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archival descriptions
CA FTST MS 43 · Series · [photocopied 198-?]

Fonds consists of a diary from 1913-[1914]. The diarist is unidentified.

British Columbia. Agricultural Commission
CA CCOQ C8-S04 · Series · [197?] - [198?]
Part of Coquitlam Satellites Women's Hockey collection

The series consists of two team photographs taken by the Coquitlam Photo Company, as well as fourteen single player uniformed portraits taken by an unknown photographer, and photographs of hockey games taken by an unknown photographer.

Miscellaneous material
Series · [ca. 1880] - [19--?]
Part of Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass) fonds

Series of material found with other cannery records or at the Brunswick Cannery site. The material includes published reports regarding fishery matters, material used in cannery operations (labels an forms), and material that is of a personal nature that likely belonged to cannery workers. The latter includes booklets and letters in Japanese.

Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass, B.C.)
Series · 1893
Part of Delta Agricultural Society fonds

Series consists of an award relating to members of the Delta Agricultural Society during it's tenure, specifically included in this series is the Chicago World's Fair award presented to Jubilee Farm in 1893 for their exhibit of 'Black Tartarian Oats.' Accession included in this series is: 2011-014.

Delta Agricultural Society
CA UNBC 2000.15-2000.15.2 · Series · 1895 - 1896
Part of Bullion Mines collection

Series consists of one file of letters and notes from October 31, 1895 to March 30, 1896 concerning the purchase of dynamite for the mine.

Legal papers
Series · 1902
Part of Delta Agricultural Society fonds

Consists of the original crown grant designating the northeast portion of the northwest quarter of Section 35 of Township 5 to the Delta Agricultural Society.

Delta Agricultural Society
Professional records
NWMA IH 1966.22-A · Series · 1873-1907
Part of Bole family fonds

Series consists four documents relating to professional certification.

Bole family
CA UNBC 2000.16-2000.16.2 · Series · 1906-1908
Part of Prince Rupert Empire collection

Series consists of nine photographs (3 original photographs and 6 copyprints) of Prince Rupert scenery, residents and surrounding area.

Student notes
CA PMRCA 01 · Series · 1908
Part of H.P. Davidson fonds

Series consists of a notebook relating to a course on New Testament criticism, which he was likely enrolled in at Knox College, Toronto.

Financial records
Series · 1900-1909
Part of Stokes and Cullis Meat Market fonds

The series consists of order books and daybooks relating to R.J.Stokes for the Delta Meat Market, and day books, order books and receipt books from the Stokes and Cullis Meat Market.

Stokes and Cullis Meat Market (Delta, B.C.)
Series · 1909
Part of Whitworth family fonds

Series contains a book titled "Holly berries from the poets," which was published in 1909 and contains poetry and excerpts. Inscription in the front is: "To Mrs. Whitworth, Christmas 1911, S.M. Fisher, Ladner, B.C."

Annual reports
Series · 1905-1910
Part of Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass) fonds

Series consists of reports submitted to the shareholders at the annual meeting of the British Columbia Packers Association. Included in the annual report is the Directors' Report, the General Manager's Report, and the Auditor's Report. The Director's Report presents the balance sheet for the previous year. The General Manager's Report describes the operations and results of the business of the Association including canneries in operation, market conditions, improvements to plants, condition of its fleet of steamers, comments on fishing strategies and enhancements, and a financial summary.

Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass, B.C.)
Newspaper clippings
CA UNBC 2000.16-2000.16.1 · Series · 1907-1912
Part of Prince Rupert Empire collection

Series consists of one file containing two newspaper clippings, one from the BC Saturday Sunset dated September 14, 1912 and another from The Globe dated Saturday March 23, 1907

Personal Correspondence 1913
CA UNBC 2002.17-2002.17.3 · Series · 1913
Part of Henderson-Roe collection

Consists of 6 letters written by Jack Henderson-Roe, of Fort George, to his father, C.H. Henderson-Roe, of England, regarding proposed land acquisitions in Fort George.

Account book
NWMA MSS 024-A · Series · 1911-1913
Part of Mecca Tea Rooms fonds

Series consists of an account book of the Mecca Tea Rooms.

Mecca Tea Rooms
NWMA B1 · Series · 1910-1913
Part of Alfred W. McLeod Ltd. fonds

Series consists of records that pertain to the Dominion Trust Co.’s role as a trustee and/or executor of wills. Individuals deposited their wills with this company for safe-keeping. Series contains one box of wills.

Letters Patent
CA CCOQ F11-S01 · Series · 25-03-1913
Part of The Corporation of the District of Fraser Mills fonds

The series consists of a single file containing the 1913 Letters Patent that incorporated the Corporation of the District of Fraser Mills on March 25th, 1913.

Corporation of the District of Fraser Mills
NWMA MSS 024-B · Series · 1911-1913
Part of Mecca Tea Rooms fonds

Series consists of a photograph album belonging to one of the owners, Ruth Petter, that documents the Tea Rooms and the lives of its owners.

Mecca Tea Rooms