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Toyo Takata fonds : [ca. 1910-1912]

  • CA CVIC PR 43
  • Fonds
  • [Copied 1978]

The fonds consists of photographs of Japanese people and of the Japanese Tea Garden in Gorge Park (Esquimalt).

Takata, Toyo, 1920-

Clarence Hoard fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 101
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900-1935]

The fonds consists of photographs of the business interests of Clarence Hoard. Photographs include images of logging in British Columbia and the manufacture of silos. Also included are photographs collected presumably because Hoard was an investor in several ventures. These include photographs of the Nitinat Lake, Clo-ose and Carmanah regions of Vancouver Island taken by the West Coast Development Company, and photographs of the Cholberg Shipyard and the schooner S.F. Tolmie, which was built at the Cholberg Shipyard.

Hoard, Clarence

Dave Hutchison fonds : 1879-[ca. 1940]

  • CA CVIC PR 51
  • Fonds
  • [Copied 1979]

The fonds consists of a postcard and photographs of the Oddfellows Hall (Victoria), the Hutchison house, an unidentified house and coalscows in the Inner Harbour of Victoria, B.C.

Hutchison, Dave

David Sutton fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 232
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1920]-1938

The fonds consists of photographs and programmes. Photographs consist of images of Cholberg Shipyard employees and reunions of former members of the 103rd Battalion. Pamphlets consist of a dance card of a Navy League of Canada dance and a menu for a 103rd Battalion reunion banquet.

Sutton, David

Alfred J. Ferguson fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 177
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900-1939]

The fonds consists of photographs and artifacts. Photographs consist of images of members of the Ferguson family, schoolchildren, the 1919 visit of the Prince of Wales, the Chinese junk Amoy, and other images of the Greater Victoria region. Artifacts consist of a photo booklet of the 1939 Royal Visit and a postcard record of Victoria.

Ferguson, Alfred J.

Amy Moffat fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 137
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1884-1980]

The fonds consists of photographs and a photocopy of Amy Moffat's written memoirs. Photographs consist of images of the Moffatt and Gilchrist families, including those of William Law Gilchrist.

Moffat, Amy 1897-1987

Beatrice Shield fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 157
  • Fonds
  • 1921

The fonds consists of photographs of tourist sites and unidentified individuals in the Greater Victoria region. Sites depicted include Beacon Hill Park, the Inner Harbour, the Gorge and the W.J. Pendray home at 309 Belleville Street.

Shield, Beatrice

Beaumont Boggs fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 239
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1885-1925]

The fonds consists of photographs of the Boggs family, the family residence at 1133 Catherine Street, and a survey party under the direction of J. Pemberton working in the Dease Lake region of British Columbia.

Boggs, Beaumont

Bossi family fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 140
  • Fonds
  • 1852-1949

The fonds consists of four series of records: photographs, bankbook of C. Bossi, miscellaneous records and artifacts. Photographs consist of portraits of Bossi family members (including Giacomo Bossi) and the Point Ellice Bridge collapse. Miscellaneous records consist of a letter of introduction and death certificate cards. Artifacts include a wallet, purse and contents, and a ring.

Bossi (family)

Chambers, Todd family fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 12
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1880-1930]

The fonds consists primarily of glass plate negatives, the majority of which are images of individuals and family groups, including members of the Chambers and Todd families. Other images show industrial and commercial scenes, probably in the Nanaimo and central Vancouver Island areas, which are also the likely locales for a number of the pictures of beach camping scenes. Aside from pictures taken in England, the locales of a substantial number of images can only be surmised to be the Canadian Prairies and the southwestern United States. The work of Arthur Hyde Chambers and Frederick Dundas Todd are irretrievably mixed in this fonds. A single file of textual material consists of letters, real estate documents, a map and clippings.

Chambers (family)

L. Alfred Kerley fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 237
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1915-1918]

The fonds consists of photographs depicting the Victoria Fire Department. Images depict members of the department, fire trucks, and members of the Fire Department basketball team.

Kerley, L. Alfred

Letitia Schofield fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 212
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1911-1922]

The fonds consists of photographs acquired by James Schofield when he was an MLA. Images depict Victoria and members of the provincial legislature.

Schofield, Letitia

Linn Gale fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 124
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1920-1969]

The fonds consists of general files and photographs. General files are arranged alphabetically in subject files and consist of correspondence, letters to newspaper editors, newspaper clippings, maps, plans, and research notes relating to city history, planning issues, parks, and the history of Victoria. Photographs consist of images of Victoria taken from a variety of vantage points including the Parliament Buildings, Cadboro Bay, and the Victoria Golf Course.

Gale, Linn A.

Louise B. Anderson fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 253
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1897-1907]

Fonds consists of a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings. Clippings document prominent businessmen, politicians, buildings and the Royal family.

Anderson, Louise B.

Lowe family fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 23
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1987, predominant 1910-1934

The fonds consists of photographs and postcards, newsclippings, and a leaflet for the memorial service for Elsie Tucker Lowe. The photographs include views of Victoria taken from the roof of the Parliament Buildings; Coronation Day, 1911; the Gorge; the Clover Point area; the Five Sisters Block and Spencer's Store fire, 1910; St. Mary's Hall, Oak Bay; the Pemberton Block under construction in 1910; the Clover Point Boathouse under construction; the Vancouver Island Life Boat Association's sports fishermen and their catches; various hips; and miscellaneous Victoria and Vancouver Island scenes.

Lowe (family)

M. Leo Sweeney fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 102
  • Fonds
  • 1902-1971

The fonds consists of photographs and miscellaneous files. Photographs depict M. Leo Sweeney's participation in sports and the Sweeney Cooperage. Miscellaneous files consist primarily of family reminiscences, a history of Sweeney Cooperage Ltd., Christmas cards and newspaper clippings.

Sweeney, M. Leo (Michael Leo)

Mary T. Casilio fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 143
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1936-1944]

The fonds consists of photographs of female baseball and basketball teams.

Casilio, Mary T.

Michaelis family fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 254
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1906-1912]

Fonds consists of photographs of the Michaelis family and residences.

Michaelis (family)

Moichi Kosaka fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 136
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1910-1915]

The fonds consists of copies of loaned photographs. Images consists of the Kosaka family, family residence on Tillicum Road, and scenes of whaling in British Columbia.

Kosaka, Moichi

Jacob Funk fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 210
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1937-1962]

The fonds consists of records of companies presumably purchased by Jacob Funk. Series include a guest register from the Columbia Rooms (1948-1962) and a general journal and correspondence of the Island Steamship Company (1937-1938). The records of the Island Steamship Company appear to have been created by Thomas A. Johnston who was hired to represent the company.

Funk, Jacob, d. 1990

James M. Savage fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 195
  • Fonds
  • 1891-1928

The fonds consists of diaries (1891-1923); correspondence (1894-1912); bank records (1893-1903); and invitation to Dunsmuir/Cavendish wedding (1928).

Savage, James M., d. 1923

Mr. Spencer fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 107
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1913-1917]

The fonds consists of photographs, the majority of which are taken from a photo album. Images are of the Stuart White's Scandals theatrical troupe, Harrison Lake, and a Red Cross volunteer.

Spencer, Mr., musician

Muriel Thorne fonds : [ca. 1930-1940]

  • CA CVIC PR 49
  • Fonds
  • [Copied 1979]

The fonds consists of photographs showing the Ernie Seedhouse family, including the family business Cloverdale Service Station in Victoria, B.C.

Thorne, Muriel

Harry Dunnell fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 149
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1905-1915]

The fonds consists of 13 photographs taken by Harry Dunnell. Images depict scenes of the Oak Bay municipality, Olympia Avenue, Richmond Avenue, Provincial Normal School, and beach scenes.

Dunnell, Harry

Henry King fonds

  • CA CVIC PR 259
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1955-1968]

Fonds consists of King's reminiscences including the story of the Tilikum and its return to Victoria and the Point Ellice Bridge disaster. Fonds also contains notes on the King family.

King, Henry

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