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City of Victoria fonds
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Series consists of letters sent outward from the Sewerage Commissioners. The 1890-1894 volume is not indexed. The 1894-1895 volume is only partly indexed

Victoria (B.C.). Sewerage Commissioners


Series consists of copies of outward letters.
The volume dating from 1916-1917 contains an index at the front arranged by correspondent and, in some cases, by subject, with reference numbers assigned to each letter.
There is a gap in this series from 1918 to 1935.
See also CRS 119, CRS 121, CRS 123

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor


Series consists of bound letters sent by the Mayor's Office.
Access is through an internal index arranged alphabetically by correspondent. A note on the subject of the letter is appended to each entry

Victoria (B.C.). Mayor

Miscellaneous correspondence and invitations

Series consists invitations and miscellaneous correspondence inward and outward pertaining to protocol visits and ceremonies. Includes items from the British Columbia Rifle Association, the Lieutenant Governor, and Eleanor Roosevelt

Victoria (B.C.). Mayor

Operational files

Series consists of records pertaining to the regulation and supervision of wrestling and boxing matches in Victoria. Includes wrestlers' licences 1973-1977), correspondence with City Council (1953-1976), general correspondence (1953-1976), investment receipts and statements ([ca. 1973-1976]), journal (1954-1976), minutes (1954-1975), programs (1959), and rules and regulations (1952-1972).
See bylaw 3723

Victoria (B.C.). Victoria Athletic Commission

Operational files 1

Series consists of records created by the first City Manager. They pertain to virtually all areas of City activity. Later Manager's records are described in CRS 23 (predominantly 1964-1971) and CRS 124 (predominantly 1970-1977).
Files are arranged primarily by subject within a sequential numerical scheme reflecting a general alphabetical order. Individual descriptions include original file numbers, which range from 1 to 329. Unnumbered files are described after those so numbered.
See also CRS 142

Victoria (B.C.). City Manager

Property sales accounts

Series consists of a listing of credits and debits to various personal and cash sales accounts.
Arranged numerically by account

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Record of reports of committees

Series consists of a listing of committee reports to Council.
Arranged by file number but not date or subject, although there is a brief subject description of each committee report. For subject access to reports from 1914-1974, see the topical index (CRS 15)

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Record of resolutions

Series consists of an index to Council resolutions (CRS 7). It records the following information: the mover and seconder of each resolution, the result of the motion, the subject of the resolution, and its file number.
Arranged chronologically by individual resolution, with sequential numerical references to each.
Subject access to the resolutions is available through the topical index (Series 15, 1914-1974). See also the index to Council minutes (Series 2, pre-dominantly 1879-1918 and 1977-1988), which lists topics dealt with by Council but not specific resolutions

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Record of sales

Series consists of a record of properties sold.
Arranged alphabetically by street

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Rezoning application register

Series consists of a register of applications to Council for rezoning land. Includes information on the application number, date, street, legal description of property, nature of the rezoning applied for, name of the applicant, and whether or not the application was approved.
Indexed numerically by application number and alphabetically by name of applicant

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Ross Bay Cemetery block books

Series consists of records of ownership and usage of burial plots in Ross Bay Cemetery. There are five volumes in this series. Each volume contains the following data elements: block, folio, road, plot, name and remarks. The folio number refers to the page on which the name appears in the plot books (CRS?), the name section shows what person is interred in each grave, and the remarks section contains notes on the transfer of plots, reserve plots, exhumations, re-interments, and depths.

The organization of the volumes reflects the layout of the cemetery, a grid system that uses alphanumeric designations for the blocks, roads, direction, and plots.
The first volume, dated 1873 to ca. 1907, covers blocks A through M (not always in order). The other four volumes contain the same information as the earlier book, but have been updated. Volumes 2 and 3 contains blocks A through R. Volume 4 includes blocks S through W as well as additions to blocks Q and N and Sections 1 and 2, which were new areas of the Cemetery opened up around the time of the first World War. Volume 5 has the addition of sections 3 and 4, which were new areas of the Cemetery, opened up in the 1920s. Volumes 3 and 5 are a set.

The blocks were owned by either a church or the City. For example, blocks A, B, and F where owned by the Episcopal Church, block C and D by the Catholic Church, blocks E, F, K, L, and M by the City, block G by the Weslyan Church, and block H by the Presbyterian Church.

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Ross Bay Cemetery monthly burial register

Series consists of records of interments in Ross Bay Cemetery. There are eight volumes in this series. The first three volumes (1883-1890) contain the following data elements: name, age (yrs/mos.), where born, where died, date of death, day and hour of burial, officiating clergyman, block, plot, road, undertaker, and remarks. The data elements in volumes 4 and 5 (1890-1908) were changed slightly and include permit number, name, age (yrs./mos.), where born, where died, day and hour of burial, officiating clergyman, block, East or West, plot, road, undertaker, and remarks.

>From 1883 to 1908 the volumes are organized bi-monthly. The first volume contains burials for January, March, May, July, Sept and November 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886 and January and March 1887. The next volume contains burials for February, April, June, August, October, December 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889 and January 1890. The information entered into these registers is not always complete and was updated. After March 1908, volumes 6, 7 and 8, the months are sequential in a single volumes.

The purpose for the unusual organization of the early records is not self evident. It is possible that the information recorded in these registers was entered at the cemetery by the caretaker. At the end of each month, the register may have been forwarded to the secretary of Ross Bay Cemetery at City Hall so the information could be entered into the Burial Register. During the time that the register was away from the cemetery, the caretaker could have recorded the burials in a second volume until the end of the month when the first register was returned and the second one sent to City Hall

Victoria (B.C.). Parks

Royal Athletic Park Committee minutes

Series consists of the minutes of this City Council committee. The volume, which includes the minutes of several other committees, is not indexed.
Arranged chronologically

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk


Series consists of a photocopied scrapbook of news clippings pertaining to the Victoria Police Department

Victoria (B.C.). Police Department

Statement of accounts, expenses, and salaries paid

Series consists of City expenditure details for employees and elected officials as required under Section 397 of the Municipal Act and the Public Bodies Information Act.
There are gaps in this series for 1963, 1995, and 1997

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

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