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archival descriptions
Charles F. Smith fonds
CA CVAN CVA 28 · Fonds · 1907-1908

The fonds consists of Smith's photographs of Vancouver scenery and buildings, including scenes of Bowen Island, Lynn Canyon and Stanley Park.

Smith, Charles F.
CA CVAN CVA 275 · Fonds · 1919-1930

The fonds consists of photographs of personnel of the Greater Vancouver Water District as well as views of facilities at Buntzen Lake, Burwell Lake, and the North Shore watershed.

Greater Vancouver Water District
Leo Leavy fonds
CA CVAN CVA 266 · Fonds · 1936-1937

The fonds consists of Leavy's photographs of jockeys and horse-racing activities in Vancouver.

Leavy, Leo
H.W. Lovell fonds
CA CVAN CVA 258 · Fonds · 1923

The fonds consists of Lovell's photographs showing various Vancouver scenes, including downtown buildings, Stanley Park, West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Lovell, H.W.
Abbott family fonds
CA CVAN CVA 256 · Fonds · 1885-[ca. 1901]

The fonds consists of the Abbott family photograph album showing various scenes pertaining to the Canadian Pacific Railway and its official events; various British Columbia scenes and Vancouver streetscapes; and an album prepared by Edwards Brothers showing scenes around British Columbia, primarily views of Vancouver, Rossland and Sandon.

Abbott, Harry (family)
Jenkinson family fonds
CA CVAN CVA 242 · Fonds · 1900-1927

The fonds consists of photographs of the Jenkinson family, depicting family members, sporting events, scenery, and interior views of the family home in Vancouver.

Jenkinson (family)
J.A. Denovan fonds
CA CVAN CVA 241 · Fonds · 1912-1915

The fonds consists of an album of Denovan's photographs, mostly landscapes and marine scenes.

Denovan, J.A.
McKinley family fonds
CA CVAN CVA 239 · Fonds · [ca. 1930]

The fonds consists of photographs taken by members of the McKinley family of scenes in Kitsilano, the Imperial Oil Company refinery at Ioco, a Viking ship re-enactment, speedboats and other Vancouver scenes.

McKinley (family)
William Roozeboom fonds
CA CVAN CVA 23 · Fonds · 1971-[ca. 1974]

The fonds consists of Roozeboom's photographs depicting scenes of demolition and redevelopment of Vancouver buildings and streetscapes as well as aerial views of the city.

Roozeboom, William
R.W. Jackson fonds
CA CVAN CVA 217 · Fonds · 1911

The fonds consists of an album of photographs by Jackson, depicting his home and local scenery.

Jackson, R.W.
Frank Appelbe fonds
CA CVAN CVA 215;CVA 238 · Fonds · 1967-1968

The fonds consists of Appelbe's photographs of aerial views of the west side of Vancouver and the West End; and views of the RCMP vessel St. Roch, Coal Harbour and railway shops and rolling stock in West Vancouver.

Appelbe, Frank
CA CVAN CVA 214 · Fonds · [Copied 1979]

The fonds consists of an album of photographs created by the Society of the Sacred Heart, depicting the school building, the convent, pupils and nuns.

Society of the Sacred Heart (Vancouver, B.C.)
Samuel H. Logan fonds
CA CVAN CVA 21 · Fonds · 1916-1919

The fonds consists of Logan's photographs of scenery, streetscapes, and waterfront scenes in Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Logan, Samuel H.
C.F. Chapman fonds
CA CVAN CVA 201 · Fonds · 1907-1909

The fonds consists of Chapman's photographs of friends in the bookbinding and publishing business, as well as Vancouver scenery.

Chapman, C.F.
CA CVAN CVA 2 · Collection · 1890-1911

The collection consists of photographs by Trueman of scenes on the Canadian Pacific Railway route, the Yoho Valley, Banff, Lake Louise, Blackfeet Indians, the Northwest Territories, Steveston, Vancouver and Victoria.

Olson family fonds
CA CVAN CVA 190 · Fonds · [ca. 1901-1920]

The fonds consists of photographs of the Olson family, including family portraits and scenes at the Cherry Creek Gold Mining Company.

Olson (family)
William Murray fonds
CA CVAN CVA 178 · Fonds · 1891-1906

The fonds consists of photographs of family and friends of William Murray, including portraits of local and visiting dignitaries as well as scenes from Lower Nicola, Skidegate and Comox.

Murray, William
Grimmett family fonds
CA CVAN CVA 176;CVA 391 · Fonds · 1910-1924, 1953

The fonds consists of photographs of the Grimmett family, depicting family events, local scenery, high school sports, and employees of W.H. Malkin Company.

Grimmett (family)
CA CVAN CVA 17 · Collection · [ca.1915]-1954

The collection consists of photographs of the British Columbia Telephone Company employees at work and at company-sponsored social events; switchboards and other equipment; interior and exterior views of company buildings; and views of the ship Brico laying cable in Vancouver harbour.

CA CVAN CVA 150 · Fonds · 1947

The fonds consists of photographs taken for the Wartime Housing division of the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation by H.E. Addington of bungalows and one-storey homes, including their building plans.

Canada. Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Wartime Housing
Velma Beryl Kipp fonds
CA CVAN CVA 1413 · Fonds · 1908-1932

Fonds consists of studio portraits of Velma from birth to young adulthood as well as portraits of children who lived in her neighbourhood.

Kipp, Velma Beryl, 1908-
S.J. Thompson fonds
CA CVAN CVA 137 · Fonds · 1893-[ca. 1900]

The fonds consists of Thompson's photographs of scenery throughout B.C. and Alberta, including views of Banff, Rossland, Harrison Hot Springs, Edmonton and the Fraser River. Includes views of Ottawa and portraits of aboriginal peoples in Alberta.

Thompson, S.J.
Pacific Press fonds
CA CVAN CVA 136 · Fonds · 1927-1972

The fonds consists of news photographs of people featured in the Pacific Press newspaper, the Vancouver Sun.

Pacific Press
Nicholas Russell fonds
CA CVAN CVA 1348 · Fonds · 1968-1969

The fonds consists of Nicholas Russell's photographs of houses and buildings in the West End.

Russell, Nicholas
Vancouver Express fonds
CA CVAN CVA 134 · Fonds · 1970

The fonds consists of published newspapers and associated photographs of Vancouver Express.

Vancouver Express