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Sub-series consists of correspondence primarily between Wise and galleries, art dealers, museums, arts organizations and other artists; some correspondence to galleries and dealers written on behalf of Jack Wise by his spouses Else Wise (Hubbard) and Mary Wise (Ross)


This subseries consists of records related to Lyons' book-length publications. It includes Lyons' books on local and natural history in British Columbia, comprised of Milestones on the Mighty Fraser: Travel Guide to the Historic Fraser Canyon Vancouver-Kamloops (J.M. Dent & Sons: 1950, rev. ed. 1956); Milestones in Ogopogo Land: In Which the Many Wonders of the Land of Ogopogo and Sunshine are Revealed (1957) ; Milestones on Vancouver Island: The Story of This "Island to the West", Its Past and Its Present (Evergreen Press: 1958). This subseries also contains Lyons' popular field guides to the plants of British Columbia and Washington state, including Trees, Shrubs and Flowers to Know in British Columbia (J.M. Dent & Sons: 1952, 2nd rev. ed. 1965); Trees, Shrubs and Flowers to Know in British Columbia and Washington (Lone Pine: 1995); and Wildflowers of Washington (Lone Pine: 1997). According to the "About the Author" section in Wildflowers of Washington, "Chess' first book, Trees, Shrubs and Flowers to Know in British Columbia, published in 1954, was the first non-technical field guide in the province. Two years later in 1956, he wrote a similar book for Washington State. They served for many decades, through many reprints and revisions, and were finally combined into one volume in 1995" (192). The 7 monographs in this subseries are mostly labelled "Work Copy" or "Office Copy" indicating that they are early proofs or otherwise being revised, as the handwritten ink comments throughout attest. The records consist of monographs, manuscripts, research and research notes, correspondence, dust jackets, miscellaneous brochures and maps used for research, one notebook, and electronic records on three computer disks. The three computer disks contain electronic version of the revised manuscript for Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers in BC and Washington from 1994.

Field guide illustrations

This subseries consists of approximately 425 drawings that Lyons used as the basis for his field guide illustrations. As such, they mainly feature botanical subjects like trees, shrubs, and flowers from British Columbia and Washington. Drawings are arranged numerically, which roughly correlates to their appearance in the publications. Due to the numerous revisions that Lyons' field guides went through, the page correlations cannot be determined precisely.

Newspapers and magazines

This subseries contains records from Lyons' activities as a writer of newspaper and magazine articles, largely in the 1950s and 1960s during the time that he was still employed in BC Parks. The subject of the articles typically concern the BC outdoors and activities and include titles like "BC's Great Cliffs," "Native Shrubs," and "Enjoy Outdoors with Home on Wheels." While Lyons wrote articles for a variety of newspaper and magazines, most records in this subseries appear to be from Lyons' "This Amazing Province" series which ran in the Victoria Times in the early 1950s, as well as several articles that appeared in the magazine Forest and Mill, published by the Forest Industries of B.C. until 1966. This subseries consists of manuscripts, drafts, clippings (some glued into a scrapbook), photographs and negatives, research notes, reference material, correspondence, and other textual records pertaining to newspaper and magazine articles by Lyons.


This sub-series contains the two textual pages of the virtual exhibit that was created to accompany and expand the Packers on the Trail project. Ross Peck and Rosaleen Boardman organized and put together this web page to reflect the important aspects of the project. This web page briefly highlights the content of the exhibit as well as gives an explanation as to the development and locations of the information used in the construction of the project. This sub-series is arranged into one file: The finished product of the virtual exhibit.


This sub-series contains 24 photographs covering the panels, exhibit opening and book reading, and the finished exhibit. The photographs of the panels and the finished exhibit included give information on the content development of the exhibit as well as what information would be used. During the opening of the exhibit, two authors, Shirlee Smith Matheson and Nadine Mackenzie, read excerpts from their books, "Keeper of the Mountains" and "L'Expedition Bedaux". These books were based on the Bedaux Expedition. The photographs document the people who were in attendance and the events that took place. This sub-series is arranged into two files: Panels, and opening and book readings.


This sub-series contains the 1st edition of the "Horses, horsepower and horsing around: school curriculum program" that is a part of the Packers on the Trail project. Between the efforts of Ross Peck, Jay Sherwood, and Rosaleen Boardman this program was created using information from the Packers on the Trail project. It includes curriculum for grades 4, 5 and 12. The program includes textual documents and explanations, as well as photographs and the photographs origin. It was created so that a school can utilize the database as well as the information collected for the Packers along the Trail project. This sub-series is arranged into one file: finished product.


This sub-series consists of both textual and photographic material pertaining to the Bedaux cowboys' relatives and friends reunion. The second edition of the book "Bannock and Beans" written by Bob White, a cowboy on the Bedaux expedition, and edited by Jay Sherwood, was launched at this time with extracts being read by Mr. Sherwood. During the reunion the 4th annual Paddle for the Peace event took place which celebrates and raises awareness about the beauty and historical significance of the river. Volunteers built a replica of the raft used by three of the Bedaux cowboys who travelled down the Peace River to join the expedition in Fort St. John. This new raft was launched and manned by two descendants of the original cowboys and one of the boatmen. Also included in this sub-series are photos of the actual reunion and those in attendance, and well as a page of text detailing the events that took place. This sub-series is arranged into three files: Book launch, Paddle for the Peace, and family cowboy reunion.

Harvest social

This sub-series consists of photographic material that details the events and the individuals present at the Harvest social. The Harvest social is the annual fundraiser for the Hudson’s Hope Museum and includes a supper, auction, and presentation. During the course of the Packers on the Trail project the Harvest social was Bedaux themed, the presentation included a slide show and readings from the various diaries associated with the expedition. When Bedaux came back through Hudson’s Hope, a baseball game was held between the boatmen and the cowboys and this game was replicated on the day of the Harvest Social between the Cowboys families and friends and the town’s people of Hudson’s Hope. This sub-series is arranged into two files: baseball game, and fund raising event.


This sub-series consist of audio copies on CD of interviews done by Jay Sherwood to record the stories of the Bedaux cowboy’s relatives. They are stories from; Robin Philips daughter of Jack Bocock, Bev Field daughter of Bob McCorkell, Arlene Myers granddaughter of Bob Beattie, Jesse Miller daughter of Del Miller, Mary (Girlie) Powell daughter of Jim Beattie, Ross MacLean brother or Art MacLean, Robin Pickell daughter of Cecil Pickell, and Lyle Westgaard who played host to the Bedaux expedition members. The sub-series is arranged into eight files: Robin Philips, Bev Field, Arlene Myers, Jessie (Miller), Mary (Girlie) Powell, Ross MacLean, Robin Pickell, and Lyle Westgaard.


This sub-series consist of photographs donated by Madeline Carlson and Norm Busche. Madeline Carlson lives in Dawson Creek. She is related to the Lundquist boys, who were included in the Bedaux Expedition as trail cutters. Ms. Carlson graciously donated a collection of photographs, as well as a textual letter, briefly explaining one of her encounters with the cowboys, to the Hudson’s Hope Museum. They are mostly of the Lundquist family and boys. Norm Busche was a little boy when the Citroens went through the town of Montony. He saw and photographed the Citroens and donated the photographs to the Hudson’s Hope Museum for the Packers on the Trail project. This sub-series is arranged into two files: Madeline Carlson, and Norm Busche.


This series consists of the acknowledgment of the financial support from government agencies that helped make this project such a success. The BC150 Heritage Legacy Fund (BC150HLF) was the main contributor with additional assistance from the Writers' Union of Canada. The BC150HLF was supported by the Province of BC to help communities celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the province. It financed projects that highlighted BC’s History from 1858 to 2008 and as the Bedaux expedition was a marker for BC history, a grant application submitted by museum manager, Rosaleen Boardman, was successful. The Writers' Union of Canada, that works to improve the position of Canadian writers, contributed travel assistance to authors to attend the exhibit opening. The forms for the grant requests are included in this sub-series. This sub-series is arranged into two files: BC150 Legacy fund, and Writers' Union of Canada funding.

Committee meetings

This sub-series consists of both textual and photographic evidence of the work and discussion from the committee formed to organize the Packers on the Trail exhibit. Included are detailed recordings of the minutes and ideas that correspond with the development of the project. These documents include the names of the members that were present at the meetings. This reflects the progress that was made and the duties assigned to different members. The photographic pieces included provide evidence of the members that were present during the meeting as well as the location, St. Peter’s Church Hall, where the meetings were held. This sub-series is arranged into three files: Report, Minutes, and three photographs of committee meetings.

Jay Sherwood

This series consists of textual documentation for the Packers on the Trail information that was obtained and recorded by Jay Sherwood. Jay Sherwood is a M.A. graduate with professional interests in historical research, working in national, provincial and regional archives, and conducting historical interviews, book talks and genealogy. He currently is employed as a Librarian at St. George’s School in Surrey BC, Canada. Mr. Sherwood is also a well published and prominent Vancouver author who worked to edit and preserve the authenticity of the language throughout the publication of the new edition of "Bannock and Beans". His research contributions to the Packers on the Trail project were invaluable. Mr. Sherwood traveled to the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa and to the Glenbow Museum; his indexing of the captions for the photos from the Bob White photo album are included in this sub-series along with an excerpt from Bob White’s account of freighting on the Bedaux Expedition. This sub-series is arranged into two files: Bob White Photos at Glenbow, and the Bedaux Freight outfit on upper Muskwa.


This sub-series contains the extensive textual and photographic documents detailing the promotion of the Packers on the Trail project. Museum manager, Rosaleen Boardman, worked tirelessly to promote the project across North America and her efforts, along with those of the Hudson’s Hope Historical Society, were greatly rewarded. The Press attention file covers articles written for the Citroën Autoclub of Canada’s magazine Citroënvie, BC Historical Federation newsletter, press releases for the opening of the exhibit, anniversary activities, book launch, and funding, History Now, newspaper report on Bedaux weekend. All of these articles outline and dictate the recognition that the project received as well as the content of the Packers on the Trail project. Included also is the brochure from the project. The in-house promotion of the project was a phenomenal success. Along with this project came both wholehearted inter-museum support and awards both of which are shown on the textual and photographic documentation in the photos file. This sub-series is arranged into three files: Promotion files, In-house promotion files, Awards files.

Major publications

Subseries consists of publications written or edited by Edward B. Harvey, unless otherwise noted. Subseries includes the following titles:

I Count for Equality in Employment Census Results, 1987;
"Technology and Employment in Canada," published in Science and Public Policy, April 1988;
"Implementing and Managing Employment Equity," published in Canadian Labour Law Journal, Summer 1993;
Computing for Equity: Demonstration Workbook, 1990;
New Product Development and Employment Creation Interim Evaluation Report on the Employment Opportunities in Product Development, Program presented to National Design Council, Design Canada, Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce, 1978;
Human Response to Interference with TV Picture Quality Project 68-4 Interim Report, Electric Power Research Institute, 1980;
Gender Equality Indicator Ontario Women’s Directorate;
Program & Organizational Review of Secondary School Occupational and Vocational Programs, funded under contract by the Board of Education for the Borough of Etobicoke, Ontario, 1980;
An Evaluation of the Student Guidance Information Service, Ministry of Education, Ontario, 1975;
Occupational graduates and the labour force, Ministry of Education, Ontario, 1975;
Education systems and the labour market, 1974;
Perspectives on modernization: essays in memory of Ian Weinberg, edited by Edward B. Harvey, 1972;
Industrial society: structures, roles, and relations, 1975;
Canada’s third option, edited by S.D. Berkowitz & Robert K. Logan, 1978
Fragile federation: social change in Canada, Lorna R. Marsden, Edward B. Harvey, 1979;
Canadian population concerns, edited by Lorna R. Marsden and Edward B. Harvey, 1977;
Selected socio-economic consequences of disability for women in Canada, prepared by Edward B. Harvey and Lorne Tepperman, 1990;
An evaluation of the career development credit course, Edward B. Harvey, Margaret Slaght, Vandra L. Masemann, 1975;
Barriers to Employer sponsored training in Ontario: results of a field survey, Edward B. Harvey, Principal investigator, 1980;
Education and employment of arts and science graduates the class of 1972, May 1975
Equal Pay: HR Works, Edward B. Harvey, Ph.D. and John H. Blakely, MIR, 2000;
Re-Thinking HR Management: Strategies for Success in an Era of Change, Edward B. Harvey, Ph.D. and John H. Blakely, MIR, 1999;
Information systems for managing workplace diversity, Edward B. Harvey, Ph.D. and John H. Blakely, MIR, 1996;
Internet Solutions for HR Managers, Edward B. Harvey, Ph.D. and John H. Blakely, MIR and Katherine A. Leer, MIR, 2002;
Information systems for employment equity: An Employer Guide, 1988;
Computing for Equity: Computer Applications for Employment Equity, Edward B. Harvey, Eric J. Severn and John Blakely, 1990;
Project Progress: A Study of Canadian Public Libraries, Prepared for the Canadian Library Association and its division The Canadian Association of Public Libraries by Urban Dimensions Group Inc., 1981

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