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Tom Hood collection
UVICSP SC229 · Collection · ca. 1850

The collection consists of a 1 page hls. T. Hood to Mr Strahan requesting a reply reguarding “a little volumne of verse.” Letterhead titled “Fun Office: 30 Fleet Street

Hood, Tom, 1835-1874
William Love fonds
UVICSP SC255 · Fonds · 1853 - 1856

The fonds consists of 21 pages of a 21 x 34 cm holograph notebook titled "Crimean Experiences by William Love" giving the author's recollections and reflections on the war (1853-1856).

Love, William, b. 1835
Henry Labouchere collection
UVICSP SC224 · Collection · 1856 - 1857

The collection consists of 4 hls. Ker Baillie Hamilton (1856-57) from Antigua to Henry Labouchere, M.P. Secretary of State for the Colonies. Further letters are written by Governor C. J. Bayley pleading the case of Mr. F. Whitley concerning colonial securities for public officers, plus earlier letters from Whitley to Robert Lowe, M.P. and from Adderley and Francis to Whitley.

Taunton, Henry Labouchere, Baron, 1798-1869
Henry Haffenden fonds
UVICSP SC221 · Fonds · 1859

The fonds consists of a notebook. It contains handwritten notes, principally on English grammar.

Haffenden, Henry
UVICSP SC198 · Collection · 1828 - 1859

The collection consists of a scrapbook containing autographs of English notables including Wellington, Peel, Palmerston, Disraeli, and George Cruikshank.

Michael Williams collection
UVICSP SC394 · Collection · 1573 - 1859

The collection consists of 19 early European maps collected by Michael Williams who gave a substantial art donation to the Maltwood Gallery.

Williams, Michael Collard, 1930-2000
Thomas McMicking fonds
CA BCA E/B/M225 · Fonds · [Transcribed 19- (originally created 1862)]

The fonds consists of a newspaper account of Thomas McMicking's Overlander journey along with his brother Robert.

McMicking, Thomas, 1829-1866
CA JHS A.2012.017, A.2013.018-001-1 · File · 22 November 1862
Part of John Keenlysides Congregation Emanu-El collection

File contains the first report by the Secretary, A. Hoffman, to the congregation. Manuscript of five pages, dated and docketed 22 November 1862, Victoria, Vancouver Island, folded, docketed on outside as “Secretary’s Report Nov. 22/62”. Reports on meetings, efforts to raise funds, etc.

CA JHS A.2012.017, A.2013.018 · Fonds · 1862-1864

Fonds consists of material documenting early BC Jewish history. Fonds is arranged into two series: Congregation Emanu-El manuscripts; and Letters from Abraham Blackman to his brother Morris, Jewish merchants in colonial British Columbia.

Keenlyside, John
CA JHS A.2012.017, A.2013.018-001-4 · File · 7 July 1864
Part of John Keenlysides Congregation Emanu-El collection

Summary Suit in Supreme Court of Civil Justice, Victoria, 7 July 1864, two pages part printed and part manuscript, recording claim for loss on non-fulfillment of contract for supplying lumber for the new synagogue. Summary Suit #1459, J.G. Jackson, Plaintiff vs. Hoffman, Sr.

CA JHS A.2012.017, A.2013.018-001-6 · File · 1864
Part of John Keenlysides Congregation Emanu-El collection

File contains the "Act to Incorporate the Israelite Congregation named 'The Emanuel of Victoria, Vancouver Island'". Passed the Legislative Assembly 2d June, 1864, R. W. Torrens, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly. Passed the Legislative Council 16th June, 1864, E. J. Nesbitt, Clerk of the Legislative Council. Received my Assent this 7th day of July, 1864, A. E. Kennedy, Governor. Victoria, Vancouver Island: printed by authority of the government by Harries and Company, 1864.

Folio, 29.3 cm, pp. [3] on single folded sheet of cream paper. Near fine. Original folio printings, never bound, of the draft and final act legally establishing the first Jewish Congregation in western Canada, the oldest surviving synagogue in Canada, housed in what is now the oldest surviving synagogue building on the West Coast of North America. The synagogue was founded in 1859 and the present synagogue building was built in 1863. Unrecorded original printed acts, the Harries imprint very rare indeed.

James Wyld fonds
UVICSP SC239 · Fonds · 1865

The fonds consists of a one page signed letter from William [Ke...?], Dublin, to James Wyld MP, Charing Cross, on the claims of the Hudson Bay Company to Canada and British Columbia.

Wyld, James, 1812-1887
Edward White family fonds
Fonds · 1852-1869

Fonds consists of records relating to the Rev. Edward White’s ministry in southern Ontario and British Columbia. Fonds also includes records relating to his son, J.H. White, and his family. Record series include: Diaries (1852-1918); Family correspondence (1862-1932); J.H. White family photographs ([1870?]-[1967]); and Reference materials (1852-1995).

White, Edward (Rev.)
Arctic Explorers collection
UVICSP SC144 · Collection · 1855 - 1869

The collection consists of two letters from Belcher in 1855 and two from McClintock in 1869. The first Belcher letter is concerned with the Minié rifle, and the second with personal matters. The first McClintock letter is concerned with charts and exploration of the west African coast. He mentions Belcher in this regard. The second letter is about personal matters.

Ray Webber collection
UVICSP SC379 · Collection · 1859 - 1875

The collection consists of an hls of Paul von Holtei (1875) and an hls Friedrich Schiller 1780 (copy 1859).

Webber, Ray
Minna Duckworth collection
UVICSP SC037 · Collection · 1869 - 1875

The collection consists of Duckworth's notebook containing holograph copies of three completed children's stories involving Aunt Minna and Aunt Netty, plus title pages for two more stories. The first and last stories were written by "Aunt Minna" and the third one by "Aunt Netty". The second story was planned for "Aunt Ena" and the fourth for "Cousin Julia". In addition, "Winky blinky" is inscribed in pencil on the last page.

Duckworth, Minna
Charles Feinberg collection
UVICSP SC437 · Collection · 1860 - 1875

The collection consists of two framed portraits of Walt Whitman donated by Charles E. Feinberg. 1) Print from original wood engraving by W.J. Linton, 1875. 9 X 13.5 cm. Framed. 2) Frontispiece portrait, 1860, printed from copper engraving. Painting by Charles Hine. 10 X 11 cm. Framed.

Feinberg, Charles E., 1899-1988
Lewis Francis Bonson fonds
NWMA IH 2003.18 · Fonds · 1854-1877

Fonds consists of two files denoting aspects of Bonson’s military career both with the Royal Engineers as well as with the local militia.

Bonson, Lewis Francis