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Vernon Board of Trade fonds

  • CA VERN MS 17;1966.019
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1930

Fonds consists of a letterbook containing the administrative and operational records of the Vernon Board of Trade from 1910-1930. Includes general and executive minutes, monthly and annual financial statements, reports, newspaper articles regarding Board activities, and Board membership lists. Some of the notable subjects mentioned within the minutes are the development of the local livestock industry, the protection of dairy farmers' rights, advertising, various Board of Trade displays, and the methods of funding the Board.

Vernon Board of Trade

1992 Centennial Celebrations Committee fonds

  • CA VERN MS 180;1994.066
  • Fonds
  • 1984-1993

Fonds consists of the administrative records of the 1992 [Vernon] Centennial Celebrations Committee from 1984-1993. The records, which document the organization, administration and presentation of Centennial celebrations, include correspondence, minutes, financial records, legal documents, newspaper articles, pamphlets, programs, publications, artifacts, sketches and photographs. The files are arranged alphabetically by the subject or event, and each file contains all records pertaining to the particular subject. Fonds also includes 2 Centennial year guestbooks and 2 scrapbooks containing "Centennial Family Features" from the Morning Star, and Vernon Daily News articles on the Committee's activities.

Vernon (B.C.). 1992 Centennial Celebrations Committee

Okanagan Credits Ltd. fonds

  • CA VERN MS 181; 1997.015
  • Fonds
  • 1938-1952

Fonds consists of the financial records of the Okanagan Credits Ltd. credit bureau and collection agency for 1938-1952. Includes a commission journal (1938-1949), bank book payment records (1948-1949), and two general financial ledgers (1947-1949, 1950-1952). All entries before 1947 deal specifically with the credit bureau's Vancouver Island and area clientele and business.

Okanagan Credits Ltd.

Greater Vernon Archives collection

  • CA VERN MS 182;1978.148;1989.029;1990.062
  • Fonds
  • 1821-1987

The Greater Vernon Archives collection consists of local and provincial records which contain local statistics documenting the growth of the Vernon area and district from 1832-1982. The collection consists of both original and copied materials and includes provincial, regional and city voters' lists, cemetery and funeral records, directories, census indexes, tax rolls, and lists of local land tax sales.

Government Agent's Office, Vernon, B.C. fonds

  • CA VERN MS 183;1997.018
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1965

Fonds consists of the business records of the Government Agent's Office, from 1919-1965. Includes the 'Estates Wound Up' administrative ledger and log book used by various government agents, including Norm Schultz, to document the official distribution of provincially administered estates. Alphabetically arranged, each estate record gives the name of the deceased, the date and place of death, a listing of all personal effects (land, money, household goods), their values, the disposition of the effects, a listing of the funeral expenses, payment of the deceased's outstanding debts, and any estate settlement fees. Fonds also includes ephemera regarding estate auction sales and a photograph.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Vernon, B.C.)

Reinhard family fonds

  • CA VERN MS 184;1997.017
  • Fonds
  • 1860-1923

Fonds consists of the personal records, documents and photographs of various Reinhard family members, collected from 1860-1923. Includes birth certificates, baptismal certificates, and marriage certificates.

Reinhard (family)

Dr. Margaret Ormsby fonds

  • CA VERN MS 185;1997.004
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1996

Fonds consists of correspondence, personal writings, research materials, legal documents, and ephemera. Included in Dr. Ormsby's records are the records of her parents, George and Margaret T. Ormsby, and her brother and sister, Hugh and Catherine Ormsby.

Ormsby, Margaret A.

Hilda Cryderman fonds

  • CA VERN MS 186;1996.056
  • Fonds
  • 1937-1985

The fonds consists of records of Hilda Cryderman.

Cryderman, Hilda

Interior Vegetable Marketing Agency Cooperative fonds

  • CA VERN MS 186;1999.034
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1988, predominant 1935-1969

Fonds consists of the records of the Interior Vegetable Marketing Agency Cooperative from 1930-1988. Includes minutes, correspondence, general administrative records, legal documents, reports, employee records, publications, reports, financial records and ephemera. The records document the establishment of the Interior Marketing Board and its Agency, their day to day business, their interaction with the local and provincial vegetable industry, and their influence on the vegetable industry in BC. Also included are some records from one of their subsiduary producers, the Dry Belt Growers Ltd.

Interior Vegetable Marketing Agency Cooperative

Vernon Yacht Club fonds

  • CA VERN MS 187;1999.037
  • Fonds
  • 1952-1999

Fonds consists of records of the Vernon Yacht Club from 1952-1999. Includes minutes (1961-1963), bylaws and constitution (1985), a short history (1985), financial records (1962), lists of members (1952, 1962), and ephemera (1970-1999).

Vernon Yacht Club

B.C. Dragoons fonds

  • CA VERN MS 190;1999.054;2001.059
  • Fonds
  • 1914-2000, predominant 1940-1980

Fonds consists of the records of the BC Dragoons from 1914-2000. Includes war diaries from WWI and WWII, minutes, general administrative records, correspondence, financial and legal documents, personnel records, reports, information about various military exercises and social events, newsletters and circulars, training and technical manuals, maps and architectural drawings, ephemera and photographs. Also included in the fonds are records of the various squadron messes, the Whizzbang Association, the Unit Fund Committee, and the BCD Historical Society. The records document the evolution of the BC Dragoons from a small cavalry unit in World War I, their stint as the 9th Armoured regiment during World War II, to their present position of reserve militia for the Canadian Armed Forces. The records also document the Canadian war efforts both in Canada and overseas, as well as the regiment's activities (military exercises, community activities, the establishment of a museum) during the ensuing years of peace.

Canada. Canadian Army. British Columbia Dragoons

James Grant fonds

  • CA VERN MS 191;2000.064
  • Fonds
  • [1900]-1988

Fonds consists of the personal and professional reords of local naturalist James Grant from ca. 1900-1988. The records document Mr. Grant's lifelong dedication and love for the environment, his interest in ornithology, botany, and entomology, and his numerous efforts to preserve local wildlife and ecology. Includes correspondence, newsletters, personal writings, daily journals, data, reports, surveys, minutes, meteorological data, maps, ornithology and botany notes, some artwork, and nature photographs.

Grant, James

Cosens Bay Property Owners Society fonds

  • CA VERN MS 192;2002.037
  • Fonds
  • 1986-1998

Fonds consists of documentation concerning the Cosens Bay Property Owners lawsuit with the Crown regarding road access through Kalamalka Lake Park to their property in Cosens Bay. Includes correspondence, minutes, legal agreements, newsletters, research materials, reports, notes, lists, ephemera, and maps.

Cosens Bay Property Owners' Society

Patrick Mackie fonds

  • CA VERN MS 193;2000.023
  • Fonds
  • [1860]-1999

Fonds consists of the personal records of Patrick Mackie from [1860]-1999. Includes correspondence, diaries, financial records, family geneaology, and ephemera. Also included in Mr. Mackie's records are the records of his parents Hugh and Grace Mackie; his brothers John, Geoffrey and Peter; his uncle Augustine Mackie; his aunt Rhoda Marle; and records from the Vernon Boys' Preparatory School.

Mackie, Patrick

George Albert Meeres fonds

  • CA VERN MS 194;1999.025;1999.057
  • Fonds
  • 1898-1968, predominant 1910-1936

Fonds consists of 7 series: 1)Correspondence, 1917-1936, 1953, 1968; 2)Personal records, 1891-1959; 3)Financial records, 1910-1933; 4)Legal records, 1910-1926; 5)Artwork, 1938; 6)Ephemera, 1898-1931; 7)Photographs, 1918-1956.

Meeres, George Albert

Foster family fonds

  • CA VERN MS 195;2002.039
  • Fonds
  • 1885, 1920-1991

Fonds consists of personal records, documents, photographs and ephemera belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Montague Reginald Foster, Montague Frederick Foster, Kathleen McGill Foster, Millicent Margaret Foster, and Rhoda May Foster. Also included are newsletters, minutes, and circulars from the Stagette Club.

Foster (family)

Oyama Irrigation District fonds

  • CA VERN MS 196;2002.040
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1991

Fonds consists of the administrative records of the Oyama Irrigation District from 1928-1991.

Oyama Irrigation District

Ken Ellison collection : 1870-2000

  • CA VERN MS 197;2002.040
  • Fonds
  • Photocopied 1997-2000

Collection consists of photocopies of the records and documents Ken Ellison used for research into the role of irrigation districts in Oyama from 1892 to 2000, culminating in the publication of 'Irrigation is King!' in 2000. Includes reports (1921-2000), water rights and licences, including those of V.E Ellison (1888-1984), pre-emptions (1870-1916), maps (1890-1966), receipts (1997, 1999), clippings (1989-1997), and water rights legislation (1897-1994). Also includes information about the Commonage (1890-1992), Long Lake Irrigation Co. (1909-1924), municipalities of Okanagan and Mission (1893-1995), Oyama Irrigation District (1923-1996), Wood Lake Cannery (1909), Wood Lake Fruitlands Co. (1907-1914, 1962), and Wood Lake Water Co. (1910-1995). Also includes a manuscript of "Irrigation is King!'.

Wood Lake Improvement District fonds

  • CA VERN MS 198;2002.040
  • Fonds
  • 1925-1995

Fonds consists of the administrative records of the Wood Lake Improvement District. Includes correspondence, financial records, legal records, by-laws, reports, lists, certificates, notes, and maps and plans.

Wood Lake Improvement District

Vernon Cricket Club fonds

  • CA VERN MS 199;1999.058
  • Fonds
  • 1938-1962

Fonds consists of the adminstrative records of the Vernon Cricket Club from 1938-1962. Includes the constitution, minutes, correspondence, financial records, lists, rules, clippings and press releases, and ephemera.

Vernon Cricket Club

Alexander L. Fortune fonds : [between 1910 and 1915]

  • CA VERN MS 1;1955.027;1985.092
  • Fonds
  • [Transcribed 1955]

Fonds consists of the personal records and documents of A.L. Fortune which detail his life from 1866-1915. Includes the original (ca.1910-1915) and transcript (1955) of his manuscript of reminiscences, as well as some correspondence.

Fortune, Alexander L.

Sovereign family fonds

  • CA VERN MS 200;2004.045
  • Fonds
  • 1894-2000

Fonds consists of the personal records of Arthur, Ellen, and Art Sovereign. Includes correspondence, diary, personal data documents, personal writings, research material, sermon notes, lecture notes, scrapbook, genealogy, ephemera, and photographs.

Sovereign (family)

Lt.-Col. Donald R. Cameron fonds

  • CA VERN MS 201;2001.001
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1986

Fonds consists of the personal records of Lt-Col Donald R. Cameron from 1940-1986. Includes correspondence, service records and certificates, medical records, educational material, clippings,and ephemera.

Cameron, Donald R.

Beairsto Elementary School fonds

  • CA VERN MS 202;2002.053
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1950, predominant 1948-1949

Fonds consists of the administrative records of Beairsto Elementary School from 1926-1950, with the majority of the records dated 1948-1949. Includes accident reports, annual reports, job applications, attendance records, BCTF information, film rentals, board & room availability, cafeteria, correspondence, Dept. of Education, drama festival, education week, entertainment, equipment, forestry program, textbook orders, film orders, information on handedness, health, income tax, school inspectors, IQ test results, juvenile delinquency, school library, student teachers, Okanagan Valley Teachers' Association, parents' letters, PTA, student records, memberships, psychology, Red Cross, scholarships, school plans, school publications, sound equipment, special classes, staff, summer school, superannuation, tests, and writing lessons. Records are arranged alphabetically by subject or event.

Beairsto Elementary School

Marie Houghton Brent fonds

  • CA VERN MS 203;2000.060
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1966

Fonds consists of the personal records of Marie Houghton Brent from 1908-1966. Includes correspondence, personal writings, certificates, and ephemera.

Brent, Marie Houghton

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