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Knoll, Klein family photographs

  • CA VHEC RA029-01
  • Series
  • 1922–[2015], predominant 1938–1950
  • Part of Knoll family fonds

Series consists of loose photographs documenting the Knoll and Klein families before and after the Second World War in Austria, Germany, Palestine and Canada.

Bert and Molly Knoll documents

Series consists of identity, school and personal records related to the life of Bert Knoll in Austria, Germany, England and Canada. Records include three typewritten testimonies given by Bert about his life in Austria, his escape to England in 1939, his internment as an enemy alien and subsequent deportation to Canada. Series consists also of Malka Klein’s (birth name of Molly Knoll) Canadian immigration identification card, dated September 3, 1930; Bert and Molly Knoll’s ketubah agreement and their certificates of Canadian citizenship.

Josef and Regina Knoll documents

Series consists of correspondence and vital statistics records related to the life of Josef and Regina Knoll in Poland and Austria before and after their 1922 marriage in Vienna. Records include an authenticated copy of Regina’s birth certificate in Polish, Josef and Regina’s wedding certificate and Josef’s death certificate after Kristallnacht in 1938.


Series consists of graphic materials concerning Sorensen and her family members and their experiences before, during and after the Second World War. Records include original and copied photographs and negatives. Many of the original materials remain in the custody of Sorensen or her sister, Elenore. Although some of the exact dates are unknown, the known dates of items in this series range from ca. 1921 to 2006.

Louise Stein Sorensen


Series consists of 3 pieces of paper currency. The pieces of currency include a 1 krone scrip from Theresienstadt ghetto-labor camp, a 10 krone scrip from Theresienstadt ghetto-labor camp, and a 1 Zilverbon Groot Een Gulden note.

Publications and writings

Series consists of a second edition copy of Anne Frank’s Het Achterhuis, or Diary of a Young Girl; the memoir Adolescence Lost, written by Carla Benninga; a thank you card; “Ever Stitch a Memory” notes and photo; a photocopy of a newspaper article; two photocopies regarding a Holocaust exhibition; copies of testimonies; current writings by Sorensen; and translations provided by Sorensen.

Family records

Series consists of records pertaining to several family members of Sorensen. Included is a photocopy of a copy of an original document announcing the death of Sorensen’s great-grandfather, Mozes van Dam; an original notice of registration from the American Consulate in Rotterdam, Netherlands; an official identity card for Marianne Stein (née van Dam); forged identity cards used by Sorensen’s mother, Marianne Stein, and great aunt, Jansje van Dam; and original ration cards used to receive textiles and to buy food staples like potatoes, butter, bread, milk and meat.

Louise Stein Sorensen

Personal records

Series consists of textual and graphic materials relating directly to Sorensen. Records include a photocopy of an original document sent from Sorensen’s Montessori school, an original report card from Sorensen’s 1942/1943 year at Montessori school, and 3 original hand drawings done in pencil. The drawings were done by Sorensen when she was around 16 years old.

Louise Stein Sorensen


Series consists of records generated by the correspondence between Sorensen and family members, as well as emails between Sorensen and individuals from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre. Records include handwritten and typed letters, postcards, and emails. The letters and postcards were primarily typewritten on a typewriter, with two postcards being handwritten. The series includes an envelope addressed to Loesje Stein.

Louise Stein Sorensen


Series consists of newsletters printed by the VHCS between 1989 and February, 1994 and Zachor, published by the VHEC from May 1994 to the present. Series has been arranged into two sub-series: VHCS Update (1989–1994) and Zachor (1994–2019).

Vancouver Holocaust Centre Society for Education and Remembrance

Family papers

Series is comprised of records documenting the pre- and post-war personal, educational and employment activities of members of the Pollák, Deneberger, Kiss family. These include birth certificates, school report cards, salary letters, war benefits documentation, a deposition and theatre poster.


Series is comprised of notes, postcards and letters sent or received by the Pollák, Deneberger, Kiss family in Hungary. Postcards from Roza and Sandor represent the last communication sent to their family before their deportations to Auschwitz.


Series is comprised of photographs kept by Ilona Mermelstein in Hungary and Vancouver. These depict people, places and events related to her parents and grandparents.

KEC Expansion Project

This series contains records related the KEC expansion project including permits, studies, site investigations, RFPs, contracts, and designs.

Lydia Gruchy family photographs

Series consists of records relating to Lydia Gruchy’s personal life and education, and includes both photographs of her graduation class as well as photographs and textual materials relating to her family.

Florence Gruchy photographs

Series consists of records relating to Florence Gruchy (sister of Lydia Gruchy) and her experiences living in India as a part of the Women’s Missionary Society. Records include photographs, as well as some textual materials (primarily notes) and artwork.

Publications and manuscripts

Series consists of records relating to publications such as books, essays and articles written both by and about Rev. Lydia Gruchy including the graduation thesis of Lydia Gruchy, multiple articles and biographies, interviews, and a school yearbook.

Family correspondence and other materials

Series consists of records relating to Lydia Gruchy’s family correspondence throughout her life and after her death. Documents include education certificates and diplomas, photographs of the Gruchy family, news articles about Lydia Gruchy, the will of her father Charles Gruchy, family records, and letters of personal correspondence.

Audio and video recordings

Series consists of videocassette and audiocassette records relating to interviews relating to Lydia Gruchy, her life and story as told in interviews and church broadcasts. These cassettes are copies, with original records held elsewhere.


Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, and maps relating to zoning. A substantial portion of the series consists of zoning - general files for the period 1931 to 1971. Also included are records relating to zoning for particular areas, e.g., Bridgeport area, specific instance files, e.g., Zoning of Brighouse and B.C. Turf property, and zoning related issues, e.g., keeping animals in residential areas. Series also includes files relating to the Board of Variance, rezoning and special use permit applications, and zoning bylaws. Ongoing relations and negotiations between the municipality and other levels of government are documented.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Zoning maps

Series consists of maps created by the Planning Department between 1956 and 1987. Maps show zoning classifications by block, range and section, or zoning designations throughout Richmond. Includes originals and updated component information sheets. Most maps indicate plan and lot numbers, and some show lot dimensions. Legends explaining most zoning classification symbols accompany some of the maps

Richmond (B.C.). Planning and Development Department

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