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Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 280
  • Fonds
  • 1927-1963

The fonds consists of the minutes of the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company and Wells Townsite Company, daily journals by J.R.Y. Dunlop, general Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company correspondence, the correspondence of O.H. Solibakke, reports, plans, scrapbooks, newspapers and photographs.

Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company

Carnwath, Anderson family fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 1335
  • Fonds
  • 1885-1972

Fonds consists mainly of photographs, ca. 1900 to 1966, of the C.H. Carnwath family and the W.S. Anderson family and their friends participating in various sporting and social activities. Also included are exteriors and interiors of houses, nurses at Vancouver General Hospital and group and individual portraits. Other materials include correspondence, high school certificates, 1912-1921, property records, 1920s, genealogies and newspaper clippings concerning family members.

Anderson (family)

Cates family fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 61
  • Fonds
  • 1877-1958

The fonds consists of a letterbook, ship's papers and photographs concerning the activities of Charles H. Cates and Sons Limited, as well as the autobiography of Captain C.H. Cates and manuscripts on family, maritime and Indian subjects by Captain Charles Warren Cates (1899-1960). The fonds also includes the letters (1877-1883) of Donald Stewart of New Westminster concerning the building of the CPR.

Cates (family)

Catherine Hodgson fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 115
  • Fonds
  • 1811-1962

The fonds consists of photographs; the correspondence of Reverend W. Lashley Hall, F.W. Haggman and Catherine Hodgson; Hodgson's poetry; and miscellaneous pamphlets related to church activities and other matters.

Hodgson, Catherine C.

Central City Mission (Vancouver, B.C.) fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 576
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1983

The fonds includes minutes of Board of Directors' meetings and various committee meetings; sharebooks; correspondence; legal documents; some annual reports; a videocassette documenting the move from Abbott to Pender Streets; and photographs of the Mission on Abbott Street and other subjects.

Central City Mission (Vancouver, B.C.)

Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Wartime Housing fonds

  • CA CVAN CVA 150
  • Fonds
  • 1947

The fonds consists of photographs taken for the Wartime Housing division of the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation by H.E. Addington of bungalows and one-storey homes, including their building plans.

Canada. Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Wartime Housing

Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 319;Add. MSS. 579
  • Fonds
  • 1923-1977

The fonds includes notices to members, correspondence, committee files, subject files and nautical charts. Also included are the minutes of the Vancouver Chamber of Shipping, and the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia; various files, including many on pilotage and two on the removal of Ripple Rock; and circulars, agreements, and submissions.

Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia

Charles Bates fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 365
  • Fonds
  • 1903-1942

The fonds consists of correspondence from Bates' work with the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, notebooks, including monthly records of expenses, daily records of work, employees' accounts, inspections lists and survey notes and drawings, specimen CPR plans, and miscellaneous brochures.

Bates, Charles L.

Charles Broadbridge fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 526
  • Fonds
  • 1903-1919

The fonds consists of a transcript of a talk on the Deas Island Tunnel; minutes for the Cedar Cove Volunteer Fire Department 1903-1907; correspondence from T.D. Pattullo regarding construction of the Pattullo Bridge, 1944; address regarding the Pattullo Bridge, 1934; and typescripts of articles on the history of Vancouver.

Broadbridge, Charles

Charles Fowler fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 214
  • Fonds
  • 1825, 1874-1934

Fonds consists of records created and received by Fowler in his personal and professional life. Records include invitations, correspondence, notes by Fowler on his various experiences, biographical and genealogical notes, Fowler's will and parting letters to his wife, sketches, and other materials.

Fowler, Charles Busteed

Charles F. Smith fonds

  • CA CVAN CVA 28
  • Fonds
  • 1907-1908

The fonds consists of Smith's photographs of Vancouver scenery and buildings, including scenes of Bowen Island, Lynn Canyon and Stanley Park.

Smith, Charles F.

Charles H. Cates and Sons Limited fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 212
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1951

The fonds consists of correspondence and financial records of the firm from 1919 to 1951.

Charles H. Cates and Sons

Charles J. Christopherson fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 779
  • Fonds
  • 1934-1983

The fonds consists of personal correspondence and clippings, and correspondence, minutes, and other records resulting from involvement with the New School, the William Morris Society, and the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Association and predecessor groups.

Christopherson, Charles J., 1920-

Charles J. Piper fonds

  • CA CVAN CVA 466
  • Fonds
  • 1891-1907

The fonds consists of photographs by Piper of his father, family homes, the Piper mill buildings, scenery, church exteriors, and Stanley Park, including the trout hatchery at Beaver Lake.

Piper, Charles J.

Charles Marega fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 1416
  • Fonds
  • 1913-1996 [some copied 19--]

Fonds consists of materials gathered by Peggy Imredy in the course of her research on Charles Marega, including notes, articles and clippings on Marega's life and works; correspondence of both Imredy and Marega; photographs of Marega's work taken by Imredy, as well as some photographs of Marega himself; and ca. 25 original drawings and sketches by Marega.

Marega, Charles

Charles Thompson fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 812;CVA 358
  • Fonds
  • 1934-1964

The fonds consists of a scrapbook (1934-1936) on the campaign and election of Gerry McGeer kept by Thompson; two presentation scrolls by artist J. Roy Ogston, and photographs of Thompson and various public functions, views of City Hall, and autographed portraits of prime ministers.

Thompson, Charles Edwin

Charles Van Norman fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 755
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1955

The fonds consists of 544 sets of architectural drawings executed between the years 1930 and 1955. While the majority of the plans are for the Vancouver and British Columbia areas, there are a few designs for foreign contracts. Arranged alphabetically by address.

Van Norman, Charles Burwell

Charles Woodward fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 222
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1900

The fonds consists of correspondence addressed to the City Clerk, and to the Mayor and Council. They are all handwritten copies. The first is a letter from Woodward to the City Clerk claiming compensation for road work in 1892; there are several letters from Woodward on behalf of the False Creek and Foreshore Rights Committee, June 17, 1899-November 17, 1900.

Woodward, Charles

Children's Foundation fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 927
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1962

The fonds consists of constitution and by-laws, minutes, correspondence, briefs, reports, memoranda, budgets, and financial statements.

Children's Foundation (Vancouver, B.C.)

Chippendale family fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 822;CVA 720
  • Fonds
  • 1876-1992

The fonds consists of records of Thomas Chippendale V, Barbara Chippendale, Sheyla Chippendale, and others; correspondence, genealogical material, clipping books, and photographs. Fonds also includes research material and correspondence concerning Thomas Chippendale V by Charles M. Rice.

Chippendale (family)

Chinese Students' Athletic Association fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 1028
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1935

The fonds consists of a receipt book for the Chinese Students' Athletic Association's soccer club and 15 miscellaneous invoices, statements, receipts, etc.

Chinese Students' Athletic Association

Citizen's Council on Civic Development fonds

  • CA CVAN Add. MSS. 1013
  • Fonds
  • 1964-1980

The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, briefs, and development studies of the Citizen's Council on Civic Development.

Citizen's Council on Civic Development

City Councillor's Office fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1913-1993

Fonds consists of the following records relating to individual councillors' involvements in governing the City of Vancouver, records of communication with constituents, and records pertaining to the political parties to which the councillors belonged. Fonds has been arranged into the following series: Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Boyce : 1975-1976, 1979-1982) - Records of Alderman Helen Boyce, 1979-1986, series 461. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Brown : 1977-1978, 1980-1984) - Records of Alderman May Brown, 1966-1986, series 462. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Calder : 1969-1972) - Records of Alderman Brian Calder, 1968-1971, series 463. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Eriksen: 1980-1993) - Records of Alderman Bruce Eriksen, 1973-1993, series 629. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Ford : 1977-1986) - Records of Alderman Marguerite Ford, 1975-1991, series 464. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Harcourt : 1973-1979) - Records of Alderman Michael Harcourt, 1972-1979, series 465. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Kennedy : 1974-1984) - Records of Alderman Warnett Kennedy, 1972-1986, series 466. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Linnell : 1961-1964, 1967-1974) - Records of Alderman Marianne Linnell, 1966-1974, series 467. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Massey : 1973-1974) - Records of Alderman Geoffrey Massey, 1973-1974, series 468. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Paton : 1929-1930) - Records of Alderman J. Alexander Paton, 1927-1930, series 469. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Pendakur : 1973-1974) - Records of Alderman Vankatachala Pendakur, 1973-1974, series 470. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Rankin : 1967-1986) - Records of Alderman Harry Rankin, 1967-1974, series 471. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Sweeney : 1967-1976) - Records of Alderman Edward Sweeney, 1966-1972, series 472. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Volrich : 1973-1976) - Records of Alderman Jack Volrich, 1973-1977, series 473. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Wilking : 1988-1990) - Records of Alderman Sandra Wilking, 1989-1990, series 474. Vancouver (B.C.). Councillors' Office (Woodside : 1911-1919, 1924-1929) - Records of Alderman Frank Woodside, 1913-1955, series 475.

Vancouver (B.C.). Councillor's Office

City Corporate Services fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1886-2002

The fonds contains archival records created by financial units of the City from 1886, and records of non-financial units which were linked to the City Comptroller's Department or the Finance Department. Included are records of the offices of the Assessment Commissioner, the City Accountant, the City Comptroller, the City Treasurer, the Economic Development Office, the False Creek Development Group, and the many additional divisions of the Finance Department. Fonds is arranged into the following record series, which are listed by the latest creating office represented in the date range. Vancouver (B.C.). Accounting Division - Cemetery perpetual care journal, 1934-1973, series 144; Investment ledgers, 1944-1974, series 506; Statistics cards, 1913-1970, series 140. Vancouver (B.C.). Budgets and Research Division - Annual operating budget files, 1966-1970, 1975-1986, series 295. Vancouver (B.C.). Computer Services Division - Departmental correspondence, 1962-1981, series 298. Vancouver (B.C.). Director of Finance - Departmental files, 1909-1966, series 300; Subject files, 1906-1986, series 299; Vancouver (B.C.). Economic Development Office - Administrative files, 1977-1985, series 149; Company files, 1972-1987, series 516; General files, 1967-1995, series 148; Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission general files, 1978-1988, series 145; Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission minutes, 1978-1986, series 146. Vancouver (B.C.). False Creek Development Group - False Creek south City-owned land - development files, 1969-1987, series 501. Vancouver (B.C.). Financial Services - Publications in City Publications Collection, 1922-1996, series 572. Vancouver (B.C.). Housing and Properties Department - City owned buildings case files, 1965-1990, series 165; City owned property appraisals and valuation reports, 1953-1990, series 304; Housekeeping and project files, 1942-1992, series 167; Non-marketing Housing lodge and residence files, 1973-1991, series 166. Vancouver (B.C.). Internal Audit Division - Internal correspondence, 1941-1983, series 286. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Assessment Commissioner - Building valuation cards for business and industry, ca. 1926-ca. 1955, series 436; Local improvements ledger, 1907-1956, series 297; Property tax appeal letters, 1949-1961, series 284; Property tax appraisal field notes, 1950-1969, series 283; Property tax assessment rolls, 1887-1889, 1929-1977, series 435; Property tax files, business tax files, 1924-1971, series 282; Real property appraisal cards, 1955, series 296; Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant - Appropriation and expenditure registers, 1888-1900, series 431; Cancelled cheques, 1891-1894, series 340; Cash books, 1886-1898, series 429; Debenture interest statements, 1946-1956, series 143; Sinking fund records, 1938-1955, series 142. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Comptroller - Bond correspondence, 1925-1937, series 291; Letter registers, 1941-1955, series 301; Relief redemption account ledgers, 1932-1941, series 440; Tax 1914-33 : expenditures, finance, tax, etc., series 141. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer - Sinking fund account books, 1886-1923, series 430. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Industrial Commissioner - Subject files, 1947-1959, series 302. Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division - City owned land sold, 1911-1975, series 168; Development project files, 1944-1966, series 310; Fields and Chatham Steel buildings heritage record, 1986, series 426; Insurance data files, 1953-1977, series 427; Leases and rentals files, 1912-1978, series 306; Properties reserved for highways, streets and lane case files, 1965-1977, series 308; Redevelopment files, 1960-1978, series 305; Registers, journals and cash books, 1897-1985, series 303; Subdivision development files, 1934-1984, series 307; Tax sale lands records, 1894-1898, 1921-1961, series 309; Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division - Bond register, 1886-1972, series 292; City Treasurer's correspondence, 1903-1972, series 428; Collections files, 1972-1979, series 433; Grants-in-lieu-of-taxes applications, 1968-1988, series 288; Property address to coordinate/account cross reference, 1975-2002, series 139; Property tax accounts, 1974-1989, series 289; Property tax non-financial reports, 1983-1986, series 425; Property tax records, 1913-1973, series 634; Real property tax roll, 1971, series 434; Scavenging accounts receivable register, 1982-1983, series 290; Water service applications, 1888-1993, series 293; Water service record cards, 1888-1965, series 294; Workmen's Compensation Board registers, 1956-1968, series 432. Vancouver (B.C.). Risk and Emergency Management Division - Emergency Management files, 1951-1998, series 491; Risk Management files, 1987-1989, series 638.

Vancouver (B.C.). Corporate Services

City Council and Office of the City Clerk fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1886-2001, predominant 1886-1991

Fonds includes the records of City Council of the City of Vancouver, of the Office of the City Clerk (Council's secretariat), of elections and public relations divisions (both very small, and the elections division in operation only during election periods), and of the numerous committees, boards, and commissions whose records were/are the responsibility of the City Clerk. The fonds does not include the records of the Archives because it operates like a research institution (see the City of Vancouver Archives fonds). The series below are listed alphabetically by the creating office. The City's primary governing records are created by Council, under "Vancouver (B.C.). City Council" (by-laws, Council minutes, etc.), while the supporting documents to City Council records are within the series of the Clerk's, under "Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk". The official records of the various boards are considered to be created by those boards (e.g. Airport Board). Please note that the minutes of standing committees of Council are appended to Council minutes as of 1951. Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board - Correspondence, 1955-1962, series 522; Ledgers, 1954-1962, series 524; Minutes, 1949-1962, series 47; Operational subject files, 1935-1962, series 523. Vancouver (B.C.). Athletic Commission - Minutes, license agreements and other records, 1945-1996, series 631; Vancouver (B.C.). City Council - Annual reports, 1893-1998, series 620; By-laws, 1896-1999, series 36; Council "in camera" minutes, 1938-1992, series 35; Council minutes, 1886-June 2001, series 31; Investigation transcripts, exhibits, and reports, 1902-1939, series 53; Publications in City Publications Collection, 1892-1987, series 619; Special committee minutes, 1890-1996, series 34; Standing committee minutes, 1886-1948, series 33. Vancouver (B.C.). Civic Museums and Planetarium Board - Correspondence, minutes, reports and subject files, 1959-1971, series 46. Vancouver (B.C.). Civic Theatres Board - Minutes, 1956-1985, series 537; Subject files, 1954-1985, series 43. Vancouver (B.C.). Governmental Review Commission - Audio tapes of proceedings, 1979, series 537; General files, 1977-1979, series 528; Hearing exhibits, 1979, series 529; Transcripts of proceedings, 1979, series 530. Vancouver (B.C.). Heritage Advisory Committee - Heritage inventory of Vancouver schools, 1982, series 49; Heritage inventory research files and building photographs, 1977-1979, series 50; Heritage survey reports and photographs, 1978, series 535. Vancouver (B.C.). Interim Advisory Museum Board - Working files, 1966-1968, series 521. Vancouver (B.C.). Market Commissioner - Administrative files, 1926-1952, series 540. Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk - Agreements, 1886-1904, series 539; Agreements log, 1962-1986, series 626; Authorization minutes of the City Manager, 1968-1996, series 55; By-law miscellany, 1886-1970, series 568; City submissions to senior governments, 1965-1974, series 28; Civic award files, 1936-1994, series 174; Communications Division videotapes, 1998-2002, series 637; Correspondence registers, 1935-1972, series 22; Council "in camera" supporting documents, 1959-1992, series 56; Council meeting audiotapes, 1977-1999, series 515; Council minutes indexes, 1906-1980, series 32; Court of Revision supporting documents, 1950-1995, series 41; Elections - alphabetical indexes of voters, 1976-1996, series 633; Elections - nomination papers, 1888-1974, series 38; Elections - oaths of office, 1906-1973, series 531; Elections - polling station record, 1939-1982, series 39; Elections - record of elections, 1886-1999, series 37; Elections - voters' lists, 1886-1992, series 59; Elections - warrants to fill vacancies, 1888-1964, series 533; Expenditures passed by standing committees, 1931-1949, series 24; Housekeeping files, 1961-1997, series 60; Miscellaneous records, 1907-1990, series 61; Operational subject files - including Council supporting documents, 1960-1996, series 62; Outward correspondence, 1886-1975, series 29; Photographs, 1936-2001, series 532; Public hearings - Council zoning supporting documents, 1960-1994, series 42; Publications in City Publications Collection, 1909-1998, series 618; Report files, 1893-1982, series 40; Special committee supporting documents, 1933-1975, series 27; Subject files - including Council supporting documents, 1886-1976, series 20. Vancouver (B.C.). Official Traffic Commission - Minutes, 1929-1948, series 538; Subject files, 1967-1975, series 44; Vancouver (B.C.). Property Endowment Fund Board - Minutes and correspondence, 1975-1992, series 51; Vancouver (B.C.). Rental Accommodation Grievance Board - Appeal files, 1969-1975, series 520; Master files (correspondence), 1969-1975, series 519; Minutes, 1969-1975, series 45; Operational subject files, 1969-1975, series 518; Vancouver (B.C.). Vehicles for Hire Board - Chair's correspondence and reference files, 1969-1974, series 52.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Council

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