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archival descriptions
Alexander Grant Dallas fonds
CA BCA MS-0073;MS-0745;98006-4 · Fonds · 1859-1863

The fonds consists of letters inward regarding Hudson's Bay Company interests in B.C. and on the prairies and a scrapbook containing clippings and sketchbook, journals, and a log book from a voyage to California from Mexico.

Dallas, Alexander Grant
Andrew Muir fonds
CA BCA E/B/M91 · Fonds · 1848-1850

The fonds consists of Muir's diary starting in December 1848 as he prepared to leave Scotland for Vancouver Island and continuing until June 5th, 1850. Diary provides details of his voyage to and experiences on Vancouver Island.

Muir, Andrew
Archer Martin fonds
CA BCA MS-0630;MS-0632;MS-1000;E/D/M36;E/D/W14 · Fonds · 1812-1928

The fonds consists of correspondence, collected documents, and research notes used on the preparation of Martin's volume on Hudson's Bay Company land tenures. The fonds also consists of general correspondence files, letterbooks, and judgment books concerning court cases and legal matters; Martin's notebook containing planting notes, correspondence and clippings regarding his garden and gardening on Vancouver Island; other correspondence and a library catalogue.

Martin, Archer
CA BCA MS-2716;A/B/40/M142;A/B/40/T56;A/B/40/W89 · Fonds · [Microfilmed ca. 1990]

The fonds consists of letters received from friends and associates. Fonds includes Ermatinger's correspondence inward from Archibald McDonald, William Todd and John Work.

Ermatinger, Edward
CA BCA MS-2735;MS-1917 · Fonds · [Microfilmed ca. 1990]

The fonds consists of records relating to Joseph William McKay's career as a chief trader for the Hudson's Bay Company including correspondence, a journal, notes regarding festivals and traditional beliefs of the B.C. Indians and his recollections as Chief Trader.

McKay, Joseph William
Labouchere fonds : 1859-1861
CA BCA A/C/20.5/L12 · Fonds · [Microfilmed 1942]

The fonds consists of the fur trade journal of the steamer Labouchere. [Also available on microfilm.]

Labouchere (Ship)
CA BCA MS-2056 · Fonds · [Microfilmed 1984]

The fonds consists of diaries covering Bissett's travels, notes and letters.

Bissett, James
John Work fonds
CA BCA A/B/40/W89 · Fonds · 1823-1835

The fonds consists of journals and notebooks of John Work.

Work, John
CA BCA MS-0559;A/B/40/An3.1 · Fonds · 1834-1884

The fonds consists of journals, certificates, notes and correspondence. Fonds includes Anderson's journal of an expedition to explore the interior of B.C.

Anderson, Alexander Caulfield, 1814-1884
Frank Beaton fonds
CA BCA MS-0749;MS-2734 · Fonds · 1883-1944

The fonds consists of diaries, account books, letter books, a record of place claims 1916-1936, mining receipts and miscellaneous correspondence. The fonds also consists of journals kept while at Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope containing records of trading, supplies, company servants, outside traders, and casual employees. [Also available on microfilm.]

Beaton, Frank, 1865-1945
CA BCA MS-2715 · Fonds · [Microfilmed ca. 1990]

The fonds consists of letters received from friends and associates, a report on occurrences at Kamloops in 1822 and a rough journal of a trip from Kamloops to Edmonton in 1826.

McLeod, John
Samuel Black fonds
CA BCA MS-0619 · Fonds · 1823-1835

The fonds consists of diaries, a will and a letter.

Black, Samuel
Sir James Douglas fonds
CA BCA B/20;B/40;B/90;A/B/40/D75;A/E/C86/D74;MS-0678 · Fonds · 1825-1877

The fonds consists of diaries, notebooks, letterbooks, account book, cash journal, and death certificate of James Douglas. Fonds includes a diary of a journey from Fort Vancouver to York Factory (1835), expense book (1869), synopsis of Columbia affairs (1843-1848), messages of the Governor on the opening and prorogation of the House of Assembly of Vancouver Island (1856-1864), correspondence regarding Douglas' claim against the United States for repayments of money advanced during the Indian War of 1856, and a journal kept by Martha Douglas during a visit to Europe (1872-1873). [Add.Mss 678 also available on microfilm.]

Douglas, James, Sir
W.H. McNeill fonds
CA BCA A/B/20.5/B95; A/B/20.5/G56; A/B/20.5/P21; A/B/20.5/C76; A/C/20.5/Un1; A/B/20.5/L16; A/B/20.5/C83 · Fonds · 1819-1844

The fonds consists of McNeill's log books for the Burton, Llama, Beaver, Golden Farmer, Paragon, Convoy, Tally Ho, Una and Cowlitz.

McNeill, W.H.
CA BCA MS-0302 · Fonds · 1872, 1890-1940

The fonds consists of correspondence, text of a speech, journal of a trip from Winnipeg to McDame Post in 1890 and a reminiscence entitled "Not Forgotten".

McTavish, George Simpson
Isaac Burpee fonds
CA BCA E/D/B93 · Fonds · 1943-1944

The fonds consists of Burpee's correspondence, mainly from descendants of John Work of the Hudson's Bay Company, pertaining to the editing of Work's journals.

Burpee, Isaac
Donald Ross fonds
CA BCA MS-0635 · Fonds · 1819-1876

The fonds consists of correspondence, and diverse papers relating to the Hudson's Bay Company including invoices, reports, memoranda and accounts. [Also available on microfilm.]

Ross, Donald, d. 1852
William Kernaghan fonds
CA BCA E/B/K452 · Fonds · 1865

The fonds consists of Kernaghan's notes and correspondence pertaining to his protest over the Hudson's Bay Company monopoly.

Kernaghan, William
Beaver fonds : 1861-1870
CA BCA Microfilm Reels 655A, 747A · Fonds · [Microfilmed 196-]

The fonds consists of logbooks of the Beaver.

Beaver (Ship)
Fonds · [Photocopied 1997-1998]

This collection consists of three series: Documents for display (copies of documents that would have been seen in the office area of the NWMP Officers' Quarters), Hudson's Bay Co. - Calgary (Correspondence and Inventory of Stores), and Hudson's Bay Co. - Victoria : (Correspondence, Miscellaneous ledgers, Hudson's Bay Co. land leases and sales (A), and Hudson's Bay Co. land leases and sales (B).)

CA BCA A/C/40/An32 · Fonds · [Photocopied 1942]

The fonds consists of journals and letterbooks of James Anderson.

Anderson, James, 1812-1868
Mark Bate fonds
Fonds · 1862-1927

Fonds consists of the personal, professional and political papers of Mark Bate. Also included are the estate records of individuals for whom Bate served as executor including Maria Snow (Robinson), E. Pimbury, J. Webb, and T.E. Peck. Fonds is arranged in four series: 1) Personal papers; 2) Estate papers; 3) Professional papers; and 4) Political papers.

Bate, Mark, 1837-1927
Roderick Finlayson fonds
CA BCA A/C/40/F49 · Fonds · 1850-1859

The fonds consists of certificates of appointment of Roderick Finlayson.

Finlayson, Roderick
William Fraser Tolmie fonds
CA BCA MS-0557;MS-0777 · Fonds · 1844-1867

The fonds consists of correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, commissions, notes and memoranda, some records relating to his service with the Hudson's Bay Company.

Tolmie, William Fraser, 1812-1886