Help with MemoryBC

MemoryBC is based on the AtoM software developed by Artefactual Systems. AtoM stands for Access to Memory.

AtoM Documentation

The AtoM Documentation offers descriptions and examples of various features and functions that may or may not be implemented in MemoryBC.

For help on the following, please consult the following AtoM Documentation pages:

  • AABC MemoryBC Tutorial: developed and maintained by the AABC's Education and Advisory Services

  • Advanced search (new to release 1.2)

  • Advanced search: Search fields (Field names for advanced searching): these are search terms to be used only in the keyword search field. For example: levelOfDescription:subseries will retrieve only descriptions where the Level of description field is set to Subseries. As of release 1.2, the search field names are not consistent in terms of capitalization where two or more terms are joined together (levelOfDescription versus extentandmedium). Please consult the Advanced search documentation link to ensure you use the correct form of the search field term.

MemoryBC Policies

Approved MemoryBC policies are available through the site.

Tips for and from MemoryBC Contributors