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Ross Bay Cemetery block books

Series consists of records of ownership and usage of burial plots in Ross Bay Cemetery. There are five volumes in this series. Each volume contains the following data elements: block, folio, road, plot, name and remarks. The folio number refers to...

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Ross Bay Cemetery burial permits

Series consists of the City's copy of burial permits. Each permit originally consisted of three parts: the City copy, the family copy, and a receipt. Each permit is numbered and captures the following information: name, age, where born, where...

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Quotation record book

Series consists of a record of quotations received for materials considered for purchase by the City. Does not include actual prices and suppliers, but rather consists of an index to such documents (see CRS 183, Tenders and quotations and CRS 246,...

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Tax sale redemption receipts

Series consists of receipts issued upon the redemption of properties scheduled for tax sale by the payment of back taxes owed to the City.Arranged numerically by receipt number, which reflects the chronological order in which payment was received

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Supplementary tax roll

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, copies of cheques, cheque requisitions, journal vouchers, journal entries, and supplementary roll changes used to document revisions to the assessment roll and any additional taxes or r...

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

William W. Northcott scrapbook

Series consists of news clippings, copies of letters, memoranda, and notes pertaining to the official duties of William W. Northcott, who served the City of Victoria as Assessor, Building Inspector, Purchasing Agent, and Returning Officer

Victoria (B.C.). Assessor

Group 'A' Committee records

Series consists of agendas, minutes, and papers of this standing committee of Council, which dealt with matters of a financial nature. There are a number of committees that reported to the Group 'A' Committee: the Finance Committee; the ...

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk


Series consists of letters and reports sent outward from the Plumbing and Sewerage Inspector regarding the plumbing conditions of local buildings.Indexed alphabetically by name of correspondent.There is a gap in this series from July 1907 to July ...

Victoria (B.C.). Plumbing and Sewerage Inspector

Centennial scrapbook

Series consists of a 41 cm x 51 cm volume of clippings and photographs pertaining to 1967 Canadian centennial activities in Greater Victoria, entitled "Central Saanich, Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Saanich, City of Victoria Centennial Scrapbook."...

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Victoria parks photograph contest files

Series consists of photographs pertaining to Victoria parks submitted in a City of Victoria-sponsored contest that was operated by the Victoria Camera Club.An item list is available in the accession files (98206-10)

Victoria (B.C.). Parks Department

Budget estimates

Series consists of bylaws pertaining to estimated revenue and expenditures. Includes bylaws regarding taxes and rates on land and property, boulevards, street lighting, and other matters, as well as votes of funds for departmental and other expend...

Victoria (B.C.). Comptroller

Budget estimates working papers

Series consists of records created in the process of estimating annual revenue and expenditures, as published in the bylaws comprising CRS 243 (budget estimates). Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, and spreadsheets.There is a gap ...

Victoria (B.C.). Comptroller

Supplies consumed by City departments

Series consists of lists, reports, and notes describing the amount of various items used by City departments each year, such as coal, gasoline, oil, and milk. Also includes descriptions of other purchases such as cars and trucks and cluster lamps....

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department


Series consists of specifications required for equipment, supplies, and services considered for purchase by the City. Also includes Finance Department sample forms. Most specifications indicate the tender number, providing cross references to CRS ...

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Printing purchases journal

Series consists of a journal describing details of printing services and supplies purchased by the City. Each entry describes the supplier, details of the service or product, and the cost.Arranged by department and, within each departmental sectio...

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Vehicle purchases journal

Series consists of a journal describing details of cars and trucks purchased by the City. Also describes, under "miscellaneous equipment," purchases of such things as cash registers, air conditioners, washing machines, lawn mowers, and o...

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Monthly suppliers list

Series consists of a monthly listing of vendors supplying the following products to the City: hardware, lumber, paint, leather goods, stationary, ship chandlery, electrical, groceries, meat, butter, sand and gravel, gasoline, and auto tires.Arrang...

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Group 'B' Committee records

Series consists of agendas, minutes, and papers of this standing committee of Council, which dealt with matters relating to public works. The following committees reported to the Group 'B' Committee: the Public Works Committee; the Parks...

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Monthly reports

Series consists of monthly reports pertaining to the purchase of goods and services. The reports include aggregate figures regarding requisitions received, purchase orders issued store accounts issued, invoices passed, and cash discounts taken, as...

Victoria (B.C.). Purchasing Department

Victoria Eaton Centre inventory of heritage buildings

Series consists of an inventory of heritage buildings on the site of the Victoria Eaton Centre prepared by Cadillac Fairview Shopping Centres for the City of Victoria. Includes photogrammetric recording of all exterior facades, selected interior p...

Victoria (B.C.). Planning Department

Aerial photographs

Series consists of several sets of aerial photography of Victoria used for mapping reference. The photographs pertain mainly to the City of Victoria proper, although there are some of Thetis Lake, Prospect Lake, Elk and Beaver Lakes, and Saanich.I...

Victoria (B.C.). Engineering

Wholesale liquor licences journal

Series consists of a journal recording payment of licence fees for wholesale liquor distributors. Includes name of licensee, street, and payment details.In same bound volumes with CRS 254, Retail Liquor Licences and Billiard Tables Journal (volume...

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Retail liquor licences and billiard tables journal

Series consists of a journal recording payment of licence fees for wholesale liquor distributors. Includes name of licensee, name of premises, street, payment details, and remarks.Bylaw 503 indicates City Treasurer provenance from July 1907.In sam...

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Register of applications of bartenders for licences

Series consists of a listing of persons applying for bartending licences and the status of their application. Includes application number and date, applicants name and address, and remarks. See bylaws 1728 and 1861.Arranged chronologically

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Register of real property

Series consists of a register of real property owned by the City. Includes registration number, date of purchase, legal description, size, purchase price, and remarks.Part of single volume including CRS 257, 258, and 259; located at pp. 2-48

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

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