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CA CCOQ C5-S01-SS04 · Subseries · [191?]
Part of Riverview Hospital Historical Society collection

The subseries consists of photographs assumed to have been taken by W.J.Moore because of the context in which they were found, although it has not been possible to confirm. It was suggested in documentation accompanying the transfer, that the photographs depict the buildings and livestock of the Dominion Experimental Farm in Agassiz, BC; however, the buildings do not match other available photographs of the farm in Agassiz and therefore, it has not been possible to confirm the location. The glass negatives were found in Summerland, BC. It is possible that the photographs depict the Experimental Farm in Summerland; however, the buildings also do not match existing photographs of the Summerland farm, so it has not been possible to confirm either potential location.

Moore, William John
CA CCOQ C5-S01-SS02 · Subseries · [ca. 191-] - [ca. 192-]
Part of Riverview Hospital Historical Society collection

The subseries consists of 13 b&w glass plate negatives depicting the West Lawn building, which opened in 1913, as well as interior shots of various labs and lounges, and the dormitory. There is also a photograph of an unidentified building, and an interior shot of the shoe workshop at the Provincial Hospital for the Insane in New Westminster, B.C.

CA SVE SD-01-02-01 · Subseries · [197-] - [198-]
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

This subsubseries consists of the Women’s Labour History Project oral histories, conducted by Sara Diamond through the 1970s and 1980s. These interviews document the experiences of working class women from the 1920’s through the 1950’s, and in some cases, beyond. The interviewees talk about their lives as children, working women, housewives, and trade unionists. Their personal biographies span many countries and provinces, however, the focus of the interviews is on their activities in British Columbia from the Great Depression to the immediate post-war period.

Segments of the video interviews were incorporated into Diamond’s docudrama television series Keeping The Home Fires Burning (1988). Combining original Canadian wartime propaganda, interviews with working class women, original film footage, photographs, musical soundtracks and dramatization, Keeping the Home Fires Burning explored Canadian women’s working and domestic lives during and after World War Two.

The subsubseries is divided into files, titled after the interviewee.

CA CCOQ C5-S01-SS01 · Subseries · [ca. 1912] - [192-]
Part of Riverview Hospital Historical Society collection

The subseries consists of photographs thought to have been taken by W.J.Moore although it is possible they were taken by another photographer. The assumption of provenance has been assumed based on the context in which the negatives were found. It has not been possible to confirm. The photographs depict the buildings, livestock, farm workers (likely Essondale patients), and employees of Colony Farm and Essondale (Riverview Hospital). The subjects consist primarily of cows and horses, as Colony Farm was known across the province for the quality of its livestock. It was awarded a master breeder shield in 1930 from the British Columbia Branch of Holstein Canada. Many of the agricultural photographs also show Essondale's West Lawn building at various points in its construction.

Moore, William John
Financial Records, Invoices
CA VERN MS 300-001-001.2 · Subseries · 1909-1930
Part of Jacques Jewellers fonds

Sub-series consists of invoices for purchases made by Fred Jacques and George Jacques. This includes Vernon Jubilee Hospital badges purchased from Canadian Jewellers Limited, as well as purchases from T.E. Crowell Contractor & Builder, Rowland & Campbell Ltd, A. Wittnauer co., The Goldsmith’s Stock Company of Canada Limited, Geo H. Lees & Co., Limited, P.W. Ellis & Co. Limited, Levy Bros Coy Limited. Also includes a debenture of $10 to the Vernon Boy Scouts Association, and an invoice for an advertisement with The Interior Advertising Agencies.

CA VERN MS 300-001-001.1 · Subseries · 1893-1947
Part of Jacques Jewellers fonds

Sub-series consists of customer accounts from 1893-1947. Includes records detailing purchases made, amounts owing, customer payments, supplier accounts, and an index of customer names.

Como Lake High School
CA CCOQ C1-S2-SS6 · Subseries · 1951-1965
Part of School District No. 43 collection

The subseries consists of school newsletters, a school annual, several school band annuals, assorted crests, and a pennant.

Como Lake High School
CA NVAN F205-S32-SS1 · Subseries · 1926-1974
Part of British Columbia Mountaineering Club fonds

Sub-series consists of correspondence, reports and related records of various affiliated outdoor clubs including the Associated Mountaineering Clubs of North America, the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs, the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC), the Mountain Access Committee (MAC) and the Varsity Outdoor Club (UBC).

[Item] Bulletin of the Associated Mountaineering Clubs of North America

[File] Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs
[File] Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia - Mountain Access Committee
[File] Associations - General
[File] FMCBC Annual Report

CA CCOQ C5-S08-SS4 · Subseries · 1951 - 1976
Part of Riverview Hospital Historical Society collection

This subseries consists of an incomplete run of volumes of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing (formerly the Psych Nurse and The Psychiatric Nurse) collected by the School of Psychiatric Nursing.

The first edition of the journal (1951) was a joint project sponsored by the newly created Council of British Columbia Psychiatric Nurses Association and the Saskatchewan Psychiatric Nurses Association. The first edition was published by Godfrey Haliburton, editor of the Burquitlam Star. The next several issues were jointly sponsored projects and were not in a continuous cycle of production. This subseries includes the first issue in 1951, and the first quarterly issue from 1952.

In the 1960s the journal changed ownership and was published by The Psychiatric Nurses' Association of Canada. They abbreviated its name to The Psych Nurse, and in June 1966 changed the name of the journal to The Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing. The subseries contains v.2, no. 2 (1962); v.4, no. 1 (1965); v.7, no. 1,3-7, 9 (1966); v.8, no. 2-3, 5-10 (1967); v.9, no. 1-10 (1968); and v.10, no. 1-5, 7-10 (1969).

Throughout its history the journal features articles from nurses at Riverview Hospital.

Mountain View School
CA CCOQ C1-S2-SS1 · Subseries · 1929-1979
Part of School District No. 43 collection

The series consists of formal class photographs, records identifying the children in the class photographs, correspondence, a complete list of students from 1929 to 1972, a guest book with signatures from the Homecoming in 1979, a scrapbook with news clippings, photographs, letters and pamphlets relating to the Homecoming in 1979, newsletters, news clippings, and a series of notes likely prepared by the Port Moody Heritage Society about the history of Mountain View School.

Mountain View School
WLHP Manuscript
Subseries · 1980s
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Materials in this subseries relate to the manuscript “Chambermaids and Whistlepunks.” This is an unpublished book project by Diamond, focused on women’s involvement in the labour movement in British Columbia. Materials consists primarily of different drafts of the manuscript. The manuscript was largely based on oral history interviews conducted by Diamond; given this, the materials in this subseries are highly related to the Oral History Project subseries.

Materials in this subseries include drafts of chapters, research indexes, and a guide to the oral history interviews.

Sara Diamond
CJVI Radio
CA OBA OBA PR 119-2-01 · Subseries · 1956-1981
Part of OBA PR 119 Joe Easingwood fonds

Joe Easingwood worked at CVJI Radio 900 AM in Victoria 1956-1981. Most photos and many textual records are not dated. No identifications of locations, occasions or subjects. Some can be dated by contents and context. Most photographers are not noted.

The Influences of My Mother
Subseries · 1980 - 1982
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Materials in this subseries relate to Diamond's video "Influences of My Mother" (1982). Video description from Video Out: “Images of the artist’s mother, stories of growing up in a heady environment of socialist thought and Jewish identity during the McCarthy era, and the artist's own process of growth both away from and towards her mother, are negotiated through the work of grieving. A Canadian feminist video art classic, this video is also a personal testimony. In the artist's words, "it was an important way for me resolve my intense feelings over my mother's death."

Materials include copies of the script, notes from a residency, transcriptions of interviews with Diamond's grandmother, and press about the video.

Sara Diamond
Subseries · 1984-
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

D.W.I. (Dragu Worker International) was a piece of protest and performance art by Dragu first performed in 1984. Dragu organized a parade and demonstration. On leaflets distributed at the time, she wrote: "I started calling myself Dragu Worker International in July 1984. My official walkout started on Sept. 10th (one day before my 34th birthday). My strike is personal; an opportunity to articulate what my demands are. What the hell I am complaining about. They change and expand as my strike continues; and as I get in touch with my feelings about how I work as an actress, choreographer, performance artist, filmmaker, producer, cleaning lady, teacher, etc. etc...." The leaflet includes a list of demands and a photocopy of her parade permit from the Toronto police.

WLHP Research
Subseries · Aprox. 1978 - 1985
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Materials in this subseries relates to several different projects undertaken by the WLHP. They were gathered to support the creation of a research bibliography on women in the labour movement in B.C., as well as providing background research for video productions. The subseries consists of research files created by Diamond and other members of the WLHP over the course of the project.

Materials include: texts and images copied from archives across B.C.; hand-written notes; copies of newspaper articles and historical records; xeroxed images of graphic material; and summaries of findings.

Sara Diamond
Subseries · 1983 to 1986
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Materials in this subseries relate to Diamond's video installation "Heroics" (1984). Video description from Video Out: “The Heroics series is an attempt to examine the heroism of women through a montage of still photos and visuals intercut with excerpts from approximately 30 women's stories about their sense of personal power and endurance. It was motivated by the artist's concern that heroism is male defined and that male language selects experiences and events within the context of patriarchal definitions of courage. HEROICS can be viewed as a series of six tapes or in the form of a compilation tape - HEROICS: DEFINITIONS.”

The individual tapes in the series are: “Heroics: A Quest”; “Heroics I: Creativity”; “Heroics II: A Shining Example”; “Heroics III: Survival”; “Heroics IV: To Triumph Over Misfortune”; “Heroics V: a Conscious and Difficult Choice.”

Materials include call for participation, release forms, promotional material, publicity of the work, and documentation of various presentations of the work. There is also photographic documentation of both the work and the participants.

Sara Diamond
X's & O's
Subseries · 1984 - 1986
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

X's & O's was a performance series by Dragu, revisited throughout her career. She first produced X's & O's during a 1985 artist residency at The Western Front in Vancouver, describing it as "about space and design ... I use the shape of X's and O's as a map, floorpan, idea, magic ritual, game-plan. And this effort/shape menu provides holes (dynamics) in which I stitch culture to the sky. Urban culture and urban rhythms. The music is important. There is lots of step-dancing in it sort-of. The piece maintains the aerial view of apartment living looking down on the marketplace." X's & O's utilized dance, live music, slides, and Super 8 video recording, and was based on controlled improvisation.

Event records
CA CCOQ C5-S04-SS2 · Subseries · 1949 - 1988
Part of Riverview Hospital Historical Society collection

This subseries consists of event records depicting special events put on by Riverview Hospital. Records include programs, invitations, guestbooks, awards, news releases and planning documents.

Oral History Project
Subseries · 1979 - 1988
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Materials in this subseries relates to the oral history project undertaken by Diamond to document B.C. women’s experiences in the workforce, unions, and as housewives. The initial audio interviews were conducted in 1979; further audio and video interviews were conducted in the mid 1980s. Many but not all of these later interviews are with the same women who appear in the audio oral histories from 1979.

The bulk of the records in this subseries are transcripts of the audio interviews. There are often multiple versions of transcripts of the same interview. Some of the transcripts have been edited to draw out the themes present in them, and some of the interviews have accompanying indexes. Other materials in this subseries include: releases from participants; notes on the interviews; correspondence; and notes on the transcription process.

Audio, video, and transcriptions of the oral history interviews have been digitized and are available on the CDMLA website.

Sara Diamond