  • Fonds
  • 1924-1972

The fonds consists of Board of Director's minutes, executive correspondence and reports, conference proceedings, and general reports.

British Columbia Cooperative Union

Crease family fonds

  • CA BCA MS-0055;MS-0056;MS-0573;MS-1913;198207-048;197906-003;197906-013;198107-067;198202-026;198203-071;198311-003;198311-005;198401-001;198806-001;PDP;A/E/C86;M856037
  • Fonds
  • 1753-1965

The fonds consists of diaries, correspondence, journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and account books of Henry Pering Pellew Crease; diaries, correspondence, sketchbooks, notebooks, and letter index of Sarah (Lindley) Crease; diaries, correspondence, notebooks, sketchbooks and commonplace book of Lindley Crease; diaries, sketchbooks, library catalogue and correspondence of Susan Crease; diaries, sketchbooks and notebooks of Josephine Crease, including records relating to Island Arts and Crafts Society; and diaries, correspondence and account books of Arthur Crease. Includes diaries of Emily Howard Crease, correspondence of Barbara Crease, correspondence of other family members, diaries and sketchbooks of Mary Crease, and minutes of the Colonial Securities Company. Fonds includes maps of the Crimea, Toronto, and various locations in B.C.

Crease (family)

Claxton family fonds

  • CA BCA MS-2183;198005-001;198606-002
  • Fonds
  • 1890-1972

The fonds consists of correspondence between members of the Claxton family, principally Cecil, Helen and Peter Claxton, and family photographs.

Claxton (family)

Margaret Fletcher fonds : 1933-1945

  • CA BCA MS-2471;198802-004
  • Fonds
  • [Microfilmed 1987]

The fonds consists of Fletcher's letters and photographs.

Fletcher, Margaret, 1909-

Allan Hatch DeWolf fonds

  • CA BCA 198505-001;F1985:2
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900-1959]

The fonds consists of DeWolf's films (1925-1935 and 1951-1953, copied 1985) pertaining to engineering, logging and mining projects in the Kootenays as well as family events. Fonds includes photographs (ca. 1900-1959) of the DeWolf family.

DeWolf, Allan Hatch

Richter family fonds

  • CA BCA MS-1690; 197901-104
  • Fonds
  • 1890-1962

The fonds consists of business records including account books, cancelled cheques, receipts, mail order correspondence, legal documents including probate records, maps and photographs. Fonds includes records of Francis Xavier Richter.

Richter (family)

George Allen collection

  • CA BCA PR-1044
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1880-1950]

The records consist of photographs acquired or collected by George Allen and include the following: ca. 1730 nitrate negatives depicting early aerial photography of the B.C. lower mainland and Pacific west coast to Anyox, for the period 1926-1932. These photographs were taken by the photographer Stuart Thomson, also by Western Canada Airways/Pacific Airways Lt., precursors of Canadian Pacific Air; ca. 1150 negatives, both glass and nitrate, of views depicting Vancouver and area, Fraser River Valley, Victoria and Nanaimo, roads etc. taken in the 1920's and 1930's, all taken by professional photographers including Stuart Thomson, the Edwards Brothers, Richard Broadbridge and the Gowen Sutton Company. The collection also includes ca. 2570 nitrate negatives and contact prints of the Okanagan region, Vancouver Island, some of Banff, Calgary, Lethbridge, Winnipeg, and Quebec from ca. 1880 to 1950's. These photographs were mainly taken by photographer C.C. Wright while in the employ of Gowen Sutton, commercial producer of postcards. These photographs were acquired by George Allen in the 1950's and added to his collection.

Allen, George

Thomas McMicking fonds

  • CA BCA E/B/M225
  • Fonds
  • [Transcribed 19- (originally created 1862)]

The fonds consists of a newspaper account of Thomas McMicking's Overlander journey along with his brother Robert.

McMicking, Thomas, 1829-1866

Frederick Davison Mulholland fonds

  • CA BCA PR-0509
  • Fonds
  • 1918-[197-]

The fonds consists of Frederick Davison Mulholland's manuscripts of addresses and articles, general correspondence, files on professional associations, clippings and notes, photographs of both professional and family activities, films and maps depicting forestry activity in B.C.

The fonds includes five series:

1.Forestry photographs

2.Family and personal photographs

3.Europe and USA trip 1937 photographs

4.Sweden and Finland trip 1949 photographs

5.Frederick Mulholland papers

Mulholland, Frederick Davison

Workers' Compensation Board oral history collection

  • CA BCA T4000-T4016
  • Collection
  • 1977-1978

The collection consists of oral history interviews with employees of the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia and its predecessor, the Workmen's Compensation Board of British Columbia.

Women's Labour History Project collection

  • CA BCA T215:3-4;T2062:2;T3587-T3589;T3591-T3595;T3597-T3599;T4271;V1988:43
  • Collection
  • 1979-1988

The collection consists of oral history interviews pertaining to women in the B.C. labour movement.

West Kootenay Cultural Society oral history collection

  • CA BCA T4101;T4102;T4135
  • Collection
  • 1982-1983

The collection consists of oral history interviews pertaining to the history of Castlegar and district settlements, labour organizations at Cominco (Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada) and Harold Webber.

W.A.C. Bennett oral history collection

  • CA BCA T1675
  • Collection
  • 1963-1978

The collection consists of interviews, speeches, and political advertisements of W.A.C. Bennett, Premier of B.C. from 1952-1972.

Vera Rosenbluth oral history collection

  • CA BCA T4170
  • Collection
  • 1971-1978

The collection consists of radio programs and interviews pertaining to Chinese immigrants, the Komagata Maru, women in politics, women in prison, and immigrant women in the work force.

Val Adolph oral history collection

  • CA BCA T4172;T4206;T4244
  • Collection
  • 1984-1985

The collection consists of oral history interviews by Adolph with Jack and Margaret Aye pertaining to life in the East Kootenays prior to the flooding of the Kootenay River Valley; and interviews pertaining to Woodlands, a mental health facility.

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