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Broe, Lawrence English
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Lawrence Broe fonds

  • CA MRM 01170
  • Fonds
  • 1938 - 1947

The fonds currently consists of a single series titled "Letters from Helen", which contains 5 files of letters from Helen Waugh to Lawrence Broe, and 1 file of photographs and greeting cards. The records span 1938-1947.

Broe, Lawrence

Letter - July 26, 1938

Helen expresses regret for possibly causing offense to Lawrence and laments that they cannot be together despite their feelings.

Christmas Card - 1

Christmas card sent by Helen to Lawrence, unknown date.

Recto of greeting card bears the greeting "A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GREETING TO YOU". It features a framed rectangular cutout, revealing printed clear film, depicting a scene of a red house in a snow drift. This is set against a background of blue paper and silver foil. A blue ribbon is tied in a bow on the upper-left and three star-shaped cutouts adorn the recto. Inner-left shows the reverse of the ribbon, threated through a hole. Inner-right bears a black printed poem. Handwritten inscriptions in black ink "To Larry" and "From Helen".

Birthday Card - 1940

Birthday card sent by Helen to Lawrence in 1940.

Recto of greeting card depicts an illustration of a bouquet of pansies on a cream background, with a faux-scalloped light blue fore-edge, accented with metallic gold ink. Printed greeting "Just a BIRTHDAY THought Straight from my Heart". Graphite "1940" at top. Inner left depicts a single pansy with repeated faux-scalloped edge. Inner-right is a printed poem. Black ink inscription "Larry" and "Helen. P.S. Why dont [sic] you write?"

Verso is bare cream paper with black pre-printed text. "15B65 ; COPYRIGHT 1940 ; NORCROSS, NEW YORK, U.S.A."

Easter Card - 2

Easter card sent by Helen to Lawrence on unknown date.

Recto of greeting card depicts a couple among flowers with doves, accented with an attached pink ribbon bow. "Easter Greetings" is printed on a round disc of off-white satin, framed with silver foil and further gilt decoration. Remainder of greeting "to my Sweetheart" floats apart from the disc. Inner-left shows back of ribbon, pierced through one hole, and a colourful bouquet of flowers. Inner-right bears a pre-printed poem in black ink. Handwritten inscription in dark blue ink "Larry" and "Helen".

Verso shows black pre-printed text "35 ES 741 ; COPYRIGHT MCMXXXVII ; RUST CRAFT BOSTON, U.S.A."

Christmas Card - 3

Christmas card sent by Helen to Lawrence on unknown date.

Recto of greeting card depicts a holly branch against a green background, accented with a round cut-out window, showing gold foil bearing etched text "CHRISTMAS GREETINGS". A red satin bow is affixed to this cut-out. Gold foil extends past the edges of the paper. Inner-left shows a holly branch on green background, back of ribbon piercing through two holes. Black pre-printed greeting "Just For Your Own Dear Self Alone". Inner-right shows a black pre-printed poem against white background. Handwritten inscription in black ink "Larry Dear," and "Helen". Verso shows black pre=printed text "35 XD 9 COPYRIGHT ; RUST CRAFT BOSTON U.S.A."

The front of the envelope is damaged such that some text is missing. Remainder of text in top left "y :.2 N.Y." Round stamp in black ink reads "HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. ; DEC 16 ; 830 PM ; 1940". A blue 3-cent stamp featuring Thomas Jefferson is affixed to recto with black waves stamped across it. Handwritten address ink black ink "Mr. C.E. Haines, ; 821 Williams St. ; New Westminster ; B.C. ; Canada". Reverse bears more stamped waves in black and is sealed with a sticker depicting a poinsettia on gold background.

Christmas Card - 4

Christmas card sent by Helen to Lawrence on unknown date.

Recto of greeting card depicts white flower in relief against silver background, framed with red. A cut-out reveals a white ribbon and silver foil along the folding edge, with a cut-out star revealing silver foil which extends past the primary paper. Greeting in white "Lonesome for You at Christmas". Inner-left depicts white relief candelabra against red background. Back of white ribbon is affixed through slit in bottom third. Bunches of holly are stamped in relief against satin white background. Inner-right shows red-pre-printed poem against white background. Handwritten inscription in black ink "H."

Verso bears black pre-printed text "15x4000 COPYRIGHT ; RUST CRAFT BOSTON U.S.A."

Letters - 1938

12 letters and 11 envelopes written by Helen Waugh to Lawrence Broe during the year 1938.

Broe, Lawrence

Letter - December 1, 1939

Helen apologizes in a letter for her lack of correspondence due to her busy schedule. A tag for a gift to Lawrence was folded into the letter.

Undated Letters

File consists of 10 letters from Helen Waugh to Lawrence Broe that could not be confidently dated due to lack of marks.

[Ev, Helen & Burney]

Photograph depicts two women in similar dark dresses with ruffled collars, standing before a tree in a yard, a brown dog at their feet. Dried leaves litter the steps to the right.

The reverse bears two inscriptions. In blue-back ink: "Ev, Helen & Burney". In graphite: "'Honeymeade' Gresham, Ave'"

Easter Card - 1

Easter greeting card sent by Helen to Lawrence.

Recto of card features purple flowers with metallic silver stems, gathered with a lavender ribbon. Sentiment "To Love Is to Remember: HAPPY EASTER" in printed purple script. Inside-left features similar flowers. Inside-right bears handwritten inscription "L." in top-left and "H." in bottom-right in black ink. Purple pre-printed poem on inside right. Silver foil separates inside-right from reverse and extends past cream paper.

Verso bears small purple printed text: "GIBSON CINTI., U.S.A. 15 E 9690".

Birthday Card - Undated

Birthday card sent by Helen to Lawrence on an unknown date.

Recto of greeting card depicts a bouquet tied with green satin ribbon bow, a rectangular black and silver base metal cameo of a couple in formal wear set among the flowers. The greeting reads "Birthday Greetings with all my Love". The cream paper is matted onto an offset metallic silver paper, further matted against pearlescent base paper. Inner-left shows cream paper wrapped from front with illustration of a rose, and the back of the satin bow piercing through two holes. Inner-right contains black pre-printed poem. Handwritten inscription in black ink: "H."

Verso bears black pre-printed mark in the corner: "STANLEY ; USA ; DAYTON ; 25 1843"

Brown Envelope

Envelope received by Lawrence from unknown sender (but speculated to be from Helen).

Envelope recto shows handwritten addresses in black ink. Sender address: "410 King St W., ; Kitchener, Ont." Receiving address: "Dr. Broe, ; Hammond B.C." Black ink handwriting on bottom left: "Printed Matter". Two Canadian postage stamps for 2 cents are are affixed, depicting King George V (issued 1935). Verso is blank.

Letters from Helen

Series consists of letters, photographs, and greeting cards, envelopes, and one postage stamp sent from Helen Waugh to Lawrence Broe between 1938 and 1947.

Lawrence Broe is referred to as "Larry" throughout the records in this series.

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