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Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor English
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Operational files

Series consists of files created by the City Solicitor from the first appointment to permanent staff of the City in 1910 to the contracting out of the work in 1956. Some files predate the appointment of a staff solicitor when the City's legal work was contracted out to various legal firms.
The files are arranged in their original order by subject in a numerical sequence from 1 to 1193 with some deletions as a result of weeding over the years. Sequencing reflects a chronological accumulation as matters came to the attention of the Solicitor. The series encompasses a complete range of all Solicitor activities and was probably the main record series for the Solicitor's office. Original access to the series was obtained through a set of three extant card indexes maintained by the Solicitor's office (CRS 120, Indexes to operational files).
See also CRS 121, CRS 122, CRS 123

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor

Indexes to operational files

The indexes give access only to CRS 119, the City Solicitor's operational files.
Each index consists of subjects filed alphabetically with the relevant file number given after each entry, e.g.
Findlay, J.C. : Old Men's Home 507
Index One dates from 1910 and is not complete, with letters M to R missing.
Index Two is an accumulation of new subjects interfiled with some older matters referenced on cards taken directly from Index One. This index was created around 1950.
Index Three is a further accumulation created in 1956 by Solicitor Terence O'Grady. This index was completely updated and culled with some interfiles

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor

Miscellaneous files

Series consists of several groups of files with no discernible relationship amongst themselves except that they were created by the City Solicitor at various times. Most date from the period when the City Solicitor was a member of City Hall permanent staff. The series covers a full range of typical Solicitor activities including the preparation of bylaws and legislation, negotiation of agreements and contracts for local improvements, sale of lands, and supply of services to the City, general counsel in litigation, and drafting of legal opinions.
A substantial group of files concerned with the building of Johnson St. Bridge (1911-1923) is comprised of records created by the City Engineer. These may have been brought together to handle potential litigation, given the City of Victoria's sensitivity to liability arising from the Point Ellice Bridge streetcar disaster of 1896.
See also CRS 119, CRS 122, CRS 123

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor


Series consists of copies of outward letters.
The volume dating from 1916-1917 contains an index at the front arranged by correspondent and, in some cases, by subject, with reference numbers assigned to each letter.
There is a gap in this series from 1918 to 1935.
See also CRS 119, CRS 121, CRS 123

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor

Terence O'Grady files

Series consists of files from the office of City Solicitor Terence O'Grady (1956-1972). They include bylaws and correspondence on local improvements, legislative regulations, agreements and other matters as well as minutes of various committees with which the Solicitor was concerned.
The series is incomplete. According to O'Grady, his successor, J.S. de Villiers, discarded a great number of these files. The fact that the sequential numbering is complete suggests that the ordering may not be original.
See also CRS 119, CRS 121, CRS 122

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor

Land Registry Office application books

Series consists of a journal of applications by the City for certificates of title from the Land Registry Office. Provides information on the date of the application, the vendor, a description of the parcel of land, the nature of the deed, the application number, and the date the certificate of title was received.
Arranged chronologically by date of application

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor

Sewer easements

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, and agreements pertaining to sewer easements sought by the City. This fragment of the original series comprises files 72-75

Victoria (B.C.). City Solicitor