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Letters - 1938
CA MRM 01170-1-1 · File · 1938
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

12 letters and 11 envelopes written by Helen Waugh to Lawrence Broe during the year 1938.

Broe, Lawrence
Letter - July 26, 1938
CA MRM 01170-1-1-3 · Item · 26/07/1938
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Helen expresses regret for possibly causing offense to Lawrence and laments that they cannot be together despite their feelings.

Letter - May 31, 1938
CA MRM 01170-1-1-2 · Item · 31/05/1938
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Helen responds to Lawrence, inviting him to visit and attend dog races, adding romantic sentiments.

Letter - November 7, 1939
CA MRM 01170-1-2-7 · Item · 07/11/1939
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Helen thanks Lawrence for a letter and gift. She also addresses the struggles of the newly-declared war in Europe.

Letter - December 1, 1939
CA MRM 01170-1-2-8 · Item · 01/12/1939
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Helen apologizes in a letter for her lack of correspondence due to her busy schedule. A tag for a gift to Lawrence was folded into the letter.

Letters - 1939
CA MRM 01170-1-2 · File · 1939
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

8 letters, 8 envelopes, and 1 gift tag sent from Helen to Larry throughout 1939.

Broe, Lawrence
Letter - August 15, 1939
CA MRM 01170-1-2-5 · Item · 15/08/1939
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Helen expresses condolences to Lawrence on the loss of his brother and worries for Lawrence's own health.

Letter - October 16, 1939
CA MRM 01170-1-2-6 · Item · 16/10/1939
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Helen informs Lawrence that she is owed a letter for her birthday and is planning a visit from her parents.

Birthday Card - 1939
CA MRM 01170-1-6-4 · Item · 1939
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Birthday card sent by Helen to Lawrence in 1939.

Recto of greeting card is light blue, bearing the greeting "Happy Birthday to a Special FRIEND" in blue preprinted ink. A printed red wagon bears blue, yellow, and red flowers, with yellow floral textile displayed through an umbrella-shaped cutout. Inside-left bears floral header and graphite "1939". Inside-right bears blue printed poem on cream background. Underlined handwritten inscription of "Helen" in black ink under poem.

Verso bears green pre-printed text "153270 ; NORCROSS ; NEW YORK".

Letter - August 26, 1940
CA MRM 01170-1-3-3 · Item · 26/08/1940
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Helen expresses to Lawrence her disappointment that he did not contact her while she was in Vancouver.

Birthday Card - 1940
CA MRM 01170-1-6-7 · Item · 1940
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Birthday card sent by Helen to Lawrence in 1940.

Recto of greeting card depicts an illustration of a bouquet of pansies on a cream background, with a faux-scalloped light blue fore-edge, accented with metallic gold ink. Printed greeting "Just a BIRTHDAY THought Straight from my Heart". Graphite "1940" at top. Inner left depicts a single pansy with repeated faux-scalloped edge. Inner-right is a printed poem. Black ink inscription "Larry" and "Helen. P.S. Why dont [sic] you write?"

Verso is bare cream paper with black pre-printed text. "15B65 ; COPYRIGHT 1940 ; NORCROSS, NEW YORK, U.S.A."

Christmas Card - 3
CA MRM 01170-1-6-11 · Item · 1940
Part of Lawrence Broe fonds

Christmas card sent by Helen to Lawrence on unknown date.

Recto of greeting card depicts a holly branch against a green background, accented with a round cut-out window, showing gold foil bearing etched text "CHRISTMAS GREETINGS". A red satin bow is affixed to this cut-out. Gold foil extends past the edges of the paper. Inner-left shows a holly branch on green background, back of ribbon piercing through two holes. Black pre-printed greeting "Just For Your Own Dear Self Alone". Inner-right shows a black pre-printed poem against white background. Handwritten inscription in black ink "Larry Dear," and "Helen". Verso shows black pre=printed text "35 XD 9 COPYRIGHT ; RUST CRAFT BOSTON U.S.A."

The front of the envelope is damaged such that some text is missing. Remainder of text in top left "y :.2 N.Y." Round stamp in black ink reads "HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. ; DEC 16 ; 830 PM ; 1940". A blue 3-cent stamp featuring Thomas Jefferson is affixed to recto with black waves stamped across it. Handwritten address ink black ink "Mr. C.E. Haines, ; 821 Williams St. ; New Westminster ; B.C. ; Canada". Reverse bears more stamped waves in black and is sealed with a sticker depicting a poinsettia on gold background.