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City of Victoria fonds
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Returning Officer's reports

Series consists of official reports sent from the Deputy Returning Officers to the Returning Officer and from the Returning Officer to the City Clerk documenting the results of elections, referenda, loan bylaws and other matters set to a public vote. The reports are based on the election record book (CRS 18)

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk


Series consists of correspondence pertaining to Singh properties

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Land journal

Series consists of a daily record of money received for rent and sales of City properties

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Land ledger

Series consists of a record of cumulative totals of funds entered against various accounts such as cash sales, rentals, tax sales, and agreements receivable

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Monthly expenditure journal

Series consists of a daily record of departmental expenses such as salaries, printing, car allowance, rents commissions, and advertising

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Budget estimates

Series consists of a yearly estimate of departmental expenditures compared with previous years' expenditures

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Property sales accounts

Series consists of a listing of credits and debits to various personal and cash sales accounts.
Arranged numerically by account

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Index to Council minutes

Series consists of an index to City Council minutes (CRS 1).
Records from 1879 to 1918 consist of single volumes for each calendar year. These volumes consist of separate sections for each letter of the alphabet, with individual entries in these sections listed sequentially by date. Access to the minutes through these volumes sometimes requires inferences about which committee was responsible for a particular activity, since topics tend to be recorded only once and listed (where appropriate) under the name of the responsible committee with the topic given as a sub-heading; the issuing of warrants, for example, is found under 'F' for 'Finance Committee - Warrants' rather than under 'W' for warrants. References are to page numbers in the Council minutes volumes.
Records for 1977 to 1980 are in card index format, arranged alphabetically by subject within each year. Records for 1985-1993, which consist of legal size pages filed with the minutes at the beginning of the specific year to which they pertain, are also arranged alphabetically by subject. The index for these years provides better access than the volumes for 1879-1918, but may still cause difficulty in locating topics due to minimal cross-referencing for some years. The index for 1990-1992 will be found on the microfilm version of the Council minutes for those years. These lists are supplemented by the topical indexes (CRS 15), which also index the Council minutes. A draft index to the minutes for 1862-1871 compiled by Archives staff is also available.
There are gaps in the records for 1892-1893, 1906, 1919-1976, and 1981-1982, and 1989

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk


Series consists of declarations by elected officials that they will hold office in good faith and impartially, as well as sworn statements by a member of the Supreme Court of British Columbia witnessing such declarations. In the first few years those people appointed to hold administrative offices (for example, Clerk of the Municipal Council, Assessor, and Chief of Police) were also required to make declarations.
Arranged chronologically

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Operational files

Series consists of records pertaining to the regulation and supervision of wrestling and boxing matches in Victoria. Includes wrestlers' licences 1973-1977), correspondence with City Council (1953-1976), general correspondence (1953-1976), investment receipts and statements ([ca. 1973-1976]), journal (1954-1976), minutes (1954-1975), programs (1959), and rules and regulations (1952-1972).
See bylaw 3723

Victoria (B.C.). Victoria Athletic Commission

Record of sales

Series consists of a record of properties sold.
Arranged alphabetically by street

Victoria (B.C.). Land Department

Elk and Beaver Lake land ownership records

Series consists of an inventory of City-owned waterworks land detailing the area, district, sections, title, description, and purchase of each parcel of land. Includes an 1873 arbitration award granted to William Curtis Ward pertaining to his ownership of land in the area. The inventory itself is dated 1954.

Victoria (B.C.). Water Works


Series consists of a photocopied scrapbook of news clippings pertaining to the Victoria Police Department

Victoria (B.C.). Police Department

Audited financial statements

Series consists of yearly audited financial statements for the City.
There is a gap in this series for 1993

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Statement of accounts, expenses, and salaries paid

Series consists of City expenditure details for employees and elected officials as required under Section 397 of the Municipal Act and the Public Bodies Information Act.
There are gaps in this series for 1963, 1995, and 1997

Victoria (B.C.). Finance Department

Voters list

Series consists of lists of all eligible voters. The lists were updated annually at first and later semi-annually. The only voters lists available before 1908 are those for 1865, 1885, and 1896.
By law, only records older than 20 years are available, and records that are available can be viewed but not copied

Victoria (B.C.). City Clerk

Milk Inspector's records

Series consists of butterfat tests book (1939-1949), bacteriological tests book (1947-1950), and a copy of "Testing milk and its products" signed by Tomas Lancaster, City Sanitary Inspector

Victoria (B.C.). Board of Health

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