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City of Richmond fonds
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City of Richmond fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1879-2005

The fonds consists of all records of the City of Richmond, and include the full range of local government rights, responsibilities and activities. The fact that the City of Richmond is comprised of islands forming the delta of the Fraser River has resulted in dyking, drainage, and bridge building being prominent in the work and records of the municipality. In addition to bylaws and minutes of council and committees of council, other functions documented in municipal records include administration and operation of municipal holdings and services including: municipal land and buildings, roads and highways, waterworks, parks and recreation, fire and police services, public works, engineering, planning and zoning.

Richmond (B.C.)

Administration policy and staff committees

Series consists of minutes, correspondence, memoranda, staff reports, and plans relating to the establishment of departmental and municipal policy. The Engineering Department role in serving in an advisory capacity on a variety of staff committees is also documented. Other topics include safety, the acquisition and development of residential and park land, environmental quality control, special use permits, farmland subdivision policy, and airport expansion. Also included are records relating to various staff and Council committees, including the Parks Department Senior Staff group, the Safety Committee, the Park Acquisition Policy Committee, the Negotiating Committee, the Development Operations Committee, the Land Acquisition Committee, the Noise Control Committee, the Emergency Plan/Emergency Measures Committee, the Material Approvals Committee, the Engineering Operations Review Task Force, the Airport Expansion Committee, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Public Works and Services Committee, and the Administration Committee of Council

Richmond (B.C.). Engineering & Public Works Department

Administrator's subject files

Series consists of memoranda, correspondence, reports by staff and consultants, promotional materials, photographs and plans relating to the role of the administrator in planning and coordinating the activities of Municipal staff. Series includes records which demonstrate the extensive relationship between the City Administrator's Office (C.A.O) and the G.V.R.D. (Greater Vancouver Regional District), particularly in regards to negotiations between the City, as a public employer, and various labour unions representing civic employees, e.g., C.U.P.E (Canadian Union of Public Employees). Activities of the Administrator documented in these records include: establishing annual Municipal budgets; receiving reports; coordinating activities of City departments; monitoring the planning of special events, e.g., B.C. Summer Games, Captain cook Bi-Centennial celebrations; conducting performance evaluations; conducting salary negotiations for exempt staff; and participating in various regional and national administrative bodies, e.g., M.O.A. (Municipal Officers' Assocation), F.C.M. (Federation of Canadian Municipalities), L.M.M.A (Lower Mainland Municipalities Association), and U.B.C.M. (Union of British Columbia Municipalities).

Richmond (B.C.). Office of the Chief Administration Officer


Series consists of policy statements, memoranda, correspondence, plans, and reports, relating to Planning Department administration. Records in this series document administrative functions including policy, program and operational planning, and the administration and development of regulations and bylaws. Includes records relating to liaison activities with council and municipal committees, commissions and task forces, as well as to external associations and planning groups, including the Greater Vancouver Regional District and other regional authorities.

Richmond (B.C.). Planning and Development Department

Administration - Organization

Series consists of memoranda, minutes and reports relating to the establishment and operations of the Department of Community and Government Relations.

Richmond (B.C.). Community Social Development Department

Advisory Design Panel minutes

Series consists of minutes of meetings of the Advisory Design Panel. Topics covered in the minutes range from the general, e.g., building set-backs, architectural and landscape architecture features and details, signage, size, and siting of buildings; to the specific, e.g., exterior finish of buildings and proposed species of plants to be used in landscaping. Minutes from 1986 through 1988 are not in the custody of the Archives.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Advisory Planning Commission minutes

Series consists of minutes relating to the role of the Advisory Planning Commission in advising Council on matters of community planning and development. This series includes the minutes of the Town Planning Commission for the period 1948 to 1957, and the Advisory Planning Commission for the period 1958 to 1991. A significant portion of the series deals with commission deliberations on a wide range of planning and development issues, and their recommendations on these issues to Council and various standing committees of Council. Topics include: purchase of lands for parks, recreation and green space; provision of moorage and port facilities; impact of residential, commercial, and industrial development and land use on traffic flow and the provision of public works and services; and the environmental impact of development, e.g., pollution related contamination of water, air and soil. Minutes also include administrative activities regarding appointments to the Commission, attendance of Commission meetings, voting privileges, and Commission procedures.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office


Series consists of signed originals and copies of agreements, correspondence, memoranda, and maps, relating to all types of legal agreements between the City and private citizens, businesses or organizations. The majority of the series consists of dyking agreements (crossing, improvement, maintenance, and rights-of-way), but includes a wide variety of agreements including: easements for the installation and maintenance of public utilities; rights-of-way; maintenance and road access agreements; sewer outfall agreements; and agreements for the lease of property and/or buildings.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Advisory Committee on the Environment minutes

Series consists of minutes of the Advisory Committee on the Environment documenting activities of the committee including receiving of submissions from the public, reviewing reports, and consulting and deliberating on a wide variety of issues relating to environmental protection, control, and sustainability in the municipality.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Agricultural Advisory Committee minutes

Series consists of minutes of the Agricultural Advisory Committee documenting its activities in promoting agricultural viability in Richmond. Minutes include submissions from public delegations and discussions and deliberations relating to development proposals, intergovernmental cooperation (including issues relating to the Agricultural Land Commission), and ongoing research and promotional activity relating to agricultural viability in the city.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Air photographs

Series consists of photomaps and photomosaics created between 1935 and 1989. Includes individual photomaps of various sections of Richmond, accompanied by a key plan; a photomap of the Steveston waterfront; and photomosaics of all of Richmond.

Richmond (B.C.). Planning and Development Department

Archives office files

Series consists of office records created by the City of Richmond Archives from its early establishment as part of the Richmond Museum and Archives through its integration with the City Clerk's Department. Records document policy and procedures development, program and facility planning, collections development, preservation activities, the development of descriptive access systems, publications, public relations (including exhibits and special events), liasion with community groups, professional associations and municipal committees and departments, and projects funded through provincial and federal government grant programs. Series includes records relating to building planning for the Archives facility at the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre (including those of various planning and program committees), as well as records of liaison activities of the Archives with the University of British Columbia Master of Archival Studies program, the Archives Association of British Columbia, the Richmond 79 Centennial Committee, the Vancouver Airport Authority, the Richmond Public Library, and various community groups and organizations. Also includes records relating to the Richmond Heritage Strategy (1996).

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Alpha-numeric subject files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, and plans relating to the role of the Engineering Department in monitoring and providing public works and services. The series documents negotiations and relations between the Engineering Department and private companies, public utilities, such as B.C. Hydro, and other levels of government, such as the provincial Department of Municipal Affairs, the provincial Ministry/Department of Highways, the federal Department of Transport, and the G.V.R.D. The records in this series document the role of the Engineering Department in: negotiating and monitoring crossing agreements with B.C. Hydro and the Canadian Pacific Railway; commissioning and/or researching reports on transportation related issues; negotiating with the Department of Municipal Affairs regarding revenue sharing; liaison with the Ministry/Department of Highways relating to freeway and bridge construction; establishing policies and administering waste management and pollution control; responding to Bill 42 (including policy development) enabling municipalities to implement development cost charges; liaison with private companies relating to industrial development activities; and overseeing all aspects of engineering service for the City's construction and development activities.

Richmond (B.C.). Engineering & Public Works Department

Area planning plans

Series consists of base maps of, and plans for, existing and proposed features in various community areas of Richmond. Individual plans show types and extent of commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural land use; locations of schools, parks and churches; roads, walkways and traffic volume; sewers; waterfront facilities; and landscaping.

Richmond (B.C.). Planning and Development Department


Series consists mainly of records relating to assessment, building regulation, and illegal suites. The records relating to assessment include correspondence, memos, reports, assessment notices, minutes and proceedings of the Court of Revision, assessment roll working papers, agreements and legal notices. Topics covered by these records include assessment appeals to the Court of Revision and further appeals to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council; the ongoing cycle of agreements and appeals between the City of Vancouver and Richmond over the issue of airport assessment; assessment of Dominion government properties within the Richmond municipal boundaries; assessment of property owned by public companies; and changes in assessment policies and procedures. A significant part of the series deals with building regulation issues such as permits for demolition, construction, occupancy, and signs; inspections for health, electrical, gas and building code compliance; and the changes in regulations surrounding the secondary suite or illegal suite issue. Miscellaneous topics covered in this series include the proposal and development of the Richmond Nature Park, a proposal for an educational model farm, and public petitions dealing with a variety of issues including land use, sunday shopping, and public works and services.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Art Gallery office files

Series consists of office records created by the Richmond Art Gallery. Records document policy development, facility planning and participation in various City and community committees. Series includes correspondence relating to the development of an acquisition policy, correspondence outlining agreements between the Art Gallery and the Gateway Theatre, records relating to building planning for the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre, records relating to strategies for developing a common vision for the Library and Cultural Centre, and records relating to the Community Services Leadership Group. Also included are 4 architectural drawings of the proposed Library and Cultural Centre, and photographs documenting the construction of the Centre and the Art Gallery's transition into its new location. Photographs were likely taken by members of the Richmond Photography Club, with whom Page Hope-Smith, former Art Gallery director, was the primary liaison.

Richmond (B.C.). Leisure Services


Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, and invoices documenting relations between the Engineering Department and the professional associations in which it holds memberships. The series includes files listing engineering consultants, as well as seperate files for British Columbia Water and Waste Association, American Public Works Association, Roads and Transportation Association of Canada, Association of Professional Engineers, the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Western Canada Traffic Association, International Municipal Signal Association, and the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association. The series includes pamphlets and brochures relating to the ongoing training and professional development of Engineering Department personnel.

Richmond (B.C.). Engineering & Public Works Department

Associations, Clubs, Societies

Series consists of memos, correspondence, reports, minutes, financial statements, circulars, and publications relating to associations, clubs and societies, most of which are based in Richmond. Records primarily document the relationship between the Treasury/Finance Department and various community associations and groups, including the Council of Community Associations, the Richmond Visitors and Convention Bureau, the Richmond Gateway Theatre Society, the Richmond Festival Society, and the SPCA.

Richmond (B.C.). Treasury


Series consists of balance sheets and supporting statements, auditors' and published financial statements, correspondence and statements of account relating to the auditing functions and activities. The majority of the series consists of financial statements (1916-1978), and Public Bodies Financial Information Act reports (1961-1982). The series also includes records relating to special audits, provincial grants, and specific programs, e.g., Community Services Contribution Program.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Board of License Commissioners minutes

Series consists of minutes of the Board of License Commissioners, between June 13, 1894 and September 12, 1917, documenting the history of liquor supply and related activities in the community. The names and locations of social clubs, individuals, public houses, businesses and hotels are documented in the minutes. Reports of the Licence Inspector / Chief of Police record activities of gambling and gaming and details about clientelle in the hotel and clubs. In the later years (1913-1917), the Board heard many complaints and revoked licenses for the serving of liquor to "Indians", failure to operate licensed premises as a "hotel", or for allowing gambling on the premises. Convictions for illegal sale of liquor are also documented.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Board of Police Commissioners minutes

Series consists of minutes of regular and special meetings of the Board of Police Commissioners which document the Board's role of overseeing police activities, staffing, accounts and equipments, as well as its duty to report to the Municipal Council and to receive complaints from the public. Included in the minute book for meetings from 1915-1920 are the Chief of Police's monthly and annual reports, which include arrest reports and financial reports of the Police Department. Minutes of meetings of the Board between 1920 and 1927 are missing.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Associations, Clubs, Societies

Series consists of correspondence, memos, reports, financial statements, studies, plans, copies of constitutions and bylaws, membership lists, brochures, newsletters and other publications relating to recreational and cultural groups in Richmond. Records document activities of these groups and serve as evidence of their interaction with the municipality and the Leisure Services Department, including the process of formal affiliation. Records relate to the following local organizations: Murdoch Senior Citizens Association, Sea Island Community Association, South Arm Community Association, Steveston Community Society, Thompson Community Association, West Richmond Recreation Centre Association, Minoru Seniors Society, Brighouse United Church, Richmond Foundation, Community Arts Council of Richmond, Richmond Historical and Museum Society, Richmond Community Music School, Canadian Parents for French Richmond Chapter, Exposure Amateur Photography Association, Sweet Adelines, Delta Symphony Society, Czechoslovak Theatre Around the Corner Association, Richmond Festival Society, Girl Guides Fraser-Delta Area, Richmond Horsemen's Club, Richmond Go-Kart Association, Richmond Pigeon Club, Richmond Rod and Gun Club, Boy Scouts of Richmond (including Bogside District and Georgia District), Western Pheasant and Fowl, Rosewood Senior Citizens Association, Disabled Sailing Association, Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, Richmond Amateur Baseball Association, Richmond Minor Baseball Association, Richmond Field Hockey Club, Richmond Minor Football League, Richmond Raiders Football Club, Richmond Juvenile Soccer Association, Richmond Gymnastics Association, Richmond Girls Gymnastics Club, Women's League of Health and Beauty, Richmond Lacrosse Association, Richmond Lawn Bowling Club, Richmond Rugby Club, Richmond/Delta Ladies Fastball League, Richmond Senior Men's Soccer League, Steveston Yacht Club, Richmond Ball Hockey League, Richmond Flatland Footrace Society, Richmond Youth Soccer Association, Richmond Girls Soccer Club, Richmond Senior Soccer League, Richmond Girls Softball League, Richmond Sports Council, Richmond Tennis Club, Kajacks Track and Field Club, Richmond-Delta Parents of Twins and Triplets Club, Optimist Club of Richmond, Humpty Dumpty Parent Participation Playschool, Vancouver Gas Model Club, Richmond Youth Service Agency, Richmond Information and Volunteer Centre, Richmond Family Place, Kinsmen Club of Richmond, and the Richmond Art Gallery Association.

Richmond (B.C.). Leisure Services

Board of Variance minutes

Series consists of minutes relating to the zoning appeals process documented through the activities of the Zoning Board of Appeal (1957-1968) and the Board of Variance (1968-2000). There appears to be Appeal Board activity evidenced in references in Council minutes as early as 31 October, 1955, but there are no formal minutes for the period 1955 to 1957.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Branscombe house project records

Series consists of two sets (originals and copies) of five as found drawings of the Branscombe house, and six pages of transcripts of interview with Frances and Rex Chandler.

Richmond (B.C.). Heritage Advisory Committee

Board of works

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, indentures, right of way agreements, project applications, questionnaires, and maps relating to the provision of public works and services. The majority of records relate to the Winter Works Program (1959-1968). Series also includes records on the relocation of easements because of placement of buildings on such easements (1969-1976). Topics covered include gates and culverts, sand removal and disposal, signage and sidewalk construction. Relations between the municipality and other levels of government are documented.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

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