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Canada. Canadian Army. Royal Canadian Engineers. Field Engineer Squadron, 6th

The 6th Field Engineer Squadron, Canadian Engineers, then known as the 6th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, was formed on February 1st, 1911. Based in North Vancouver, the first enrollment was in 1912. In 1947, the unit was renamed the 6th Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers. Between 1955 and 1975, the Squadron was part of the militia. Since 1975, the unit has been known as the 6th Field Engineer Squadron. As the 6th Field Company, the unit served in Europe during both World Wars. In peace time, the unit maintained a state of readiness to assist civilian authorities, usually during floods and other natural disasters.

Canada. Militia. Regiment, 11th (Irish Fusiliers of Canada)

The 11th Regiment (Irish Fusiliers of Canada) was organized ca. 1913 and combined with the Vancouver Regiment in 1936 to form the Irish Fusiliers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment). In 1946 the Regiment became the 65th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Irish Fusiliers) but in 1958 it was amalgamated with the 120th Independent Field Battery and reverted to the name Irish Fusiliers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment).

Canada. Militia. Regiment, 6th (Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles)

The 6th Regiment Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles (D.C.O.R.) traces its history from the organization of the B.C. Provisional Regiment of Garrison Artillery in 1883; however the Vancouver Battery of the B.C. Brigade of Garrison Artillery, which eventually became the D.C.O.R., was not organized until 1893. The Vancouver Battery became the 2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment Canadian Artillery (also called the 5th B.C. Regiment of Garrison Artillery) in 1896. In 1899 it was converted into the 6th Battalion Rifles, which received the name 6th Regiment D.C.O.R. on 1 May 1900. In 1920, the 6th Regiment D.C.O.R. and the 104th Regiment, Westminster Fusiliers of Canada, were amalgamated to form the 1st B.C. Regiment (D.C.O.), which was split into three parts: The Vancouver Regiment, The Westminster Regiment and the 1st B.C. Regiment (D.C.O.). The 1st B.C. Regiment was renamed the B.C. Regiment (D.C.O.R.) in 1930. After the Second World War it becamed an armoured regiment successively known as the 13th Armoured Regiment (The B.C. Regiment) after 1946, the B.C. Regiment (D.C.O.) (13th Armoured Regiment) after 1949, and the B.C. Regiment (D.C.O.) after 1958.

Canada. Canadian Army. Machine Gun Battalion, 11th

The 11th Machine Gun Battalion was organized at Victoria in 1920 from the membership of the Canadian Machine Gun Corps, CEF. In 1922, brigade headquarters were transferred to Vancouver. The Battalion was disbanded as a result of the militia reorganization in 1936.

Vernon (B.C.). 1992 Centennial Celebrations Committee

The City of Vernon was incorporated in 1892. In order to celebrate the city's centennial, a 1992 Centennial Celebration Committee was set up by the City of Vernon. The inaugural meeting was held June 22, 1989, chaired by Dapne Thuillier. The objective of the committee was to ensure that 1992 would be an enjoyable and memorable year for all the citizens of Vernon and its visitors from throughout the world. After a successful year of celebration, closing ceremonies were held 20 March 1993 with the Time Capsule ceremony and the locking of the Family Tree enclosure.

Canada. Canadian Army. Battalion, 131st

The 131st Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force was trained in the 104th Westminster Fusiliers Regiment in New Westminster. During World War I the Battalion supplied drafts to Canadian units in France.

Canada. Canadian Army. Battalion, 47th

The 47th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces was trained in the 104th Westminster Fusiliers Regiment in New Westminster. The battalion served overseas during World War I and took part in battles of Amiens, Ypres, Vimy, Hill 60, Valenciennes, Canal du Nord, Passchendaele and many other major engagements.

Bury, A.C.

A.C. Bury was a constable with the Royal Northwest Mounted Police stationed at Fort St. John, B.C.

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