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Mansvelt, Adrien

Adrien Mansvelt, while Consul General for the Netherlands in Vancouver, collected genealogical information on Captain George Vancouver, the City of Coevorden, and the van Coeverden family.

Great Britain. Admiralty

The Board of Admiralty was responsible for the civil administration of the Royal Navy. In 1964, a unified Ministry of Defence replaced the Board of Admiralty.

Moncrieff, Adrian W.

Adrian W. Moncrieff emigrated from Scotland in January 1913 to join his brother Norman in Lavington. His brother had purchased a hay barn from Allen Gaunt in 1911, turning it into a general store, the only store between Vernon and Lumby. The hay loft was converted into a gentlemen's club named the 'White Valley Club', with smokers and amateur theatricals taking place with regularity. Adrian became a partner in the White Valley Store, taking charge of the many deliveries in the valley, eventually obtaining a chauffeur's license. Adrian was very involved in social activities, theatre, and sports such as cricket, tennis, shooting, and football. After the mobilisation of the BC Horse in Vernon in August, 1914, he tried to sign up, but was rejected for poor eyesight. His brother Norman went overseas and was one of 33 Lavington men killed in WW I. Adrian continued to manage the White Valley Store, but eventually decided to return to Scotland and turned the store over to Violet and Dick Blankley.

Canada. Advisory Committee on Japanese Properties in Greater Vancouver

Acting in his capacity as Custodian of Enemy Property, the Hon. Normon A. McLarty, K.C. Secretary of State, appointed the Advisory Committee on Japanese Properties in Greater Vancouver in 1943, for the purpose of advising him on matters relating to the disposal and effective use of Japanese evacuee real estate and chattels. The sale of evacuee properties began in July 1943; the first auction of chattels was held in September. The executive office of the Committee was closed in June 1945.

North Okanagan Regional District. Advisory Planning Commission "F"

In 1968 the North Okanagan Regional District created regional planning commissions to advise the planning department of NORD on regional issues. The Advisory Planning Commission for Area F covers the rural area east to Mabel Lake and north to Mara Lake. Committee members include one member from each community and the Area F representative to NORD. They were asked to analyse every subdivision proposal in this area and give a recommendation to NORD. They also made recommendations concerning water, pollution, highways, garbage, zoning, recreation, land and soil issues.

Honcharenko, Agapius

  • 1832-1916

Agapius Honcharenko was the publisher of the Alaska Herald-Svobada.

Ladner, Agnes Annie

  • 1910-1986

Twink Ladner was born in England in 1910. She came to Canada with her family in 1920, first visiting Calgary to see her older brother Harry, then coming to Vernon where her uncles Jack and Dick Monk lived. She attended school at St. Michael's where she received art lessons from Miss Topham Brown, lessons which she continued as a young adult. Twink rode and trained horses for Tommy Wilmot. She married E. Max Ladner, a Kamloops lawyer, in 1936. He established a practice in Salmon Arm, but after Max died in 1952, Twink moved back to Vernon to be with her family. She was very active in the Anglican Church, the Naturalists Club, and the Kennel Club. She continued her interest in painting and pottery, often travelling far afield for inspiration. Twink Ladner died in 1986.

Staley, Leonard Maurice

Leonard M. Staley received a B.Sc. from the University of British Columbia in 1951. Upon completion of his M.Sc. at the University of California, he taught agricultural engineering at the Ontario Agricultural College. He returned to UBC as an assistant professor of Agricultural Mechanics in 1956. In 1981, he became head of both the Department of Bio-Resource Engineering and the Department of Agricultural Mechanics.

Helmcken, Ainslie James

  • 1900-1987

Ainslie Helmcken was born in Victoria on September 28, 1900. He was the son of Dr. James Douglas Helmcken and Ethel Mouat, the grandson of Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken and the great grandson of Sir James Douglas. Ainslie attended school in Victoria before serving in the Air Force in the First World War. Following the War, Ainslie practiced law until the 1930's when he started work at a fish reduction plant on Pender Island. He later worked as a lumber broker and in the 1950's, he joined the B.C. Power Commission for whom he monitored dam construction for five years. He also operated a duty free store in Sidney where he and his partners built the Beacon Hotel. In 1965, at the behest of Mayor Alf Toone, Ainslie Helmcken began an inventory of the historical records of the City of Victoria. This quickly developed into the position of City Archivist, a position Helmcken held from 1965 until his retirement in 1983. As an avid local historian, Ainslie Helmcken wrote many articles for the local newspapers and began work on an unfinished book titled 'The Day Before Yesterday.' In 1984 the City of Victoria made him a Freeman of the City. In 1924, Ainslie married Edith Richardson and, in 1925, they had a daughter Mary. Edith died in 1983 and Ainslie died on September 26, 1987.

Cameron, Agnes Deans

  • 1863-1912

Agnes Deans Cameron, teacher, writer and lecturer, was born in Victoria, B.C., and educated in Victoria public schools. She taught at Angela College, Victoria, and in Comox and Vancouver. Returning to Victoria in 1890, she became the first woman high school teacher in B.C., and in 1894 she was appointed the first woman principal in B.C., at South Park School in Victoria, a position she held until 1905. She was elected to the Victoria School Board in 1906 and also began working part-time as a journalist. In 1908, Cameron travelled up the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Circle, an account of which was published in 1910 as "The New North". In 1909 Cameron went to Britain, where she wrote a daily column on Canadian affairs for the London Daily Mail and lectured about Canada to encourage emigration. She returned to Victoria in 1911.

Green, Agnes

Agnes Green toured Europe from 1881 to 1882.

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